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Preview - Civilization Revolution for PS3

320w ago - If you go online with your PlayStation 3, you have a wealth of options available to you. Well, a few. Okay, so you usually have just the one option and that's running around a small arena ramming the business end of your shotgun down your enemy's throats while crying about lag and half-thinking of jumping to the Quit Match option as you'll know you'll never steal the lead that pwnedurmom69 has built up.

Okay, okay, so the likes of MotorStorm, Skate et al have been ignored for the sake of argument. The point is, Civilization Revolution offers a refreshing change of pace and direction, with its old-school strategy design moulded into next-gen accessibility. You start by picking a race to represent - the Russians, the Indians, the Americans, the Chinese, the Arabs, the Zulus and so on.

Each has its own advantage, with the English benefiting from the eventual invention of Longbow Archers and Spitfire Bombers while Monguls are strong horseback soldiers and can mine resources from the mountains the fastest. The French probably have more white flags than any other nation, but no-one's going to play as them.

Brains over brawn
Then the game begins proper and so does the strategy. You build your main city, then a wealth of options open up for you. Do you build warriors to try and divide and conquer...

Porches in Gran Turismo on PS3?

320w ago - In an interview with OPM (Official Playstation Magazine) Kazunori Yamauchi (the head of Polyphony) claims that by the time Gran Turismo comes out, it will have all the major car manufacturers.

"I can't really go into detail at this point, but by the time GT5 comes out I think we'll have most - no, all of the major manufacturers." Yamauchi stated, and when asked about Porsches, he replied "Probably."

While its not confirmation, it does show Polyphony are trying to include every type of vehicle possible.

For those of you knew to the series, Porsches have been one of the major manufacturers NOT to be in a Gran Turismo game, so the prospect of being able to jump in a 911 turbo is enough to get many petrol heads salivating.

The game is due out mid 2009.

New Details on Sony's PS3 Horror Game - Siren: Blood Curse!

320w ago - This is a direct translation from the original Japanese Famitsu article linked above. Siren: New Translation is the Japanese release title for the game available in Japan on 7/24 this year for 5980 yen. Siren: Blood Curse will be the US release title.

-Those that weaved the nightmare:
The "Siren" series has always been based on various Japanese cultures and folklores. The base concept for this new game is "looking in from a different cultural perspective", with new characters giving the first game of the series a new translation. This is a introduction to two of those new characters that will appear in the game.

August 3, 2007. An American television crew has suddenly lost contact while covering their story in the deep mountains of Japan. The well-beings of the missing crew are still unknown. Up until the crew completely lost their contact, they were reporting on "found traces of human sacrifice" in the remains of a village which supposedly was wiped out by a land-slide in 1976. The name of that village was Hanyuda...

A bull-headed cultural anthropologist Sam Monroe:
A cultural anthropologist who works at an easy job at a third rate university. His stubborn personality always gets him into trouble by being perverse on his own believes and understanding of things....

Discovery: Install Debug Firmware on a Retail PS3 system

321w ago - XVISTAMAN2005 has discovered a method HERE which allows Retail PS3 console owners to install PS3 Debug Firmware on them... however, before considering attempting this PS3 "HDD Swap" be sure to read below.

Upon following the instructions your retail PS3 console will update to a partial Debug/Test console. Partial is stated because upon doing it the PS3 will possess what is pictured below, specifically non-functioning Debug options.

Debug PKG files won't install, port 1000 is open but you can't connect to it, and the PS3 no longer plays Blu-ray movies. Additionally, the Sony SELF Check disc does not show under game while inserted, however it shows under the other menus as only a "Data Disc" like all burned discs do on retail (not Debug/Test) PS3 consoles.

The good news is it's possible to update to a higher retail Firmware which restores the Blu-ray movie playback functionality, however, the bad news is some...

Tom Clancy's EndWar - 11 New Screens available!

321w ago - Set on the battlefields of World War III, Tom Clancy's EndWar will push the envelope of technology, showcasing artificial intelligence, graphics, physics and animations that were not possible prior to the launch of the new hardware systems.

Tom Clancy's EndWar has been built from the ground up as a revolutionary war strategy game solely for next-generation consoles.

2011 - 2014. The world enjoys an unprecedented era of peace as enhanced defense technology eliminates the threat of nuclear war. But can it last?

2020. Constant depletion of resources has international tensions at a breaking point. One spark will ignite what no one thought could happen....a third and final world war.

Tom Clancy's EndWar is scheduled for release on NDs, PSP, and next-generation consoles in fiscal year 2007/2008.

To view the rest of the screenshots, click the link at the top.
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