New Dragon Quest IV screenshots from Famitsu

341w ago - Twelve new screenshots of Square Enix's Nintendo DS remake Dragon Quest IV have been posted at Famitsu's website.

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New Kingdom Hearts compilation screenshots

341w ago - Famitsu has released new screenshots of the three new Kingdom Hearts titles. The three games are looking excellent!

Square Enix To Rely More On Foreign Markets

342w ago - Within five years, the RPG maker wants three out of every four dollars it earns to come from outside Japan.

Last week the Financial Times said Japanese role-playing game publisher Square Enix is looking for publishing allies in the US and Europe to help boost the amount of revenues it derives from foreign markets. According to the article, foreign sales accounted for no more than 20 percent of the company's revenues, and the Final Fantasy publisher was hoping to make it 50 percent within three years.

Square Enix president Yoichi Wada today issued a statement contradicting that report. He said that the company already gets half of its revenues internationally, and wants to boost that even more.

"It is crucial for us to expand our businesses on a global basis," Wada said. "Given the fact that the size of overseas markets is now more than three times as large as the domestic market, we recognize numerous growth opportunities. Our strategy to seize such opportunities is two-fold; (i) strengthen our own distribution channels developed by our local subsidiaries in these geographic areas, and (ii) diversify our content in accordance with user preferences in each area. Through these strategic initiatives, our initial goal within a time frame of three to five years is to raise our foreign sales ratio...

iPhone Firmware 1.1.1 Out: Breaks 3rd-party Apps, Relocks iPhones and Partial Bricks

342w ago - Apple released the new firmware for the Iphone today. Along with some relatively minor bug fixes, it ensures that your Iphone will not be able to do anything cool that Apple didn't intend.

Third party apps can not be launched, though they remain in the flash taking up space. People that have unlocked their phones to use providers other than AT&T can no longer use ANY SIM cards including valid AT&T ones!

Needless to say, do not update your Iphones! The ability to give apple more of your money through the itunes store simply isn't worth it.

Custom Firmware Extender 1.5 for PSP out!

342w ago - By Cpasjuste, this update includes the following:

Download: PSP Custom Firmware Extender 1.5


- Compatible with psp slim and fat with m33 3.71 firmware.
- "5th" brightness level added for psp slim
- "Note + Volume Up" added to show buttons combo.
- Basic usbhostfs iso redirection added, usbhostfs_pc server work under linux and only in "OE isofs legacy" mode
accessible from recovery menu. The problem with windows XP must be the usb driver, maybe someone will fix it.
- Default vsh cpu speed is 222mhz, default game speed is set to 333mhz. You must set the cpu speed to default
in the m33 recovery menu for on the fly "overclocking".
- Screenshot folder is now "ms0:/PICTURE".
- Temporarily removed configuration file due to incompatibiliy problems with fw 3.71
- Temporarily removed remotejoy video capture due to incompatibiliy problems with fw 3.71
- Temporarily removed ftpd server due to incompatibiliy problems with fw 3.71

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