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PSPMO5: Thomson MO5 Emulator for PSP v1.0.3 out!

327w ago - Zx-81 has released an update to PSPMO5, a Thomson MO5 home computer emulator ported from DCMO5.

Changes in version 1.0.3 include major improvements in regards to emulation speed and a bug fix in the file requester.

Download: PSPMO5 v1.0.3 for CFW 3.X / PSPMO5 v1.0.3 for FW 1.5

What's new then in this final version:

- Major speed improvements, now full speed with 50 fps even at 133Mhz!
- Bug fix in file requester
- Adjust the different render modes

M33xEver v3 Custom Firmware Plug-In for PSP out now!

327w ago - Red Squirrel has updated M33xEver again today, a Custom Firmware plug-in that allows PSP users to permanently activate the M33 anniversary Easter egg featured in 3.90 M33-3.

Download: M33xEver v3 CFW Plug-In for PSP

With the release of version 3, users can now use the plug-in to increase or decrease the speed of XMB waves, as well as change the Firmware version and MAC address visible in System Information.

Changes are made in RAM and will stay as long as the plug-in is activated.

PlayStation Store DRM Broken for PSP, NPDecryptor released!

327w ago - According to French-based site PSP Generation, homebrew developer CipherUpdate has released NPDecryptor, a utility for decrypting PlayStation Store bought PSP games such as flOw and Beats.

Once decrypted, the titles can be played on any PSP running custom firmware, regardless of whether or not the license data is tied to your PSP.

Download: NPDecryptor for PSP CFW 3.X

How to use NPDecryptor?

NOTE: The operation of NPDecryptor is guaranteed only in Custom Firmware 3.90 M33.

- Download or buy in the usual way a play of PlayStation Store.
- Install it thanks to Playstation Network Downloader.
- Return in the file in which your play (ex is installed: PSP/GAME/UCUS12345),
- Re-select the EBOOT.PBP in NP.PBP
- Download NPDecryptor
- Connect your PSP to your computer by USB.
- Pass your PSP in Mode USB thanks to the option Connection USB.
- Click with the right button on the file downloaded.
- Choose Extract the files... (WinRAR must be installed).
- Choose as destination the file in which is installed your play Playstation Store (ex: PSP/GAME/UCUS12345).
- Support on OK, and await the complete extraction of the files.
- Leave Mode USB of your...

The history of Grand Theft Auto

327w ago - The Grand Theft Auto series is what brought videogames to the mainstream. It's a bold claim, albeit one that's undeniably true - sure, Lara Croft made the cover of The Face, but if you were to ask an audience of non-gaming types what modern games they've heard of, a good percentage of them are bound to reference Grand Theft Auto in one way or another, whether it's one of the original top-down 2D games or a more recent 3D offering.

Why? Whether it's for the right reasons (gaining critical acclaim for being, you know, actually good) or because the game was caught up in controversy on more than one occasion, the GTA series is popular - whether distant or close - amongst people of all ages.

Grand Theft Auto - PlayStation

The first game in the series was released on the PlayStation in '98 following its '97 PC release and was instantly recognised for being something special. Not that we need to back up this fact, but the cover of our copy of the game contains a sticker with a 91 percent rating from PlayStation Plus, nine out of ten from Official PlayStation Magazine, and 92 percent from Play... this speaks for itself.

Many have looked at the original Grand Theft Auto as being a much more arcade-led affair. You answer payphones and set out to complete the mission...

Steinberg hints at a few upcoming PS3 features

327w ago - Scott Steinberg seems to be in a PR overhaul lately, popping up in several interviews. This latest installment has what some would call a challenge to the competition, but we won't focus on that flamebait comment.

He talks about how Sony hasn't had a big keynote speech this year yet -- he feels the Blu-ray victory is good enough for now. We're personally expecting a big one at E3. He hints also that movie and music download services may be coming soon -- perhaps also to be covered at our expected E3 speech?

Big name titles, he says, will keep momentum going for the PS3 this year, but he also mentions the possibility of more downloadable PS-One and PS2 games on the PlayStation Store. Steinberg says there are "on-going sessions" to get more third-party titles up on the store, so who knows, before the end of the year we might have a much more impressive library than we do now. Maybe it'll almost rival the insane selection available on the Japanese store.

Speaking of games, there's no open Home beta now because Sony has set the bar so very high, they don't want any more people to see it until it meets their standards to get into the public eye. We'd like to see more PS-One and PS2 games on the store, and an open beta for Home would be nice. We'll see what happens this year!
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