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Rumor: BioShock Heading to PS3, for Real

327w ago - Despite numerous denials from publisher Take-Two and the like, UK PlayStation rag PSM3 is making the bold claim that BioShock is heading to PS3 on its cover page.

Details are nonexistent at the moment as the mag won't hit newsstands until June 5, but the cover shot does pose an attention grabbing headline, which interestingly denotes "Why Xbox's best shooter is better on PS3."

Does that mean the long-awaited PS3 edition of BioShock will receive additional content? Possibly. But we have no hard evidence, so consider it conjecture for now.

For what its worth, Take-Two is keeping silent on the matter and hasn't issued an outright denial in regards to the magazine's story. I'd say, there's a 99% chance that an announcement will come before June 5.

PlayStation 3... for the win?

327w ago - Sony's PlayStation 3 is currently in 3rd place in the mighty console wars. Now we know sales do not always reflect quality, but with such a slow start and a multitude of other reasons, the PS3 was the undesired machine for your average gamer.

With missing features and less-than-satisfactory games, the future wasn't looking very bright. The PlayStation 2 reigned supreme last generation, and it was clear Sony was expecting double the sales with only half the effort.

But come 2008 the PlayStation 3 is now leading its hardcore competitor; Microsoft's Xbox 360, and slowing gaining on Nintendo's always out of stock Wii. Proven franchises and new IP's are on the way, and those missing featuring are slowly but surely being implemented. Things are quickly turning around for Sony's console and by the looks of it they're only going to get better.

But can the PS3 close the gap on Microsoft's supreme gaming machine, and catch up to Nintendo in the sales department? Is it really the future proof console? Read on to find your answer.

The most probable reason for Sony's late start to the 7th generation of console wars was the addition of the Blu-ray format, a disc that can hold 7 times the amount of your standard DVD. Again, early this didn't seem to be a smart idea. The exclusive games...

Want a Gunmetal Gray PS3? All you need is a can of Spray Paint!

327w ago - Dieselstation, a member of the Official PlayStation Forums has done a good job creating his own gun metal gray PS3.

He used a can of Tamiya Gunmetal TS-38 spray paint and used Testors Dullcote 1260 for the flat clear.

Check out a pic of it below, and more linked above.

Enjoy guys!

PlayStation Home Preview

327w ago - While it may have been delayed almost to the point of silliness, anticipation is still quite high for PlayStation Home, Sony's trump card in the online gaming stakes.

Offering much more of a community approach than it's counter-parts, Home is full of different levels of customization which will allow you to live with your friends in a virtual world of sorts, where you'll be able to hang out and easily launch into the game of your choice with the mere touch of a button, among other things.

At our recent trip to PlayStation Day, we got a chance to play the game for a bit, and we have to say that the amount of detail is impressive. What we found during our short time with Home is that on one level, it's very simple as to not scare off the casual folk, but has many elements that will take some exploration to really get a grasp on.

Wandering around and chatting is certainly easy enough to do, but the experience is really a 'you get out of it what you put in' type of scenario, where people who really spend a lot of time with the product will find many intricacies that others may not notice.

Is an emphasis on community going to change the way we play online?

We sat down for a brief chat with Creative Director Ron Festejo, and Lead Artist John Venables about how everything...

Court rejects Appeal over Deaths on Sam Donaldson's NM Ranch

327w ago - A state court has rejected a move to reinstate a lawsuit against makers of a video game played by a teenager who killed three of his family members in 2004.

The killings occurred on newsman Sam Donaldson's ranch in southern New Mexico.

The lawsuit had alleged that the video game "Grand Theft Auto: Vice City" contributed to the killings because Cody Posey played the game "obsessively" and it trained him to act out the violence when he shot and killed his father, stepmother and stepsister in July 2004. He was 14 at the time of the killings.

Posey's father worked as foreman on Donaldson's ranch.

The lawsuit contended that Take-Two Interactive Software Inc. and its subsidiary, Rockstar Games, and Sony Corporation of America should have foreseen that the game "would spawn such copycat violence." Sony produced the PlayStation 2 on which Posey played the video game.

The lawsuit was filed by Verlin Posey, brother of Paul Posey, the teen's father; and Pat and Leona Basham of Elephant Butte, parents of Tryone Posey, the teen's stepmother, and grandparents of Marilea Schmid, the teen's stepsister.

The teenager was convicted in 2006 and sentenced as a juvenile to remain in state custody until he is 21.

Jurors convicted Posey of first-degree...
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