Guitar Hero 3 is broken

330w ago - Sad but true folks. A design flaw with the new Les Paul controller means that it may be almost impossible to grab all of the achievements from the Xbox 360 version. And the PS3 version? It suffers the same problems apparently.

I've been a huge fan of the Guitar Hero series since it arrived on the 360 back in April this year. Incredibly frustrating to begin with, I soon learned that the only way to progress was the learn how to use the controller correctly. The Gibson X-Plorer guitar is possibly one of the most sturdy gaming peripherals I've ever owned, having been used daily since it's arrival (and really put through it's paces on some occasions!) it's never given me the slightest bit of bother. Having never attempted a multi-player game, I was eager to get Guitar Hero 3 on release to have two guitars available - it now seems that dream has been shattered too.

The new Les Paul controller certainly took a bit of getting used to, but with a little time it grew on me. I prefered the smaller form factor and the lighter feeling fret buttons to the more plastic feel of the previous guitar. Two player Guitar Hero was good to go - well, for a while anyway.

One evening, I noticed I was faring particularly badly. If you are anything like me, a bad night on Guitar Hero can be just a tad frustrating....

PSPTube++ BETA for 12/24/2007 released!

330w ago - SofiyaCat has once again updated PSPTube today! PSPTube allows users with an active WiFi connection to watch YouTube videos directly on their PSP.

Download: PSPTube++ BETA for 12/24/2007

The new update reportedly adds support for the video files hosted on Veoh (another YouTube-esque video hosting service). Once again, be aware that this is not a 'stable' release and is considered highly experimental. Enjoy!

PSP CWCheat v0.2.0 released!

330w ago - Weltall has updated CWCheat for PSP today with the following changes detailed below:

Download: PSP CWCheat v0.2.0


- [ALL] now it's possible to change clock > 222/166 on 3.71+ firmwares.
- [ALL] now 3.71+ builds requires 3.71m33-3 or never because of required patches available only from that version
- [ALL] changed drive checking method: now it should be almost immediate in the initialization (no more waiting) and even in a more safe way
- [ALL] The new drive checking method made possible removing various checks introduced before because they became useless reducing so the prx size
- [IRSHELL] Now (in irshell builds) the drive (or emulated one) is checked everytime you open the menu so when you start the game in irshell (or other loaders which works in a similar way) the next time the menu is opened the game db is automatically loaded accordly.
- [ALL] fixed an optimization glitch which blocked the usb function from being disabled
- [ALL] some code about usb was removed from builds with usb disabled
- [ALL] fixed a little glitch which made the cpu frequence option go from 333 to 266 without going trough 300, optimized also a bit the code managing it
- [ALL] now...

Hands On: Phantasy Star Portable

330w ago - Phantasy Star Portable may have just been announced a few weeks back, but judging by what we saw today at the Jump Festa event in Tokyo, the game is quite far along in development. Sega put the game on playable display at the show, and we were sure to get in some play time before the typically long Phantasy Star lines developed.

Sega had the game set up for four player wireless co-op play in a classic Phantasy Star Online-style field environment. Each player was given a Level 25 character loaded up with a variety of weapons, including swords and sword/gun combos.

The field level was split into three large sections, loaded with enemies and gates to unlock. After clearing each section, we ended up at a confrontation with a giant red dragon boss.

The series' control scheme maps well onto the PSP. The analogue thumb pad is used to move your character around, with the d-pad for rotating the camera. Square performs your standard attack, or you can press triangle to perform your Photon Arts move. Pressing X brings up the weapon select chain for quick weapon changes. To toggle between sword and shooting mode when the appropriate weapon is selected, you press R. L is used to lock your character into strafing mode and center the camera. If you want a view of the surroundings, you can press select to enter...

'Fortune' worth its weight in gold

330w ago - As I made my way through the beautifully lush jungles of "Uncharted: Drake's Fortune" I couldn't shake an overwhelming sense of déjà vu. I was enjoying every minute of it, yet it all felt so familiar.

While dangling precariously from a cliff, timing my next jump, I thought of games like "Tomb Raider" and "Prince of Persia." As I ran and ducked behind cover so I could pop up take out my targets, I had visions of "Gears of War." And when the game's protagonist Nathan Drake complained about what a mess he'd gotten himself into, I thought back to Indiana Jones moaning about how much he hates snakes.

Spend even one hour with "Uncharted: Drake's Fortune" and you're bound to have more flashbacks than an acid junkie.

Yet despite this, the game feels fresh and exciting. And though no one particular element of "Uncharted" stands out as being hugely creative or ground-breaking, everything fits together well to create one of the best titles for the PlayStation 3.

Players control treasure hunter Nathan Drake, the descendant of 16th century English privateer, navigator and slave trader Sir Francis Drake. Nathan manages to stumble upon Francis' diary, which purports to show the location of El Dorado, the city of gold. Along with his partner Victor Sullivan...

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