Samsung Spinpoint M6: Unlock 500GB of Storage Space in 5 Steps

295w ago - GamePro has given us the low-down on how to super charge your PS3 with the only PS3-supported 500GB hard drive - the Samsung M6. They claim it is the only available 500GB drive on the market to support the PS3, read on for the simple steps to supercharged success...

Step #1: Purchase the Samsung M6 500GB hard drive (widely available online for around $230). Important note: The M6 is the only 500GB internal hard drive that will fit into the PS3. Use the PS3's Backup function to transfer saves and other content to a USB drive.

Step #2: Unplug the PS3 and ground yourself. Open the PS3's hard drive access port, located on the side of the unit, with your fingernail.

Step #3: Carefully unscrew the blue screw using the correct screwdriver bit (Philips Precise) using gentle pressure, taking care not to strip the screw. Pull out the metal hinge, and slide the hard drive tray out.

Step #4: Unscrew the four screws that attach the hard drive to the metal tray, and remove the old hard drive (place old drive in anti-static bag).

Step #5: Attach the new Samsung 500GB hard drive to the tray, replacing the four screws from the previous step. Slide the hard drive tray back into the PS3 port, and snap the metal hinge back into place, then replace the blue screw. Close...

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