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Owners of Blu-ray players may become frozen out, PS3 is safe

363w ago - The BBC reports on how owners of already purchased Blu-ray players may effectively find themselves locked out of future developments in the technology as their machines are not upgradeable.

Later on in the year, BD Live will be launched to support features to connect to the Internet and download content but as Internet functionality is not a strict requirement, no Blu-ray players currently on the market will be able to access this feature.

However, there is one small exception to the previous thought and that is the PS3 which should always be able to keep up with the Blu-ray technology updates due to the correct hardware and online access.

To quote: Machines released onto the market since November are called profile 1.1, but none of the standalone Blu-ray players can be upgraded to accommodate this profile.

Films will still play on the machines, but access to extra features is limited.

Later this year the Blu-ray camp will offer profile 2.0, called BD Live, which will allow the players which support the feature to connect to the internet to download related content, such as ringtones, trailers and photos.

But because internet functionality is not a mandatory requirement in current players, none on the market today will be able to access the feature.

CWCheat v0.2.1 for PSP released!

363w ago - Weltall has released a major update to his popular PSP cheat hacking application known as CWCheat.

Now at version 0.2.1, the application includes a new dynamic clock feature. Depending upon the current CPU load, CWCheat will automatically adjust your PSP's CPU clock speed, resulting in increased battery life.

Download: CWCheat v0.2.1 for PSP

v0.2.1 Changelog:

* [ALL] Added a cpu load counter it can be shown with or in place of the fps counter on the top right. You can enable it from the settings menu.
* [ALL] Added a dynamic clocker. It will change dynamically the cpu clock depending on cpu load.
* [ALL] If the fps counter is enabled the changes in frequency will be shown if the dynamic clocker is enabled
* [ALL] Various optimizations in the menu in the cpu clock options
* [ALL] Reduced a bit main thread priority
* [ALL] Now it's possible to read data about space available/total correctly on > 4gb memory sticks
* [POPS] Fixed memory manager english strings so they aren't shown anymore as plain black
- [POPS] added proper support in pops in the memory editor. Before it was going out of psx ram area
* [POPS] added proper support in pops in the disassembler....

2008 is the Year of the PlayStation 3

363w ago - We all know that 2008 will be a big year for Sony's PlayStation 3. With huge promises of what's to come, such as the recent announcement of Resistance 2, your wallet is sure to take quite a beating.

While you wait, please enjoy a video that one member created focusing on the exclusive games that will be coming down the pipeline this year.

Will we be seeing announcements of a new Jak and Daxter, Kingdom Hearts III, or even an Elder Scrolls MMORPG? Time will tell. Please let us know what you're looking forward to!

TMHO Extra Twisted Edition on PS2: But Wait … There’s More!

363w ago - When we were first starting Twisted Metal:Head On-Extra Twisted Edition, one of the major goals was to cram the game with so many exciting features that players would know right away that this was so much more than a simple port.

We wanted people to flip the game box over and be floored by how much cool stuff was inside. I love it when I buy a game or DVD and the thing almost FEELS heavier because it's just stuffed with features and bonus content. And that's the experience we've tried to deliver to folks who pick up our new game. Just check out what this thing has:

The Core Game Itself- Yep, the hit PSP game - Twisted Metal:Head On - is now on PS2. And now it's running at 60 frames/second, has improved textures and art, and even has a new level created specifically for this version (Transylvania Castle). Check it out:

The Lost Levels - Four brand new levels straight out of the dark, demented world of Twisted Metal: Black. These levels are designed with two player deathmatch in mind and I think they are some of the best Twisted levels we have ever made. My favorites are Suburban Terror and Stadium Slaughter. Here's a sneak peek:
A Note to Old School Gamers: can you tell where the inspiration for the 'car combat amid a series of low walls' area of the stadium level comes...

PSP Alternative VSHMenu v3.1 released!

363w ago - Red Squirrel updated his Alternative VSHMenu plug-in for PSP today, which adds additional functions to the in-XMB configuration menu already included in M33's Custom Firmware.

Download: PSP Alternative VSHMenu v3.1

Version 3.1 adds full compatibility with the recently released 3.80 M33 Custom Firmware, fixing a minor bug with the standby function.

As always, complete installation instructions are available in the included readme file.
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