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Xbox 360 Prices, Come on Down

318w ago - Update: Everyone has their own "optimal" configuration based on what they think is important, superfluous, or just plain irrelevant, so bear that in mind -- I'd never dogmatize about which configuration is "best," because that's something only each one of you can determine.

And of course a chart like this doesn't say a thing about the subjective value of exclusives like a Halo or a Metal Gear Solid 4, as well as whose online or interface schemas deliver more bang for your buck. Some people would gladly pay more or less for access to a given franchise, or to work within the strictures of one platform's architecture versus another's.

Blurry snaps of sales flyers are fanning speculation that come September 7, Microsoft will drop the price of all three Xbox 360 models by at least fifty bucks a piece. From top to bottom, the Xbox 360 family currently ranges from $450 to $280 in variants ranging from a high-end "Elite" model with a 120GB hard drive down to an entry-level "Arcade" without a hard drive or high-definition video cables.

Ars Technica started a rumor in early August suggesting the 360 would shed 12 to 29 percent of its retail sales cost in early September. The rumor gained some credibility in recent weeks as various blogs snapped pics of sales flyers from Best Buy to Kmart to Radio...

Valve: Left 4 Dead Could Come to PS3, 50-50 Chance

319w ago - It's no secret that Valve hasn't exactly been staunch supporter of the PlayStation 3, especially given that company bossman Gabe Newell has called out the console on numerous occasions, going as far to label it as a "waste of time."

But, hey, that was nearly a year ago. Now things are different! Sales of the PS3 have gone up worldwide, making the console more viable in Valve's book. According to marketing director Doug Lombardi, there's a 50-50 chance that future titles like Left 4 Dead may come to PS3 in the future. Just don't expect it this year.

To quote: "We're always evaluating what's happening in the marketplace and certainly something that's happening in the last couple of months is that Sony's managed to sell some boxes," said Doug Lombardi.

"So whether or not you like developing for that platform, if they've got millions of people connected to that platform and buying their games you have to take it seriously."

He went on: "They're in the race now, so we've got to re-evaluate that for what it is."

PC is still its primary format, reaffirmed Lombardi, explaining that hardware similarities makes 360 its second choice.

But what are the chances of Valve opening its arms to PS3 and showing it some Left 4 Dead love? "50-50...

Microsoft hire comedian Seinfeld to take a bit out of Apple

319w ago - Microsoft have hired Jerry Seinfeld for a huge $10 million in order to be a pitchman for Microsoft and essentially take a bite out of an Appple. In particular, he will battle against the Mac Vs PC commercials.

To quote: The Seinfeld ads, part of the software company's new reported $300 million advertising campaign, are slated to begin running on September 4, and will feature the funnyman along with Microsoft founder Bill Gates.

Although his eponymous show has been off the air for a decade, Seinfeld, thanks to re-runs, is still a very bankable pitchman who starred in a series of successful American Express ads.

The Wall Street Journal also reports that Chris Rock and Will Farrell are similarly being considered as pitchmen for Microsoft.

MenuDo XMBLite: PS3-Style XMB comes to Nintendo DS

319w ago - Here is a look at MenuDo XMBLite, which gives the Nintendo DS a PS3-style XMB look.

MenuDo XMBLite is currently a BETA build only, however, soulanger stated that a release is planned for sometime this month.

To quote: Thank you guys for the warm thanks and hugs. Again this only a one man person. And yes August is the release.

Video is below, enjoy!


Nvidia GTX 280/260 55nm comes by September

324w ago - Fudzilla: We said a few months ago that Nvidia drives two projects in parallel. GT200 65nm that got launched and branded as GTX 280 / 260 is out and there is a GT200 55nm chip that should be launched shortly.

Our sources are telling us that 55nm version of the chip should be ready either in late August or in September, which means that Radeon HD 4870 X2 will get some competition.

We believe that Shaders and clock of 55nm GT200 are definitely going to be higher than the 65nm and the chip itself should be a bit cooler.

This means R700 will get some better competition, and the fact that this ATI's dual card is going to end up faster than GTX 280 doesn't mean ATI has already won the war.
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