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How to Make a Japanese Account on your PS3 for Home BETA

339w ago - As a follow-up to the PS3 Home BETA Entry Theme and New Video Available, I made an actual Japanese account and it works!

Here is the "How to make a PLAYSTATION 3 Japanese account?" video that I saw and I followed the steps:

Regarding the PS3 Home BETA entry theme video, this video makes a bit more understandable to listen and a bit longer to watch. The video is titled "PlayStation 3 Home BETA Entry Theme" below:

Hope it will work for everyone here on PS3 News. It's a 50/50 to get in Home BETA. So far, I didn't get a email or message yet.

If one of us got in, hope we can get files off from there and solve how to get in Home for free!

PS3 Home BETA Entry Theme and New Video Available

339w ago - With the recent news of Closed Home BETA applications open for Japan (deadline August 11th), many including masterfrost12345 have installed the PlayStation 3 Home BETA Entry Theme which is available HERE.

Below is another recent video of it from online1hack, and THANKS to rogelio11 for letting us know.

PS: Remember if you are logged in, everyone can Share News and once it goes live on our Main Page then it gets auto-copied to our Forums under your name.


AMD Ships 790GX Gaming Chip

339w ago - AMD announced that it has started shipping the new 790GX graphics chipset targeted at gaming enthusiasts. The chipset features enhanced SB750 southbridge, ATI Radeon HD 3300 chip integration, scalable ATI CrossFireX graphics technology, and Phenom chips with higher overclocking thanks to the new 'Advanced Clock Calibration' technology.

The 790GX is slotted below AMD's existing 790FX chip, which is targeted at the high-end gaming segment. AMD claims the 790GX chip is the world's fastest motherboard GPU (mGPU), with Mark 3D Vantage entry mode scores in excess of 2900.

The new Advanced Clock Calibration technology allows 790GX chipset to overclock Phenom CPU systems at clock speeds higher than 3.0 GHz by "significant tuning enhancements" on the new SB750 southbridge for better performance. The SB750 southbridge has been introduced to the 790GX chipset for optimum performance with Phenom processor based systems.

The 790GX chip has built-in ATI Radeon HD 3300 GPU chip which offers scalable high-definition gaming performance on the latest DirectX10 games. The chip's performance can boosted further when paired with one or two ATI Radeon HD 4800 series graphics cards to scale up to a higher performance configuration. In 790GX the ATI Avivo HD offers full 1080p HD on performance config systems with...

Universal Unbricker (Despertar del Cementerio) v6 for PSP out!

339w ago - Dark_AleX has updated his Despertar del Cementerio "Universal Unbricker" application to version 6 today.

As with previous releases, the unbricker can be used in conjunction with a Pandora battery to restore and install Custom Firmware on any PSP unit regardless of model or motherboard, excluding new TA-88 units.

Download: Universal Unbricker (Despertar del Cementerio) v6 for PSP

Featuring a fully redesigned graphical interface that mimics that of the XMB, version 6 installs Custom Firmware 4.01 M33-2.

Additionally, for testing purposes, users now have the option of booting the Firmware directly from memory stick.

Rumor: Left 4 Dead not coming to PS3 after all?

339w ago - A rumor published in the latest Official PlayStation Magazine stating that zombie-laden shooter Left 4 Dead is being ported to the PS3 has been brutally beheaded by Valve's Doug Lombardi today.

When cornered by IGN, Lombardi stated:

"There is no PS3 version of Left 4 Dead currently in production."

Of course, there may still be a chance that development of a PS3 port could begin sometime in the future, but for now the hordes of Infected only plan to bring apocalyptic ruin to PCs and Xbox 360s across the globe.

Be sure to keep an eye out for the game when it launches this November, and whatever you do, don't even think of running off to go on some crazy self-absorbed solo crusade against the legions of undead - you will die a horrible and grizzly death!
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