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Vanessa Morgan: Unannounced PS3 title that'll blow you away!

350w ago - Now in her eighth year of gaming writing, and already a respected name in the computer and console game industry, gaming doyenne Vanessa Morgan has taken up the coveted role of Editor of one of the biggest and most popular gaming magazines in Australia and New Zealand, Official PlayStation® Magazine.

We had a chat to Vanessa about what it's like to be the first female Editor of Official PlayStation® Magazine, what the coolest part of her job is, what her favourite games are and where she sees the future of PLAYSTATION®3.

Read on for the full story from Miss PlayStation herself...

1. How long have you been in the games industry for? How did you get into it?

Eight years. That's way, way, way too many years of playing all the average games that none of the guys wanted to touch for mags like Hyper, PCPP, PSW, Total Gamer, etc. Followed by getting a few breaks with overseas trips to see what was SquareSoft then Nintendo and E3. I then went on to edit the games section for K-Zone, TV hits and share my button mashing experiences in the Sun Herald, The West Australian, The Age, online, radio, TV and everywhere that would help assist with my world domination.

2. How long have you been playing videogames for?

I've heard rumours that my mum had me hooked...

Logitech Dinovo Mini for PS3 Reviewed!

351w ago - We all know using the PS3 on screen keyboard to type, can be very tedious. So tedious, that I have had people whom I've sent a PSN message to, reply via email, just so they could just type on their computer.

I didnt really want a huge full-sized keyboard and mouse setup, as I game from the comfort of my couch. I dont have the space for it and its inconvenient.

There is a thumbpad accessory for the PS3. But many have reported that it was a waste of money, even some people claiming it couldnt even connect to the PS3.

So what is a PS3 owner to do to be able to type with ease? The answer? Logitech Dinovo Mini. Read the review below...

The Logitech Dinovo Mini, is marketed mainly toward Home Theater PC owners who do want a huge keyboard in their living room, much like my situation. However its not just for the PC. There is a switch on the backside of the mini keyboard that lets you switch from PC to PS3.

This review is only for the PS3 functionality.

This sexy piece of gadgetry goes perfectly with your PS3. It has a glossy (yet easily scratched) transparent black finish. The clamshell design keeps dust and other debris out of the keypad, and overall gives it a nice look. The backlighting gives it some extra wow factor, and is great if you are gaming...

Rumor: Confirmation that Haze is just a timed PS3 exclusive?

351w ago - On completion of the Haze demo gamers have been greeted with the following message:

"Exclusive on the PlayStation 3 system: 4-Player CO-OP campaign."

This seems to confirm the belief that it is just a timed exclusive, and that the 4-Player CO-OP campaign is something that will be exclusive to the PS3.

Does this confirm the rumors that the PC and Xbox 360 versions are still coming? Maybe Ubisoft has let the cat out of the bag and the cancelled versions for the PC and Xbox 360 were just postponed so the PS3 could see some love from Ubisoft?

Time will tell, but it is strange wording to say the least.

PS3 Mirror's Edge won't be in 1080p, DICE confirms

351w ago - Dice Studio has said that Mirror's Edge will not be in 1080p but both the 360/PS3 versions will be in 720p.

Dice say however that we can expect "crisp, clear texture resolutions".

To quote: Decker said: "It's more about in certain situations you're going to see very crisp, clear texture resolutions there and, again, this is more for the tech-file, somebody like me who's sitting up there and looking at every single little detail and saying, OK what's the difference between this one and this one, putting them side by side."

Dev: The PS3 hasn't been pushed to its limits yet!

351w ago - Sean Decker, the General Manager of EA's DICE Studio has said that we are not starting to see the limits of the PS3's capabilities now and it will be a while until the PS3 is pushed to the edge.

"Oh no. I've been around for two different console cycles now, this is my third one, and it's always the case that the first several years everybody's exploring the bounds of it, and it's not until several years down the road that you're able to squeeze every drop out of it." said the GM.

To quote: He added: "Look at games like God of War. On the PS2 it looks brilliant. Try and do that game at the beginning of the PS2, wow, you would have such a hard time doing that. And the same thing's going to be true for this as well.

Over the next several years on all the major platforms you're going to see all the developers squeezing every little bit out of it. It's going to be a while before you really push it to the edge."
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