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Problems with the PS3, and Improvements to Make it Better

338w ago - Firmware 2.40 brings the PS3 closer to a fully-fledged system, but there are still problems with the system software and features that are missing.

In this article, we detail some of the problems faced by the existing system software and what additional features can make it better. While not everyone will agree with the problems and improvements features in this article, it just goes to show how many flaws the system has and how far off it is from perfect.

Don't get me wrong here. I love my PS3 but there is always the need for criticism.

Current Problems (and possible solutions):

The friends list takes long to load - if you have over 50 friends, your friends list can take a while to load, in addition, it takes some time for their online status to refresh. One way to solve this problem is to cache the list and reload it as needed. Currently, it seems that the list is loaded fresh every time the console is started.

Lack of supported video and audio formats - only a limited number of video and music files are supported by the PS3. While the recently introduced DivX compatibility makes it easier for some people, there are still many formats that are missing. Currently, the PS3 cannot be classified as a "media center" without better compatibility.


Sony Sees More PS3 Integration With PSP

338w ago - PSP hit the scene about three years ago and while it's been evolving into quite a useful handheld, it hasn't quite taken off like Sony would have liked.

But that doesn't mean that it's dying and SCEA Director of Hardware Marketing John Koller insists that sales have been "red hot" in 2008.

PlayStation 3 has also had a healthy rebound this year and Sony plans to integrate the two more as time goes by.

"I think as we go forward, we're going to see a lot more integration with PlayStation 3, particularly as the install base of the PS3 continues to grow stratospherically in many ways, and the integration that is going to occur there is part and parcel of the strategy that the console is the living room hub and really where your entertainment flows," he told IGN.

"Then, your PSP is your digital living room on the go, and being able to access your PS3 in a wide variety of ways is really a key part of our overall branding strategy. That's going to be something that you're going to see expanded on in future firmware updates and other things."

Hudson: PS3 development too expensive

338w ago - Hudson has ruled out developing and publishing full PS3 games, due to the development costs on Sony's format being too high.

Speaking to Yahoo Japan, Hudson's president Michihiro Ishizuka ruled out making any full PS3 games, due to the high development costs and associated risks of developing for the format.

While this will undoubtedly be something of a disappointment for PS3 owners, given the developer-publisher's recent games, it's not overly surprising.

Although the company has developed a few full 360 games in the form of (the admittedly dire) Bomberman Act: Zero, Fuzion Frenzy 2 and JRPG Far East of Eden, its focus has predominantly lay with the Wii and DS.

That said, it's not beyond the realms of possibility that the company's coding efforts may yet be seen on Sony's console.

Despite ruling out releasing standard boxed titles on the PS3, Ishizuka (according to the translation, anyway) does appear to praise Sony's PSN download service, describing it as "attractive" in the business sense.

It certainly wouldn't surprise us if Hudson developed games started turning up on the PS Store.

Hudson has been very active in the download...

Call of Duty 4: Larger burden on Sony PS3 than Xbox 360

338w ago - Games like Call of Duty 4 run at a framerate of 60 frames per second on both systems. But Call of Duty 4 is a game that experienced technical problems with various bottlenecks due to the varying levels of action that occur on the screen. The game was originally designed to run at 60 frames per second at 720p, but it caused drops in the framerate.

The proof of this is the fact that Call of Duty 4 runs at a resolution of only 640p on both the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. This may be "equal" in terms of what is displayed on the screen, but the FACT is that Call of Duty 4 is putting a much larger burden on the PS3 than it is the Xbox 360.

Confirmation of this can be seen in the large number of games that "run smoothly at 60 frames per second on the Xbox 360, but struggle to run at 30 frames per second on the Playstation 3." That was a quote from Gamespot.

It's simple math: The Xbox 360 can display approximately 500,000,000 polygons per second, compared to 275,000,000 polygons per second for the Playstation 3.

Multi-platform games use what is called a "Lowest Common Denominator" form of programming.

Basically, what this means is the developers start out by saying to themselves, "We need to develop a game for the Xbox 360 and the Playstation 3."

Happy 4th of July! PS3 TEST Downgrade PUP's in the Wild!

338w ago - First off, we would like to wish all of our American visitors a very Happy 4th of July 2008 today!

But for more explosive news (who doesn't love a pun?) we recently received two special PS3 PUP files from a VERY nice guy. As pictured below, they are PS3 Debug 1.00 (65.5 MB (68,765,224 bytes)) and PS3 Debug 1.50 (72.2 MB (75,762,080 bytes)).

These PUPs, which are the special downgrade PUPs, allow a user to downgrade their PS3 TEST from any version down to it. For example, with the 1.00 SPECIAL Downgrade PUP a user can be on 2.40, install it, and after a reboot be on 1.00!

1.00, which lacks just about every feature but ON/OFF functionality, will then let us upgrade to any DEV firmware above it.

Which brings us to 1.50... Through examining numerous Sony documentation recently, we have read that in the 1.60 Firmware the PS3's kernel memory and user memory are separated, leading us to believe that the kernel memory before hand had much more relaxed access permissions, if any at all.

The current theory (soon to be put to the TEST [another pun] by our resident PS3 Devs) is, using a lower Firmware console to peek around what we can access of the memory, and we might just get lucky!
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