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PSM3 Rumors: PlayTV Delay Causes, Medal Of Honor, and More!

328w ago - Here is the latest news and rumors from the new PSM3 magazine's 'The Insider' article, courtesy of SWORDF1SH via GameTrailers (linked above).

To quote: Alone in the Dark is being redesigned for PS3. Expect right stick camera control, a slicker menu system and enhanced visuals.

Apparently the reason for the 6 month delay of PlayTV, is that Sony tried to implement Freesat (an HD-capable alternative to Freeview), but its impossible - for now. PlayTV 2.0? Surely not...

Guitar Hero IV shots have leaked showing in-game Ozzy Osbourne renders. But the series could be in trouble after Warner Brothers were demanding more money for use of their music in the game, and in Rock Band too.

The new Medal Of Honor is rumored to take place in modern-day Afghanistan, possibly revolving around Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Intriguing details of BioShock's PS3-exclusive 'Plasmid challenges' have emerged. They're said to play like Valves ingenious Portal featuring twisted logic puzzles.

A BioShock movie's in the works, and designer Ken Lavine has said "it'll very much honour the dramatic themes of the game".

There's a new Sly Racoon game coming to the PSP. Vigil Games, the devs of Darksiders: Wrath Of War were set to work on it, but moved to that game instead.

16 PS3 Tricks Sony Doesn't Tell You!

328w ago - Months ago TechRadar released a list of 10 tricks that Sony hasn't revealed to no one. Well guess what, that's not all! There are now 16 PS3 tricks that Sony hasn't mentioned to anyone. Are there still more secrets that Sony is trying to hide from us. We will find out soon...

(1) Play games from any country
Harbouring a desire to play Super Gaiden Ninja XI? Now you can. In fact, you can handily play any PS3 game from any country. On holiday in the States and spot the latest release at a bargain dollar-to-pound price? Help yourself. So far, at least, PS3 games aren't being region coded. That said PS2 and PS1 games are so you can't play a US title on a Euro console.

And let's not forget that Blu-ray movies are region-coded so the barriers aren't completely down yet.

(2) The secret video reset
One of the most annoying aspects of the PS3 are its video settings. Take it up to the bedroom portable or round to a friend's house and there's a good chance that you won't be able to see anything on screen because your 'new' TV is running at a different resolution or using a different cable connection. And - because you can't see anything - you can't change it.

Afrika Debuts at Two in Japan, not a PS3 System Seller

328w ago - The latest sales figures show that Afrika managed second spot in the weekly software sales for Japan. However, the PS3 didn't even manage to break five digits selling just 9,775 units in the week which was WAY behind the Wii's 35,755 weekly sales.

Conclusion? Afrika is not a system seller, at least in Japan...

To quote: The rest of the top ten was mostly older games. Wii Fit took fifth place with 31,134 units, and was followed by, Inazuma Eleven (Level-5, DS, 29,245), Battlefield Bad Company (Electronic Arts, PS3, 25,603), Dragon Quest V (Square Enix, DS, 23,389), Phantasy Star Portable (Sega, PSP, 23,106), and Mario Kart Wii (Nintendo, Wii, 22,621). Of these, Battlefield was new, although the PS3 version trailed the 360 version's June release.

In hardware, DS Lite was at the top once again, pushing 56,439 units. This was way ahead of the PSP's 41,664 units and the Wii's 35,755 units.

The PS3 got close to five digits, but didn't quite make the cut, finishing with 9,775 units for the week. Below it were PS2 at 8,810 units and Xbox 360 at 3,124 units.

Atari details Alone in the Dark PS3 Improvements

328w ago - With the PlayStation 3 version of Alone in the Dark hitting in November, nearly half a year after its PC, Xbox 360, Wii, and PS2 versions, the development team have had plenty of time to fix the mistakes made in the initial release, and fix they have.


Full 360 camera control: enhanced camera controls allows complete freedom of the camera and better handling of first person view camera movement for even more immersive gameplay

Fine-tuned controls: quicker and smoother reactivity of the hero's movements in third person view make for more rapid movements in nail-biting situations

Inventory system more accessible: more logical jacket inventory system with the ability to combine objects using only the D-pad, and more fluid hero movement makes item selection a breeze.

More tips: players will get all the help they need to get through every situation and get the most out of the game

Spectral Vision tuning: a tutorial explains the need to burn roots in order to gain spectral vision and difficulty tuning means less spectral vision is required to reach the end of the game

Improved car dynamics and handling: car handling has been tuned to make driving a car a walk...

PSP RemoteJoy Lite v0.14 out, Play PSP on PC via USB Cable!

328w ago - DieH@rd of NeoGAF shared news that a new English version of PSP Remote Joy was released today, and with it you can play (or capture screens and videos via pressing escape first after configuring the options) your PSP games on PC via USB cable.

Resize & Fullscreen are supported, PS1 games are not playable, controllers are supported (PS2, PS3).

Download: PSP RemoteJoy Lite v0.14 / PSP RemoteJoy Lite v0.14 English GUI

Changelog v0.14:
PSP OFF LCD screen is running to correct me. 3 seconds mouse cursor and mouse operation to disappear. PSP model to determine the image data available to address how to use it. Some changes to the setup screen. PC / PSP both in the processing speed of some improvement.

Known Issues:
* POPS HOME assigned to the button in the PSP HOME behavior different from when I pushed the button.
* Volume of special keys and will be key to work properly.
* XMB returned to the game when an odd process may occur in the fall.

* ALT + ENTER: full-screen / window mode switch
* ESC: Menu
* F1: FPS, color display...
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