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Video: Heroes on the Move PlayStation Developer Walkthrough

201w ago - Sony's Product Software Marketing Manager Cristian Cardona has shared a PlayStation Move developer walkthrough video today spotlighting PS3 title Heroes on the Move.

To quote: The title "Heroes on the Move" has always been a working title for our upcoming Spring 2011 PlayStation Move crossover game.

When we debuted the game at E3 this summer, the game was still in its infancy and we couldn't wait to show you a sneak peek.

Since then, we've been unveiling bits and pieces of the game at Gamescom, PAX Prime, Tokyo Game Show, and most recently at New York Comic Con where we unveiled the title's new official name, PlayStation Move Heroes.

Same great cast of characters, same great PlayStation Move action, just a new official name.

Our developers, [Register or Login to view links], also joined us at our NY Comic Con event to demo some of the new gameplay we've been working on.

Check out the video above as Robert Huebner, Studio Director for Nihilistic Software, and Andrew Woodworth, Producer for SCEA, play through a new mission and discuss how they're leveraging the accuracy and precision of the PlayStation Move to develop PlayStation Move Heroes.

ModNation Racers PSP: Track Studio Walkthrough Available

230w ago - SCEA San Diego Studio Producer Vernon Mollette has shared a ModNation Racers PSP: Track Studio Walkthrough today on the PlayStation Blog.

To quote: I'm here to give you a quick walkthrough of one of the themes available in ModNation Racers PSP Track Studio. Our goal for Track Studio was to give you the fun and freedom of the PS3 version and wrap all of it up into a version that fits in your pocket. I like to think that we have done just that.

We start off by selecting one of the four available ModNation Racers PSP themes; I am going with the Seaside Theme. In this post I'll explore the ability to drive the "spline" for the first time (to create the foundation of the track) and also shape, sculpt and paint the terrain to give the track some personality.

So, first we start off by deciding where we want to plop the Start Gate down by pressing the L button... and then we're off! You'll notice a couple of things on the "First Drive" screen.

The first thing of note is the mini-map in the lower right corner of the screen that gives you a birds-eye view of what shape your track will be. Another thing that you'll notice is the leader lines ahead of you.

These are the "Auto-Complete" lines that, if you hold down the Triangle button, will auto-drive...

Video: 3D Dot Game Heroes PlayStation 3 Walkthrough

232w ago - Sony's Social Media Senior Specialist Chris Morell has shared a PS3 walkthrough video today on the upcoming title 3D Dot Game Heroes for the PlayStation 3 entertainment system.

To quote: You've heard about natural sword enhancement. Over on the [Register or Login to view links] you can see the most interesting hero in 3D.

Now we know what you REALLY want. An extended in-game walkthrough of [Register or Login to view links].

Well, your old pal Aram Jabbari from [Register or Login to view links] was kind enough to swing by our HQ, and prop himself in front of our camera with the game. Now that's a big-ass sword!

Don't forget, 3D Dot Game Heroes hits PS3 May 11 for $39.99. But I'm sure you'll hear from Mr. Jabbari well before then.


Video: ModNation Racers PS3 Racing Designer Walkthrough

243w ago - United Front Games Designer Mat Thomas has shared a ModNation Racers PS3 racing video walkthrough today on the PlayStation Blog.

To quote: Today I want to talk about our approach to the racing and give you an insight into the philosophy around developing the handling, weapons and AI.

When we started working on ModNation Racers we knew we couldn't simply create a basic physics system to deliver our core race experience. We were also weary of the fact that unlike many racers, the player in ModNation Racers will also be focused on weapon play.

Very early on in development we experimented with extremely tight handling (akin to driving on rails) and a much more physical race experience. What we soon realized is that when the handling model is tight, there is not much fun in the race experience, it was essentially too easy and likewise when the user is spending a lot of time concentrating on just keeping the vehicle on the track with a more complex handling model then this doesn't leave any mental power to experiment and use weapons.

So as you may expect we ended up with something in the middle which offered us the physicality and emergent feel that for us makes this feel like a true next generation karting title. What we found is that this made the handling very much pick...

Video: ModNation Racers PS3 Track Studio Designer Walkthrough

244w ago - Today United Front Games designer Mark Riddell has shared a video walkthrough on ModNation Racers PS3 track studio, as follows:

Last week, Rob laid out even more details of the character creation features in the game, and today I'll be talking to you about some of the features of Track Studio.

One of the design goals of Track Studio has always been to cater to both casual and advanced users. You've probably seen and read about people easily creating tracks in just a few minutes. But as a track designer, I'm more interested in what I can do with the tools, and how far I can push them. So today I'm going to talk about a few powerful features that we use to create cool gameplay moments on our tracks.

When you drive out your track, we've tuned it so that you'll always make a track that is drive-able to ensure a good experience. But we don't want those constraints to stop you from making something unique and wild. That's why we've provided basic width, lift and bank in Quick Edit to allow further customization of the track after you've driven it out.

They are easy to use, and will give most people what they need to customize and tune their track. As a professional track designer I require an even finer level of control - and this led to the development...
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