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HAZE Release Date plus HAZE for PC Official?

346w ago - According to Gamestop, Haze will be releasing May 21,2008.

The game is also coming to the PC according to Gamestop, however, this word is not yet official so don't get your hopes up until we get word directly from Ubisoft.

More to come!

Rumor: 80GB PS3 dead, 120-160GB with Dual Shock 3 incoming

346w ago - To quote from the rumor's source, linked above: Our inside source of all things video gaming has been right almost every time it comes out of the shadows to give us information, so I'm going to dispense with the back story. Wherever his or her information is coming from, it's usually solid. After I spoke to Sony about the possible discontinuation of the 80GB PS3 model, I lit the mole-signal.

Working late into the night on Saturday, I heard a noise behind me. For both of our safety, I didn't turn around. "You've talked to Sony," the mole said in a gravelly whisper. "Tell me what they told you."

I repeated the information we reported on Friday: Sony is sticking to a two-model approach at retail, but the company won't comment on whether or not the other model would be the 80GB system. The 40GB system seems safe. I asked the mole what information he had.

"Sony is, in fact, phasing out the 80GB PS3. Sony is going to stay with the two-SKU approach though, and the prices look to stay the same," the mole told me. I heard sirens in the background, and the mole seemed nervous. "The Spiderman 3 pack-in will disappear as well once the 80GB unit is gone. In order to maintain a similar value proposition to the 80GB/Spiderman 3 bundle, I expect to see a storage increase to 120 or 160GB at the same price...

PSP iR Shell v3.9 released!

346w ago - AhMan has announced the final release of iR Shell, a multi-tasking shell application for PSP. iR Shell brings additional functionality to the PSP such as the ability to play two-player PSOne games via ad-hoc and playback MP3 files while in-game.

Download: iR Shell v3.9 / iR Shell v3.9 / iR Shell v3.9 [Mirror]

The latest release is fully compatible with custom firmware 3.80 M33-5 and 3.80 M33 popsloader v2.

New Features include:

* Added support for 3.80M33-2, M33-4 & M33-5. Pls note M33-1 & M33-3 are not supported due to some technical issues which I'm lazy to resolve.
* Added support for 3.80 Popsloader Version 2. Version 1 isn't supported.
* The 1.5 Kernel Addon for 3.71M33 & 3.80M33 has caused some incompatibility issues with fw 1.5 iR Shell. This is now resolved.
* Enhance PSP ISO compatability. Previously failed ISOs will probably work in this release.
* For slim only, the nethostfs MAX mode is now compatible with WPA.
* Some older firmware supports have been removed to reduce the distribution archive. This version has...

Interview with project leader Haden Blackman

347w ago - Check out this IGN Interview with Star Wars: The Force Unleashed project leader Haden Blackman.

He explains the exciting new changes to the force on this promising looking multi-platform game and also see some great gameplay!

Video can be seen below:


PSPTube++ BETA 20080127 released!

347w ago - SofiyaCat has released an update for PSPTube today, now featuring preliminary video out support.

The feature outputs video at the resolution of 720–480 and of course is exclusive to PSP-2000 (Slim) units.

Download: PSPTube++ BETA 20080127
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