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Latest MotorStorm update out today

355w ago - The latest MotorStorm update has been released today. Now included is a vehicle selection of 2D/3D within the host options as well as mirrored tracks. There is also 2 new music tracks in the form of Devils Crossing and Beat the Devil.

To quote: The host can also choose mirrored tracks which reverses the entire geometry set of the tracks. Where you went left you will now go right. An interesting mix, and will take some getting used too not to forget which way you're actually going!

The addition of a proximity meter in MotorStorm mode is also welcome, and works like the one in eliminator mode.

There are also 2 new music tracks, 'Devils Crossing' by Elite Force and 'Beat The Devil' by Jiffster (Featuring Bard)

Video: First ever Silent Hill 5 in-game footage

355w ago - Unseen gameplay, and how you would see it in game... i.e. behind the main character uploaded courtesy of gaffyh.



Free Downloadable P3zine, 360zine

355w ago - Free Download-able Online Magazine for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3.

Watch the latest trailers and news for free.

Downloads: P3Zine / 360Zine / PCGZine / MMOZine / HGZine

Alternative VSHMenu v3.0 for PSP out now!

355w ago - Red Squirrel has released Alternative VSHMenu 3.0, a custom firmware plugin that adds additional functions to the VSHMenu already included in M33.

These additional functions include the ability to change the background color as well as take a screenshot of the XMB. Without further ado, here is the changelog for version 3.0:

Download: Alternative VSHMenu v3.0 for PSP [Right-click, Save As]

Version 3.0 Changelog:

-Fixed problems with USB device setting when UMD9660 were selected.
-Last USB Device chosen will be saved, so at PSP reboot default USB Device will be last one chosen.
-Changes to CPU and BUS frequency will be applied immediately on menu closing, without requiring console reboot.
-Add UMD-VIDEO function (like M33 VSHMenu)
-ISOs in ISO/VIDEO directory will be checked on every VSHmenu beginning, so changes (adding/removing ISO) will be realized immediately without requiring console reboot!
-Now pressing again the "start" key VSHMenu will close itself.

Memor 32 SaveGame Manager v1.3 released for PS2!

355w ago - Memor 32 (Max Louarn et al.) has released a new build of their Save Game Manager.

Windows Vista support has been added, however, according to their page Max Drive (.max extension) support for savegames is not yet functional under Vista.

Download: Memor32 Savegame Manager v1.3
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