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All Access: Killzone 2 for PS3 Video Interview!

344w ago - Adam interviews Steven Ter Heide from Guerrilla Games about the upcoming PS3 exclusive FPS, Killzone 2.

Video is below, courtesy of G4TV.

Enjoy all!


Mirror's Edge interview discusses PS3's quirks

345w ago - An interview with Mirror's Edge devs, DICE, has swept onto the Internet and we're collecting the information to relay back to you. The title is multiplatform, but was showcased only at the PlayStation Day event.

DICE's general manager, Sean Decker, explained it was because Sony has been a great partner and developing on the PS3 gives them a lot of little quirks to work with (Sixaxis balances Faith, Cell helps push higher texture resolutions).

This is interesting because Decker goes on to explain how each version of the game (PS3, 360, PC) will be different -- imagine, a developer taking the time to tweak a game to perform optimally on each platform.

The developers are aiming for a 720p experience across all platforms, to keep a super-smooth frame rate at all times. There's not going to be any user interface in the game whatsoever other than a dot in the middle of the screen, a "focus point" for players, which will minimize motion sickness for those susceptible to such an ailment.

The game isn't about combat, Decker explains, but about movement. Even when you get a weapon, it's more of a tool to get through an obstacle than to take out other people. Any online elements are being kept secret until summer (E3, we presume), along with information on any sort of demo.

Little Big Planet: Sony Gamers' Day Interview

345w ago - Gametrailers have uploaded an intresting video interview with Alex Evans, Co-founder of Media Molecule.

The intricate modes of the LBP explored, and some behind the scenes stories on the designers' weird ideas.

And an update on the game's release!



Alone in the Dark Interview and Exclusive New Screens!

345w ago - Are you afraid of the dark? Do you run from things that are creepy - or go looking for them with a magnifying glass?

Survival/horror, the genre that turned teens and adults into terrified gamers that were too scared to put down the controller (or in some cases, too frightened to hold onto it), has been a great source of pleasure for those seeking thrills and chills.

If you're in that group, you won't have to search much longer: Alone in the Dark returns this summer.

To quote: You can even pierce the gas tank, start driving, leaving a trail of fuel, bail out, set fire to the trail, and you have a powerful rolling bomb.

Our objective was to make a game that's more modern in terms of content, more adapted to the tastes of today's gamers, and in particular that breaks the clich├ęs of what you know about video games, said Nour Polloni, Producer at Eden Games.

For us it's not a survival/horror game, but a new perspective on what the survival experience is. We've done this through innovation in the spirit of the first Alone in the Dark, a broad mix of gameplay and a new way to tell the story.

In the 90s, survival/horror games were slow and creepy. Now they're taking on a more action-oriented approach. Is this good or bad, and which path was taken...

Q&A: Media Molecule Devs talk LittleBigPlanet

345w ago - At its European media event last week, Sony announced that its highly anticipated PlayStation 3 exclusive title LittleBigPlanet had been pushed back a month to October 2008.

We trapped three members of the Media Molecule team--studio co-founder Alex Evans, audio designer Kenny Young, and the game's producer Siobhan Reddy--to pick their brains on everything LittleBigPlanet.

GameSpot AU: How is it that a team of just 25 [at Media Molecule] has managed to do so much with so few people?

Alex Evans: Well the thing is, they're all super talented. On some level we've picked our battles--that's the honest answer. We couldn't have made a Final Fantasy or a GTA IV, both incredible games, but we picked our battles and then picked our people and that's what we tried to do.

Kenny Young: Another thing is that a small team facilitates quick decision making and allows for good communication. It can be brutal too because you can't hide. You can see everyone and you're on first-name terms with everyone. I know that sounds silly, but I've worked on teams of a hundred people where you just don't know what's going on at the other side of the office. But when it's a bunch of people based in a room you just can't hide anywhere.

Siobhan Reddy: It's like the game....
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