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Even Better 'Dump Your Old Electronics' Trade-up Program

321w ago - Expanding on the previously published Radio Shack trade-in program, Best Buy offers a similar program, albeit online only (linked above, you can't bring your old stuff to a retail location).

Box up your stuff and send it with their postage, get it approved, and receive back a Best Buy gift card. I dumped a working 1st gen touch wheel 20GB iPod for ~$40.

I also dumped an old cell phone for ~$20 Decision... recycle at municipal collection for nothing or let Best Buy recycle it and pay me for it?

A working 40GB PS3 with one controller and all connections gets you $102. Hey, that's better than $23 from RadioShack, right?

Speed up your PlayStation Network Downloads with Auto-Installs!

321w ago - Tonight I was downloading some content I had been missing out on the last week due to band rehersals and some light work here and there...

Now normally I would've just background-downloaded all of my stuff and walked away from it until it was done - I'm glad I didn't.

A big complaint with the PSN is the fact when you download something of the store you then have to install it. This means the long process becomes longer...

Well, tonight I found out that if you que up all you want to download and individually download it from the store menu or your drop down download list, without doing a background download, it not only increased my speed from an average of 1MB every 4 seconds to 1MB every 1 second to 2 seconds, but it also pre-installs your content for you. So you don't have to go back out and manually do it from your PlayStation 3 XMB.

Now, I have a fast connection and I often average 1MB per second anyways, but a lot of times it's not a constant 1MB per second... Sometimes it drops down to where I am only getting 1mb every 3 to 4 seconds - With this method it was much faster than just putting them all on the background and letting it do it for me.

It might not be as convenient, but it sure went a lot faster. I got over 1.4GB of downloads in under 7 minutes flat...

Knit your own Celebrity into LittleBigPlanet SackGirls

322w ago - According to ladies fashion magazine Marie Claire, Sony has teamed up with the Shoreditch Sisterhood Women's Institute to produce a range of LittleBigPlanet celebrity SackGirl knitting kits.

Do you remember when knitting was the latest celebrity craze? Well, in any case now you can have the chance to knit your own celebrity.

The kits come with everything you need to create the following celebrity SackGirls: Amy Winehouse, Kate Moss, Madonna, Beth Ditto and The Queen.

The kits will be available at Sony's LittleBigPlanet creative workshop in London's Covent Garden this Sunday.

The event will have live entertainment, music, arts and crafts.

PS3Eye Camera SDK for Use in Your Own Applications Available!

322w ago - Just under a month ago we reported on the Sony PlayStation 3 EYE Camera running under Windows courtesy of AlexP.

Well since then, Alex Popovich has made significant progress which can be seen at his Web site (linked above). To quote from the most recent update:

Many of you asked me how can you use this camera in your applications. Besides the existing implementation of PS3Eye DirectShow filter, I developed the PS3EyeLib as well. This SDK library lets you get full access to the PS3Eye camera and allows you to configure the camera and grab video frames.

Download: PS3EyeSetup (2.0b81019, includes SDK) / PSEye TouchLib (Rev 400)

The latest setup file, besides the PS3Eye driver, DirectShow filter and test app, includes the following files in the SDK directory:

• IPS3EyeLib.h - Camera API include file
• PS3EyeLib.lib - Camera API library file
• PS3EyeLib.dll - Camera API dynamic library file

List of fixes/additions in the current release:

- Created DirectShow camera...

Microsoft, This is How You Blow Your PS3 Lead in Japan

322w ago - So Microsoft is doing pretty good in Japan. Not great, but good. Good enough to beat the PS3 last month. This is the Xbox 360 display at Yodobashi Camera in Akihabara. Back in August, the Xbox 360 sold out in this very store.

If you've been to Akihabara, you know that this is a very large retailer. Lots of shoppers! So for Microsoft to sell out right here is a good sign, and it's great for the Xbox 360's reputation in Japan.

This demo set-up is not. Well, no, the set-up is fine, it's the upkeep. But just as Microsoft starts to gain ground in Japan, an old friend rears its ugly head...

Out of all the demo kiosk consoles Microsoft needs working in Japan... Doubt this will catastrophically affect Xbox 360 sales in Japan. Microsoft will most likely sell lots of consoles this holiday season. (So will will Nintendo and Sony. Everyone wins!)
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