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Video: Kermit ODEM DBGCORE v0.4 BETA for PS2 Arrives

243w ago - Recently SilverBull of AssemblerGames.com (linked above) has released his Kermit ODEM (Optical Drive EMulation) DBGCORE v0.4 BETA for PS2 alongside some videos by leonardoliveira of it in action, which appears similar to the elusive PS2 SuperBender but based on reverse-engineering of the PlayStation 2 HD Loader software.

Kermit aims to deliver PC-assisted real time debugging facilities similar to what is offered by the DTL-T10000 kit (Playstation 2 TOOL) but on a retail PS2 console.

Download: Kermit v0.4.4 BETA 1 / Embed v1.3 R1 PLUS v3

Kermit has partial DECI2 support and this feature is still being worked on. Expect more mesmerizing features to come.

All debug, disassembly, cheat-engine, memory dumping, PC communication features are achieved by the install of the resident kernel module called DBGCore which hooks/patches into the existing PS2 OS kernel. Kermit communicates with the PC through either full duplex EE-SIO (Mr.Brown's EE-SIO cable) or through iLINK (IEE 1394).

With IEE 1394...

MenuLoader v0.4 for Nintendo Wii released!

338w ago - Team Twiizers have released MenuLoader v0.4 today. This application includes the same features as Crediar's HackInstaller without writing to the NAND flash. While this method is a lot safer, you must run the DOL every time you want to use the features. It also works on all Wii systems, unlike Crediar's which would only work on PAL systems with v3.2 firmware.

Download: MenuLoader v0.4 for Nintendo Wii


* Debug by USBGecko
* RegionFree for Channels
* RegionFree for discs
* Remove the screen heatlhsafety (which appears at the launch of the Wii)
* No music on screen
* Installation on any version of System Menu
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