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Target removing Manhunt 2 from its stores?

351w ago - Evil Avatar is reporting that local Target stores have been pulling Manhunt 2 off their store shelves in response to the recent events where some hackers uncovered adult content within the game.

Even though the ESRB themselves remained firm with the game's M rating, it looks like Target is taking no chances and is removing the game from its stores.

According to the source, all Target managers are required to stop selling the game, including refusing shipments of the game for all systems. Also Take-Two agreed to take back all unopened copies of the game.

The reasoning is not necessarily about the horrific violence contained within the game, but for the media's extra attention on Manhunt 2.

To add some more credit, the listing for Manhunt 2 on Target's website states that the game is not available in stores but remains available online.

If a helpful reader decides to take a trip to a local Target, can you see if they're selling any copies of Manhunt 2?

Sony's new 40GB PS3 still using old 90nm processors

351w ago - It was reported a while ago that the new 40GB PS3 featured a 65nm processor, but Sony has told Heise Online that the 40GB SKU still uses the old 90nm processors.

However, the new model does however feature a new design with lower power consumption (120 to 140 watts compared to 200 on older models). Sony is looking to go the 65nm way in the future but for now they are sticking at 90nm across all models.

To quote: We'd been hearing that Sony's new 40GB PS3 featured a revised design with a 65nm Cell processor and improved cooling, but sadly it looks like those reports were in error -- a Sony spokesperson has told Heise Online that the 40GB model continues to use 90mn processors, but does feature an updated design with a lower power consumption of just 120 to 140 watts, compared to 180 to 200 watts for the older models.

Sony says its still planning on moving to 65nm processors in the near future, but for now, it looks like the PS3 is 90nm across the board.

PSP CWCheat v0.1.9 Rev H released!

351w ago - Weltall has updated his popular PSP cheat hacking application known as CWCheat. To quote:

With this new version we have an increase of priority of the prx to avoid problems with accessing the cwcheat interface with never games which takes a lot of cpu resources. Various little glitches like the unability to use diff searches in pops mode, the possibility to edit the first code even if it wasn't added to the list, the missing check for button release with the square button in the selection of found adresses and other.

Plus the most important change was the extreme improvement of the search speed, up to 550% for fixed value search and 733% for the diff value search (benchmarks were done on the most time expensive searches like searches for zero as a first search or searches for equal just after the first dump)

Download: PSP CWCheat v0.1.9 Rev H

v0.1.9 Rev H Changelog:

- [ALL] increased priority from 0x64 to 0x32 to resolve the problems with "crash of the titans" which let cwcheat run it's thread only sometimes, making extremely difficult to call the cwcheat menu or other features.
- [POPS] fixed a check in the search for a difference in the cheat searcher to be proper in the pops build....

Dark_AleX Releases Full Screen Patch For Dracula X Chronicles SOTN

351w ago - Now we can enjoy Dracula X Chronicles' bonus game, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, in full screen! Dark_AleX has released a patch for the game that replaces the larger screen mode, which stretches only top to bottom, with a full-screen mode taking full advantage of the PSP's 480x272 resolution.

Download: PSP Full Screen Patch For Dracula X Chronicles SOTN [Right-click, Save As]

Note: This does not enable full screen mode for the original Rondo of Blood also included in the game.


- Make an ISO of the UMD. (note: the iso must be decompressed, not CSO, you can compress it after the patch if you want).
- Run the program in the command line as "sotn_fs path_of_iso", and done, you can play SOTN at fullscreen.

The Week Ahead - 09/11/07 UK Releases

351w ago - This could be considered a bit of a holding week as Assassins Creed (16/11/07) and Mass Effect (23/11/07) are just around the corner. However, as exciting as those two prospects are you'll surely be tempted to try out Infinity Ward's excellent Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, which simply crackles with explosions and excitement.

Notably PS3 is beginning to see a fair few releases: Ratchet & Clank Future, Dynasty Warriors: Gundam and Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga are all decent but they're hardly the kind of games you'd play £299 for the privilege of playing. Meanwhile, the exclusive Lair is possibly the worst advertisement for Sony's console and controller to date.

The complete list of games released in the UK this week (09/11/07):

>Ben 10: Protector of Earth, PS2/DS, D3 Publisher
>Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, PC/PS3/360/DS, Activision
>Catz 2, DS, Ubisoft
>Deal or No Deal, PC/DS, Focus Multimedia
>Dynasty Warriors: Gundam, 360/PS3, Namco Bandai
>EA Playground, DS, Wii, EA
>Endless Ocean, Wii, Nintendo
>Fashion Designer Style Icon, DS, 505 Games
>Gears of War, PC, Microsoft
>Hamsterz 2, DS, Ubisoft
>High School Musical: Sing It!, PS2/DS, Disney
>Lair, PS3, Sony
>Lego Star Wars: The Compete Saga, DS/PS3/Wii/360, LucasArts
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