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PS3 Home Events Space, Air Race Leaderboards Live in Europe!

313w ago - Sony's PlayStation Home has been updated in Europe for PS3, however, Sony hasn't actually told anyone... instead sneaking it out without anyone noticing. To quote:

The Red Bull Air Race space now features a few different aircraft that you can choose between before flying the course. There's also a leaderboard which shows the top flyers globally as well as your friends' best times.

The Events space is also now open and the PSP-3000 treasure hunt has begun. The Events space plays host to a new multiplayer minigame called Tri-Sphere and hidden around the Gallery section are six hidden numbers.

If you find these numbers and input them into the website (accessible via a wall terminal inside Home) you stand the chance of winning a real PSP-3000. There's no word on when/if these these things will come to Home in the US but we'll let you know as soon as Sony tells us we stumble across it.

Home continues to evolve, albeit at a slower pace than we expected. These additions are certainly pleasing, but don't quite raise the service to the next level. Yet.

Moto Racer for Nintendo DS Due for Release in April 2009

314w ago - Racing fans take part in four exciting disciplines in a wide range of environments. Compete in single races, missions or against friends in multiplayer mode.

Moto Racer DS also introduces the optional new and intuitive stylus control system with its unique Stylus Precision Handling (SPH).



Moto Racer is back! Moto Racer DS is the definitive motorbike racing game from Nobilis and Ascaron Entertainment. Due for release in April 2009 Moto Racer DS continues the successful series by delivering an incredible gaming experience on the portable Nintendo DS platform.

Take a trip into the World of adrenaline pumping race action with the new Moto Racer DS game trailer available here: http://www.motoracer-thegame.com/en/.

The only racing game with 4 exhilarating disciplines:

Grand Prix - Race at speed around tight bends and scrape your knees against the tarmac of the race circuit

Traffic - Involves a more measured pace with skilled manoeuvres in order to dodge oncoming trucks in urban cityscapes

Super Cross - Features indoor circuits with treacherous leaps requiring...

Confirmed: No Red Bull Air Race on PlayStation Home This Year

318w ago - Just before the weekend, TedTheDog has stated on the European PlayStation boards (linked above) that Red Bull's Air Race definitely won't appear in 2008.

To quote: Beta's are often difficult as everyone wants the new toy, whatever it may be, to work just as the vision portrays but as a beta things are being used in untried ways and things are bound to go wrong.

And the vision of Home is pretty exciting right? We know its a little bare right now and we've got some problems to solve, but they'll be solved and we can then move on to running it as the service we all want.

The reality is that we really are beta testing Home and we have to get these load related issues dealt with (and they can be dealt with.)

I'm very reluctant to give an ETA for the Red Bull Air Race as the very nature of what were doing here throws schedules sometimes (as you've seen) but it certainly will not be before the new year now. I know its irritating, but it really ought to be worth the wait, its really quite impressive and a lot of fun.

Getting the Most from Speed Races in MotorStorm: Pacific Rift

319w ago - MotorStorm: Pacific Rift's Game Director Nigel Kershaw shared the following tips today via PS Blog:

To get those elusive gold medals in the speed races on MotorStorm: Pacific Rift can be somewhat frustrating, with the time ticking down, and every millisecond doing the wrong thing might mean the difference between gold and silver.

First thing to remember - getting gold on these, especially later in the game, is supposed to be hard. However none of them are impossible...I've completed them all myself with a good few seconds to spare, and I'm not that good at the game.

Second point is to expect the unexpected. Some of the speed races follow pretty standard track loops, while others mess with your head by gallivanting all over the tracks in strange directions. If it's your first time in a particular speed race, don't just sail through a gate expecting to be lined up perfectly for the next one. Be cautious and pay attention.

Third point is practice. Unless you're some kind of god, you're not going to get these babies the first time out, especially on the later levels. Give them a test run first, and learn where those illusive gates are.

Fourth point is to learn to drive efficiently. In a previous blog post...

Koei Announce Monster Racers for Nintendo DS

329w ago - Koei have announced Monster Racers for the Nintendo DS today. Monster Racers utilizes side-scrolling platform-style action to race through tracks while avoiding obstacles.

Up to four friends can compete in race tournaments. "Monster Racers will feature Wireless DS Single-Card Download Play and Wireless Multi-Card Play. Players can also download courses and share their race times via the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection," said Hisashi Koinuma, KOEI's producer for Monster Racers.

Press Release: Monster Racers utilizes side-scrolling platform-style action to create a racing experience that everyone can easily learn and enjoy. For first time in the genre, challenges will use the player's skill in controlling speed and reaction time, in fun and familiar settings.

Throughout each race, players will gather power-up items while avoiding obstacles such as "icicles", or "meteors". With a wide variety of courses and monsters, players can choose which monster is best suited for each race.

Up to four friends can compete in race tournaments. "Monster Racers will feature Wireless DS Single-Card Download Play and Wireless Multi-Card Play. Players can also download courses and share their race times via the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection," said Hisashi Koinuma, KOEI's producer for...
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