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Experimental PSPStates Plug-In for PSP Slim Units released!

329w ago - Dark_AleX has released a new Custom Firmware Plug-In that allows users to save/load savestates of their current progress on PSP titles. Dubbed PSPStates, the plug-in is still in the experimental stage and currently is only compatible with Slim units, due to the increased memory usage.

It is advised to disable any other plug-ins while using PSPStates, as well as backup all data on your memory stick in case of data loss. Additionally, the plug-in is written specifically for 4.01 M33. Savestates created likely will not be interoperable with future Custom Firmware releases.

As a final note, it is highly stressed that you do not use the plug-in with a UMD inserted. Use of the ISO driver March33, which can be selected in the XMB by pressing Select, is recommended.

Download: Experimental PSPStates Plug-In for PSP Slim

Make sure to read the included readme file for detailed installation instructions.

Warhawk v1.5 Patch: 56 Trophies

329w ago - Warhawk remains one of the best PlayStation 3 games available; it's an excellent online multiplayer title that continues to deliver on a daily basis. This is mostly due to the tireless Incognito team that keeps offering up new game versions and booster packs, and perhaps not surprisingly, more are on the way.

Furthermore, Dylan Jobe has revealed the Trophies that will be on tap for Warhawk over at the official PlayStation Forums. In the future v1.5 patch, Jobe says there will be a grand total of 56 new Trophies to capture, and they'll be separated into the following categories:

"There are 10 trophies based on the Warhawk's current stats/rank/awards system. Like getting all your Bronze badges, attaining a specific rank, or earning a number of medals.

There are 34 trophies that are entirely *new* rewards based on Warhawks core game and not based on our current stats, ranks or other awards. There are then 4 trophies per booster pack that are, of course, completely new awards."

He goes on to say that the v1.4 patch, which hasn't been released yet, is "very very very close to being released" and they actually went out of their way to create the v1.5 patch "in parallel, but staggered"...

PSP Filer 5.2 Released, Features 4.01 M33 Compatibility

329w ago - Mediumgauge has released an maintenance update to PSP Filer, a file management application for PSP. By using PSP Filer, users can easily edit, copy, delete, and transfer files on the memory stick and flash memory.

In addition to a couple bug fixes and tweaks, version 5.2 adds 4.01 M33 compatibility, allowing users to sort and re-order applications located in the GAME4XX folder.

Download: PSP Filer 5.2 [Right-click, Save As]


* added "GAME4XX" folder to re-order game icons. (added "GAMEnaa" folder : n=0-9, a=0-9/a-z/A-Z)
picture viewer:
* changed circle button's function to toggle "make a picture to fit screen width" and "to fit screen height".
binary editor:
* fixed a bug that a help screen was vanished when Filer finishes to read a large file.

New PS3 Firmware v2.40 video available on YouTube

329w ago - Just before the official release of PS3 Firmware v2.40 retail, another video of the much-anticipated v2.40 Firmware in action has now surfaced on YouTube.

The video comes from xM4GN3Tx there, and attempts to guide people through the upcoming PS3 Firmware 2.40 update.

Those interested can check it out below, while the rest of us await the official 2.40 release from Sony.



Rumors: Extra Updates in PS3 Firmware 2.40

329w ago - Thanks to reader Ben Torode, we've got a proper translation of this Watch Impress article, detailing a number of new features coming to 2.40 not yet mentioned by SCEA, as far as we know:

1. The way to quit games has also been modified in line with these changes, and a game can be exited by pressing the PS button during a game and selecting "Game" then "Quit Game" from the XMB.

2. On the XMB in general, added functions include a clock displayed on the XMB, a function to delete all entered text in the entry field when using text entry with a keyboard, and a function which displays an icon to indicate when operation of the PS button is disabled.

3. In "Users" under the XMB, an item has been added to power off the PS3 console. Under "Settings", options have been added to automatically power off after a system software update, and "assign controller", "controller vibration function" settings have been added under "accessory settings".

4. Under "Photos", as well as photos within a playlist becoming printable, when photos are sorted by month or year taken, an ascending and descending order option has been added.

5. Under "Music", a mini control panel can now be displayed while playing music, as well...
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