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Rumor: Devil May Cry 4 to get exclusive features on PS3

351w ago - According to Internet reports, Famitsu has revealed that Devil May Cry 4 for the PS3 will include exclusive features including 5.1 LPCM audio, PSN support and the option to install data to the hard drive. The game reportedly takes up 5GB of storage.

To quote: In this month's issue of Famitsu, a popular Japanese magazine, they reveal that Capcom will be including exclusive features in the PS3 version of Devil May Cry 4.

Some of these new features include; 5.1 LPCM audio, PSN support, and the option to install data to the hard drive. Apparently though, game data takes up 5GB of storage, but on the bright side of things, it removes all load times in the game.

As of now, there is no word on what Capcom has planned for the PlayStation Network. Whether it's episodic content, new characters, new weapons, or even new bosses, we'll take it!

PSP LightMP3 v1.7.0 released!

351w ago - Sakya has released an update to LightMP3, an audio player for PSP designed to save on battery life. With the brightness set to minimum, users can expect at least 9 hours of music playback from a fully charged battery.

Download: PSP LightMP3 v1.7.0 [Right-click, Save As]


* Added: Options screen
* Added: muted volume in settings file
* Added: Fadeout when skipping track
* Added: Option to set initial brightness check (on with warning/on without warning/off)
* Added: Volume boost value is saved in the settings file and restored at startup
* Added: MP3 playback via Media Engine (plays fine with CPU @ 20Mhz) (many thanks to joek2100)
* Added: ATRAC3 playback (*.aa3, *.omg, *.oma) via Media Engine (plays fine with CPU @ 20Mhz) (many thanks to joek2100)
* Added: FLAC playback (via libFLAC). Unfortunately plays fine with CPU @ 130Mhz. (many thanks to JLF65)
* Added: Automatic cpu clock based on filetype.
* Fixed: Directories are now listed before files.
* Fixed: Conflict with Music prx (the module is stopped and unloaded at startup).

Devil May Cry 4 Opening Cutscene

351w ago - Check out this devil may cry 4 Opening Scene!

It's stunning...

Video can be seen below:


PlayStation Store Cards Already in the Wild!

351w ago - Any of you lot spot the new PSN cards in stores yet?

Aerfox has, as he's spotted them already for sale in stores on the US Army base in Aberdeen, Maryland. Early 2008 indeed.

Aerfox notes that the $20 cards are the only ones as yet on offer, and picked one up as a Christmas present for, well, we'll just presume himself.

Teen Opens PlayStation 3 Box, Finds Phone Book Inside!

351w ago - No kidding... $500 for a phone book at a Thousand Oaks EB Games.

Imagine tearing into a holiday present to find a PlayStation 3 box... with a phone book sealed inside! That's what happened to 13-year-old Brandon Burns Christmas morning.

He says he laughed about it when it happened. His parents... not so much, since they spent $500 for the PS3. According to a spokesperson for the store involved, the matter has since been resolved.

Video can be seen here!
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