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European PlayStation Store Update for April 8, 2010

251w ago - SCEE's Mike Kebby from the PlayStation Store Team has posted this week's European PSN update today, as follows:

Our friends from FirstPlay release the first episode of their new video magazine offering, as well as the option to subscribe for three months worth of episodes.

We've watched this project come to fruition with great interest, and I'm sure you'll agree that it's been worth the wait once you try it for yourself.

Blue Toad Murder Files episodes 4, 5 and 6 arrive, with more puzzles and intrigue for you to delve into, whilst we also have the demo for 2010 FIFA World Cup, and the latest mini to hit our digital shelves - Freekscape: Escape From Hell.

As usual, I don't have enough space to write about all the content available this week, so for the full listing have a gander at the list below.

PlayStation Store via PS3

Special Offers (PSP content also available via PSP and Media Go)

(Available until the 15th of April)

Outrun Arcade Online (was - £7.99/€9.99 now - £5.25/€6.59)
Gunstar Heroes (was - £3.99/€4.99 now - £2.39/€2.99)
TMNT: Turtles in Time Re-Shelled...

European PlayStation Store Update for April 1, 2010

252w ago - Today Mike Kebby from the SCEE PlayStation Store Team has posted this week's European PSN update, as follows:

I'm pleased to say we have available the pre-order for the forthcoming Sam and Max: The Devil's Playhouse series of episodes.

Until the launch of the first episode you can pre-order the bundle at a lower price, and then once the episodes are released (one each month) you can download them directly from the store.

If you haven't enjoyed any of the previous titles featuring this great team, then prepare for some serious fun; and it's not much longer to wait until the first episode is upon us.

This week you're also going to be able to take another trip into the world of Heavy Rain, with a new scene featuring Madison (some of you may recognise this as the scene that was used to demo the game at Leipzig 2008).

It goes without saying this is all served up with lots more great content, which is all handily listed below.

If I don't get the chance to talk to you directly in the comments this week, have an awesome Easter, and see you on the flipside.

PlayStation Store via PS3

Special Offers (PSP content also available via PSP and Media Go)

(Available until the 15th of April)

European PlayStation Store Update for March 25, 2010

253w ago - Today Mike Kebby of SCEE's PlayStation Store Team has posted this week's European PSN update, as follows:

This week's update really is an eclectic mix, and quite heavy on the offers too. Continued from last week we the latest batch of special offers which are here for one more week (look out for the new batch next Thursday).

We have permanent price reductions on the first two episodes of Blue Toad Murder Files, as well as the mini title Vempire. Finally, our friends at [Register or Login to view links]have rolled out some reductions across a range of their catalogue, and these will be available until the 29th of April.

Onto the new content, on PSP we see the release of Pinball Heroes, which you can buy as a full collection of four tables (themed as: Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, Everybody's Golf, High Velocity Bowling and PAIN), or you can buy the tables individually, so for those of you who have been waiting to test your pinball wizardry here's your chance.

Manic Monkey Mayhem joins the minis ranks, and is bound to please with it's unique mix of angry monkeys and banana flinging antics.

For those of you who are looking to tinker with your XMB theme, or PSN ID, then we have new dynamic themes and avatars available also. Heavy Rain and Mega Man...

European PlayStation Store Update for March 18, 2010

254w ago - SCEE's Mike Kebby of the PlayStation Store Team is here with this week's EU PSN update today, as follows:

It feels like it's been ages since I was last on here. How you all doing? I'm back, my feet are under the table again, and I'm dug in for the long haul. It feels good to be here again

We have a new batch of special offers available this week, with the mini title [Register or Login to view links] joining the fun.

This is the first mini title joining the special offers section, and marks the first of many that will be making an appearance over the coming weeks and months.

As mentioned earlier in the week on the blog, Wakeboarding HD is released and will provide some awesome fun for you. Also released this week is the massive expansion pack for Dragon Age: Origins, Awakening. This pack adds about 25 hours of story related missions, as well as new characters and skills.

Finally, as also mentioned on the blog earlier this week, Patchwork Heroes is released for the PSP, and again looks like it's going to provide hours of fun.

As usual, I'll be around all day checking out your comments, so I'll probably catch you around. Cheers all, have a good...

European PlayStation Store Update for March 11, 2010

255w ago - Today Ross McGrath of the SCEE PlayStation Store Team has shared the European PSN update.

To quote: For your PS3 this week, we've got [Register or Login to view links]'s sublime Mega Man 10 in all his 8-bit glory - retro gaming at its finest (and most challenging).

With all the Resident Evil 5 DLC recently, maybe you've been thinking about picking up a copy for yourself, so we've dug out the Resident Evil 5 demo from the archive for a limited time for you to have another go and help make up your minds.

For those of you who own the game and have been holding out on grabbing the new levels, hold out no more as we've got the Untold Stories bundle, collecting both of the new missions and both costume packs in one convenient package.

The Dragon Age expansion, Return to Ostagar makes its way to the PSN Store just in time to whet your appetite for 'Awakening' which will be with you next week. Moving on, it's time to get back in your bathysphere for the first expansion for Bioshock 2 - the Sinclair Solutions pack is now available to extend your Rapture multiplayer experience.

After slender pickings last week, you're in Handheld Heaven today with two new minis, five PSOne Classics (all of which will sit just as well on your PS3 of course) and...
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