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Naughty Assassin's Creed PS3 glitch

342w ago - Watch as this guard "attacks" the wall... and then looks around to make sure no one sees him.

Props to JunkyFM for sharing the video:


The Games Of 2008: PSP

342w ago - In 2008, the PSP has an attractive mix of titles ranging from niche to high-profile console-like games. Here are Next-Gen's most anticipated games for PSP in 2008.

If it weren't for the phenomenal success of Nintendo's DS, today we might be praising the PSP up-and-down for being such a hit. Ever since the last price drop, the hardware revision and some wise marketing decisions by SCEA, it seems that people are finally realizing that the PSP is a great machine in its own right.

In all of our other Games of 2008 features, we've given software sales estimates for the first three months of US sales, but for PSP, we're going to give a very general range for all titles, because history shows that the handheld's top titles all sell within about the same range.

Taking into consideration a growing installed base, we expect the higher-profile, late-year PSP games to sell as many as 400K copies in the US in the first three months (which would be a sizeable achievement compared to the top-sellers in 2007). More obscure or niche titles on our list may sell around or below 100K during the same time frame.

As all of the games are works in progress, release dates and some details are subject to change. Estimates were calculated by reviewing the sales of a 2008 game's previous franchise...

Japan Gets New Mint Green PSP

342w ago - Looks like Japan is getting yet another PSP color. Sony Japan today announced a Mint Green PSP Slim and Lite. Set for release on Thursday, February 28, the new fangled color will retail at an MSRP of 19,800 yen.

Mint Green joins Japan's popular Blume series, favored especially by the female users.

To quote: Tokyo, January 9, 2008 - Sony Computer Entertainment Japan (SCEJ), a division of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. (SCEI) responsible for business operations in Japan, today announced that it would release PSP® (PlayStation®Portable) handheld entertainment system in a new "Mint Green" color. Beginning Thursday, February 28th, 2008, "Mint Green" will become available at a recommended retail price of 19,800 yen (including tax).

"Mint Green" is offered as an additional new color to the popular "Blume series" , favored especially by the female users. With a lineup of seven different color variations, users will be able to choose from a broader selection of colors to match their lifestyles and preferences.

Going into 2008, more exciting new software titles for PSP will become available from third party licensees as well as SCE Worldwide Studios, including "MONSTER HUNTER PORTABLE® 2nd G" (CAPCOM CO., LTD.), "WARRIORS OROCHI" (KOEI Co., Ltd.), "WORLD SOCCER...

LittleBigPlanet at CES 2008: Fire Level Demonstration

342w ago - More videos to check out on Little Big Planet!

Part 1: Brand New Level! See Sackboys die and die again. Watch out for that chili!

Part 2: The ceilings on fire watch out for your fellow Sackboys.


Call of Duty 4 will get updates today, near future

342w ago - This is coming straight from the studio that brought us the PS3 title in question: Call of Duty 4. There have been issues with the PS3 version of the game for a while and some of these issues have been addressed.

More keep creeping up, though. Infinity Ward is on the job, though -- "I'm going to have an update for you in the near future (probably tomorrow) regarding the server issues you may have experienced over the holiday break while attempting to play online in Call of Duty 4 PS3; this update should give you all the background information on the issue and some fixes that should be going into effect."

This was listed yesterday, so if you haven't tried playing today, go ahead and boot up to see if an update is in place. If not, expect it and any subsequent updates regarding recent issues to pop up in the next few days.
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