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New White Knight PS3 scans available

353w ago - Feast your eyes on the following new White Knight scans for the PlayStation 3 platform...

More are available at the link above too!

PS3 Public Display of Affection Video Contest

353w ago - PlayStation.com is running a contest in which gamers are encouraged to create videos which highlight their love for the PS3.

The most successful videos will win an 80GB PS3 complete with a range of five games.

The contest closes next month, so get creative! =]

Warhawk expansion pack coming soon!

353w ago - Sony has released a press release which incdicates that a new Warhawk expansion pack is due in December. The expansion will include a brand new map, a new aircraft with the operation being set at night to add feelings of higher tension. More below!

PRESS RELEASE: New Warhawk™ downloadable pack coming to PLAYSTATION®Network this December

Announcing Operation: Omega Dawn

Get a brand new map and a new aircraft: the awesome KT-424 Combat Dropship. All this in one download from PLAYSTATION®Network

The battle began this August when Warhawk™ went online on PLAYSTATION®Network (PSN). Since then, the fighting has spanned the globe as PLAYSTATION®3 (PS3™) gamers of all nationalities battle for supremacy in this world of multiplayer military confrontation. Whether you're fending for yourself or enlisting in a team of Eucadian or Chernovan forces to wage war on foot, at the controls of a tank or from the cockpit of the fearsome Warhawk, there's non-stop action ahead in Warhawk - and it's about to get even better with the PSN release of Operation: Omega Dawn, the first downloadable Warhawk expansion pack exclusively available from PLAYSTATION®Store. Operation: Omega Dawn delivers a new gameplay experience that expands the title's strategic gameplay elements by offering a...

CWCheat v0.1.9 Rev I for PSP released!

353w ago - Weltall has updated to CWCheat v0.1.9 Rev I today for PSP! Changes are detailed below:

Download: CWCheat v0.1.9 Rev I for PSP

v0.1.9 Rev I Changelog:

- [GAME] fixed a bug in the 8bit equal test code which could prevent it from working
- [GAME] fixed a bug in the less than/multi skip codes which could make greather than/multi skip codes being recognised also as less than/multi skip
- [ALL] now it's possible to invert the colors used on screen (so black foreground on white background) trough the "COLOR INVERT = " entry on the configuration file
- [GAME] Added 8bit multiple skip test codes:
8-bit Equal : Multiple Skip 0xE1nndddd 0x0aaaaaaa
8-bit Not Equal : Multiple Skip 0xE1nndddd 0x1aaaaaaa
8-bit Less Than : Multiple Skip 0xE1nndddd 0x2aaaaaaa
8-bit Greater Than : Multiple Skip 0xE1nndddd 0x3aaaaaaa
- [ALL] Changed some buffer sizes in the db loading functions, it should improve the stability when loaded with other plugins
- [ALL] Some minor optimizations in the main in-game menu
- [GAME] rectified multiple skip test codes to be more strict about the status of > or < of the numbers being checked....

Climax Group working on "unannounced title" for Konami

353w ago - Climax has been developing hit games across all formats since 1988 and has worked with many of the worlds leading publishers. Climax has a very experienced core management group, with teams of talented programmers, artists and designers. Using advanced project management tools, the studios are delivering a range of titles from ports of existing games, fresh takes on existing IP, to exciting new ideas on the new console formats.

Climax has a great history, but the future is even more exciting with awesome forthcoming titles such as Silent Hill Origins, Ferrari, Viva Piñata for Windows and an unannounced title for Konami. Keep checking back for updates!
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