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New Resistance 2 details for PS3

321w ago - Insomniac Games have revealed some new information on their upcoming first person shooter, Resistance 2. Basically they said that while creating the new big monster, named Leviathan, they had to think about the surrounding areas and extend the range that the engine displays. Levels are now much bigger and in scope and draw space compared to Resistance: Fall of Man.

There's going to be new content shown at E3 that they've never shown before and will show 60 players online multiplayer for the first time. When they show the 60 player online mode, the players will be employee's from both Sony and Insomniac Games from their offices, they are going to do this so they can get the numbers online.

Insomniac Games says that what you've already seen of Resistance 2, when the full game is released it will look a lot better.

"What you've seen earlier on is only gonna get better"

Cinematics are starting to be finalized and look really good. They answered a question they get asked a lot and that is; how do they do their cinematics? They build the enviroments and go down to the motion capture studios, get all the actors they need and basically act out the scene in physical space thats approximated from the enviroments they created.

Once captured they hand it over...

MGS4 helps PS3 catch up with Wii in Japan; Xbox 360 still dead

321w ago - Japan is a very important territory for the video games industry. Although it is smaller than either the USA or Europe, what happens in Asia can affect the rest of the world's markets substantially.

Which is why the fact that the Playstation 3 has caught up substantially with the Wii during June is big news. The Xbox 360 of course is still trailing far behind, and the life support machine should probably just be turned off now.

I've spoken before about what can influence gamers purchasing decisions about which console they are going to buy. And let's not forget that most people haven't yet bought a current-gen console, so the market is still to play for. Although price, advertising, peer pressure and graphics can all help a console to sell, the largest factor has to be the games.

And that was the case in Japan for June, with the release of Metal Gear Solid 4 reportedly helping the PS3 to close the gap with the Nintendo Wii in terms of monthly sales. The game sees the last outing for Solid Snake, and has been hailed as one of the best games ever released for any console.

According to Enterbrain, via a translation and article on PC World, the Wii sold 235,990 console during a five-week period ending June 29th. In the same time frame, Sony managed to shift 139,494 units of...

Videos: Using SNES/Genesis Emulators on PS3 with Swap Magic

321w ago - Below are two videos courtesy of ricardogroothedde via YouTube and a brief guide on how to use PS3 Emulators with Swap Magic on PS3 for those who still haven't tried.

Another nice guide is also available HERE, among others in our Forums. Check out the SNES (Super Nintendo) and PGEN (SEGA Genesis) videos as follows:

Enjoy guys!

Roughly translated guide:

1. Download the Elf Loader
2. Get an USB pen drive (or PSP) and connect it to your PC
3. In the Root make a folder which is called SWAPMAGIC
4. Copy and Paste the file named ''SMBOOT0.ELF'' into the folder SWAPMAGIC
5. Copy and Paste the folder PSXLOADER to the Root of your pen drive (or PSP)
6. Download one or two of the elf emulators
7. Put the ELF in the folder PSXLOADER
8. We can't give you these files: files LIBSD, XMCMAN en XMCSERV. You'll need to search a bit for them.
9. Put the just downloaded files LIBSD, XMCMAN en XMCSERV in the folder Modules whichs...

PSPStates Experimental v2, Savestate Plug-In for PSP 4.01 M33

321w ago - Dark_AleX has issued an update to the 4.01 M33-compatible plug-in, fixing numerous bugs along with adding support for UMD disc titles. Additionally, savestates can now be created on a per-game basis.

Keep in mind that PSPStates is compatible only with Slim units currently, due to increased memory usage.

Download: PSPStates Experimental v2 Plug-In for PSP 4.01 M33 CFW


* Fixed important bug in inter-thread code (semaphore wasn't waiting due to interrupts disabled), that caused the load state to not be completely read in some cases. This caused black screen after state load (unless you just saved that state, in this case state was still in ram), or even worse, game not working properly due to partial load.

* Added states per game basis. The controls are slightly different: old controls now do a local savestate/loadstate of the game, while pressing additionally select button will save/load a global state. See instructions for more info.

* Fixed bug that caused normal sleep mode waking up inmediately.

* UMD discs and isos in normal UMD mode are now supported. However, they require to nullify UMD cache, by flashing one file. For details on this process, refer to the readme file.

Sony to launch fourth version of PS2 by Diwali

321w ago - Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) will be launching the fourth version of PlayStation 2 (PS2) by Diwali this year. This will simultaneously be released in the European and Indian markets, said SCE country manager (PlayStation) Atindriya Bose to ET.

The higher-end version promises to be slimer, sleeker and more suave in its looks. There will be no more external AC adapters, all of which will be in-built and the product price will also be the same as the earlier version (Rs 6,990).

SCE India will also be launching the playstation network for their PlayStation 3 in India, which will allow gamers to download free games and also buy them online. This portal is already available in the US and Europe.

"The PlayStation Network is ready for India. It is only the integration of the payment gateway that needs to be done." said Mr Bose. We shall launch it by the end of this fiscal, he added.

Sony PlayStation, over the last 13 years, has evolved as every gamers aspiration. It has its own cult following and to grow this base, SCE wants to market PS2 as gaming console for novices of all age groups and class.

"PS2 is an entry-level console, which helps first timers to enter the gaming zone," said Mr Bose. While PS3 failed to make as great an impact as PS2, SCE wants...
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