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No pause option for Dead Space?

364w ago - In space no one will hear you pause, take a few deep breaths and revive yourself, before continuing. Or at least that's an option EA's dev team is looking at for its upcoming survival horror game, Dead Space.

We've all done it, or at least been comforted by the fact that if the rabid dogs in Resident Evil got a little too much, you could hit pause, calmly cycle through your inventory and ram a few health packs down your throat. You're now able to take a few more bites to the leg before seeing the You Died message. Well done you.

If they weren't so vicious, you could try and pat the nice doggies on the head for stopping their hellish onslaught and allowing you to revive yourself so you have a better chance of killing them. If they could talk though, they'd probably call you a cheater. So would the zombies. Imagine if enemies could pause you and heal themselves.

But after playing EA's very promising Dead Space yesterday, we were surprised to hear the developers talking about omitting that option completely so you won't be able to pause the game, revive, and take a breather.

Dead Space's in-game inventory system has been designed to make everything the player does an activity. As noted, games like Resident Evil allow you to pull up the inventory menu and have a breather to boost your...

PS3 and Xbox 360 to fight it out on GTA IV

364w ago - The console war between the PS3 and the Xbox 360 is heating up daily. And this week Microsoft Game Studios boss, Shane Kim, has come out with some fightin' words with regard to the imminent launch of Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto IV. He claims that the launch of GTA IV could be a deciding factor in which console wins the sales battle in the long-run.

Kim told Wired that Microsoft sees the latest GTA game as a key battleground for the two consoles. "We already own it, I believe, from a content standpoint, because we have the exclusive episodes," he said.

"And so Xbox 360 is still going to have the ultimate experience for GTA IV. But we have to make sure the customers know that. Especially if you look back, again, to the role of GTA III and what that played in terms of PS2's development - in Europe as well, because it was huge in Europe.

"That's a great opportunity for us. We need to take advantage of it."

Massive franchise

From what he said, it's obvious that Microsoft is preparing itself for a real battle over the next few months. GTA IV has a very good chance of being the best selling game of the year, partly because the franchise is hugely popular. But also because it's a cross-platform title, and will thus be available for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.


PSP 1.5 Kernel Add-on v2 for 3.90 M33 CFW released!

364w ago - Dark_AleX released an update today for the 1.50 kernel add-on for standard PSP units running Custom Firmware 3.90 M33.

The update adds support for memory sticks greater than 4GB in size under the 1.5 kernel and fixes a display bug that affected TA-86 units when resuming from sleep mode.

To install, simply copy the "150k_installer" folder to GAME and run the installer from the PSP's Game menu.

Download: PSP 1.5 Kernel Add-on v2 for 3.90 M33 CFW [Right-click, Save As]

Instructions: Copy to /PSP/GAME and run.


- TA086: when being in 4th brightness level and recovering from sleep mode, the display was black. Fixed.
- Added support in the 1.50 kernel for memory sticks greater than 4 GB. (I finally got my 8GB card! )
Before, only the first 4 GB portion was recognized by the 1.5 kernel.
Now, the theroetical limit is 4GB*512 = 2 Terabytes. ("only" 1 TB, if sony were using signed variables).

Gamers Salivate at PS3 2008 Developments

364w ago - A little earlier this month, the rumors were flying about the impending discontinuance of the 80GB PS3. There is no doubt that in the gaming stratosphere, absolutely anything about the PS3 will spark debate and discussion.

Playstation.blog admits that it spends a great deal of time championing the merits of the PlayStation 3 as the very best, powerful, high-value video gaming console available. And this coming March will be no different, as the EGM (Electronic Gaming Monthly) magazine cover story will feature a story outlining what can be expected in 2008. Fan commentary is literally salivating at the very thought of the arrival of this issue, which promises to provide detail about what is in store for avid users.

Predictions from the masses for 2008 include: Sony will be dominant, Bluray will win the most recognition, production costs will lower on PS3, the home line up of games will see strong sales overseas in Europe and Japan, and there will be more compelling PSN games on the horizon.
Of course, the cover of EGM seems to indicate that 2007 was less than a stellar year for the PS3. Many gamers beg to differ, citing that as many as 15 games were purchased. Games such as Uncharted, Ratchet and Clank, Warhawk, UT3, and CoD4, were dubbed "amazing."

Diehard PS fans also include those who...

Target Cuts PS2 Price By $30 Starting Feb 24

364w ago - An advanced Target ad for the week beginning February 24 lists a base slimline PlayStation 2 console for $99. It's unknown if the price reduction will be exclusive to Target stores or if it is retail wide.

Retailers usually don't place temporary sales on hardware, so we're hoping for the latter. Either way, $99 PS2 at Target on February 24. Better mark your calendars if you still have yet to pick up a PS2.

PS2 System $99 @ Target B&M starting Feb.24th
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