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Resident Evil 5 Famitsu Interview with Takeuchi-san

329w ago - Japan's Famitsu magazine recently conducted a video interview with Jun Takeuchi, the producer of Resident Evil 5, and we now have the video complete with English subs for your viewing pleasure!

In addition to the interview, the video include a brief introduction into the history of the Resident Evil series, many first-ever shots of actual gameplay, and also includes some behind the scenes development sneak peeks.

Video can be seen HERE!

Complete Interview - What's to Come for Xbox 360

335w ago - We know, right now half of you are scratching your heads wondering "who the hell is John Schappert?"

He's the new Peter Moore, minus the tats, facial hair and accent.

Michael McWhertor and Brian Crecente got to sit and talk to him about what's to come from Xbox 360, LIVE and all sorts of stuff like that.

This isn't some 2-minute clip, so make sure to dim the lights and pour yourself a glass of wine before partaking. The satin robe is optional.

The complete Interview video can be seen here!

Interview with a Wii hacker

339w ago - AtomicPC have conducted a lengthy interview (linked above) with Bushing, the developer who is now well-known within the bounds of the Wii homebrew scene thanks to his discovery of the first-ever Wii exploit.

Recently Bushing and crew modified a save game from Zelda: Twilight Princess to boot homebrew code. In the interview, Bushing reveals that they are working hard to tweak this hack so that users can easily boot code from an SD card on an unmodified Wii.

To quote: Yes. We did our first public demo at 24C3, right after Christmas. There, we showed a really crude demo that we made by taking a game disc and modifying it – just enough to prove that we'd modified it. (The proof here is a big deal because so many people make this shit up – there have been at least 4 fake demos of people claiming to do similar things in the past month.)

Still, that required some pretty ugly hacks to pull off, but it was still the first time anyone had even gotten that far. Recently, we've been leveraging that experience to try to find cleaner hacks that we can release.

We're working on a special savegame for Zelda: Twilight Princess that will exploit a bug in the way it handles character names, and eventually let you boot code from an SD card. Hopefully.

The future is looking bright...

Interview with project leader Haden Blackman

340w ago - Check out this IGN Interview with Star Wars: The Force Unleashed project leader Haden Blackman.

He explains the exciting new changes to the force on this promising looking multi-platform game and also see some great gameplay!

Video can be seen below:


Turok Unleashed: PSU Interview with Studio VP John Holmes

352w ago - Back in the day, one of the best first person shooters to grace the N64 was known as Turok. Based on a fictional comic book character, Turok saw four instalments, the last of which being Turok: Evolution, which hit all consoles including the PC.

Since 2002, the Turok franchise has sit in the shadows collecting dust, waiting for resurrection. Then in 2005, Buena Vista Games announced it had acquired the rights to the Turok franchise and Propaganda Games would develop the first new title using the acclaimed Unreal Engine 3. Not quite the extinct species it was once perceived as, Turok now makes a triumphant to its past glory, releasing on both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Our interview is with John Holmes, co-founder and Vice President of Propaganda Games. Covering everything from storyline to multiplayer, this interview provides all new juicy details on the long awaited revival of Turok so enjoy!
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