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Devil May Cry IV Demo to Drop January 31st

344w ago - Oh Capcom, how we love you -- you seem to always give the community exactly what it wants when it wants it.

The game may not be coming out until early next month, but the company behind the venerable Street Fighter series doesn't want you to feel down, for they they have promised to release the demo to the next iteration in the Devil May Cry series, Devil May Cry IV, to Xbox Live and PlayStation Network services on January 31st, a week before its release in both the NA and PAL territories.

In celebration of this occasion, Capcom has also offered some ridiculously cool prizes to help market the game:

"Download the Official Devil May Cry 4 Widget and enter to win an HDTV and other cooler that hell prizes. The media widget is a live feed of the latest screenshots, videos, and cooler than hell content. It also includes a countdown to the demo and game release dates as well as buttons to join Nero or Dante's side. The widget is HTML content-based and can live on any website in the world."

Here's a little more information to whet your appetites: The demo introduces gamers to the gothic-inspired supernatural world of Devil May Cry 4, new protagonist Nero and the awesome power of his Devil Bringer. The demo consists of a sampling of sections from the full game, chosen to showcase...

PixelJunk Monsters on PSN next week

344w ago - Puzzle game PixelJunk Monsters is set to launch on PSN next week.

The game involves defending around 20 villages from the monster horde by building various towers.


PS3 Eboot Dumper Preview and MEMore!

344w ago - A quick update tonight with a few more details about the upcoming Eboot.bin Dumper utility. It dumps the Eboot.bin from your original PS3 Game disc, and strips the disc layer of encryption, so it is a less-encrypted SELF.

The program is simple to use: first install the package to a TEST/TOOL PS3. Then insert a memory stick in the PS3 and run the program. Upon completion, remove the memory stick and read it in a PC.

You now have an EBOOT.BIN that is void of the disc layer of encryption! There are still a few add-ons that can be made such as dumping to a PC, however that may be done down the road. Below is a picture of the BETA version of the XMB info screen for the utility.

Furthermore, we have noticed it's a bit easier to dump some of the system memory via GDB than our own custom code.

Why? Well check back on that, but we have already found a decrypted sprx in memory, and that was only after a few seconds of looking.. so some good things are to come soon!

PSP Custom Firmware 3.80 M33-3 and PopsLoader released!

344w ago - Update: Due to an error on his part, Dark_AleX has now quickly updated to PSP CFW 3.80 M33-4 as a bug fix. Changelog as follows:

- galaxy.prx was changed to a new version that is giving problems with slow memory sticks. Reverted back to previous versions. This didn't only affect decrypted isos running in NP9660 mode.

Dark_AleX has released an update to the recently released 3.80 M33-2 Custom Firmware. Now at 3.80 M33-3, the latest release adds a couple of libs to the nids resolver and fixes a synchronization issue with downloaded games from the PS3/PC PlayStation Store.

Download: PSP CFW 3.80 M33-3 / PSP 3.80 M33-3 PopsLoader

The PopsLoader update allows users to run all versions of Pops (the PSP PSOne emulator) for increased compatibility. The updated PopsLoader build is compatible only with 3.80 M33-3. The full changelog is detailed below.

PSP CFW 3.80 M33-3 Changelog:

- Fixed synchronization issue that plugins check code caused in PSN NP9660 original games (fixes 0–80010013 error)
- Added a couple of libs to the nids resolver.
- Added some internal changes required by incoming...

PSP UAE4ALL r1 Amiga Emulator out now!

344w ago - TTYman released UAE4ALL today, which is an Amiga emulator for PSP based on UAE4ALL, unlike PSPUAE which is based directly on E-UAE.

Download: PSP UAE4ALL r1

Specific Features:

- Based on latest Chui's Dreamcast UAE4ALL and notaz's uae4all gp2x v0.7.2a optimized blitter routines;
- Maximum speedup hacks using single precision math hardware support;
- full screen hardware scaled support;
- Fixed Overclock to 333 MHz while emulating, 222 MHz in menu;
- Only 546KB kernel build version (1.7MB user mode build).

Same features as Dreamcast version:

- Frameskip between 0-1 without sound and 1-2 with sound.
- Fast FAME Motorola 68000 C core by Fox68k.
- Autoframeskip for real speed.
- Mouse support.
- Joystick support.
- Fast sound with 8 buffers synchronized.
- Filemanager with subdirectories access.
- Complete menu with load, throttle, frameskip, reset... options
- Save disks changes into Virtual memory files (testing).
- Superthrottle mode for speed up intros and loading time.
- ADZ support (ADF floppy image gzip compressed)
- 2 floopy drives emulated.

Known Problems:
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