PSP M33 6.20 PRX Plug-In BETA and Multi Game Patcher v1 Arrive

203w ago - A few recent PSP homebrew updates on this Memorial Day weekend include both a PSP M33 6.20 PRX Plug-In BETA by Torky via (linked above) and Multi Game Patcher v1 by flofrucht along with a Naruto 3 PSP Patch Plug-In for Sony's PlayStation Portable handheld.

Download: PSP M33 6.20 PRX Plug-In BETA / PSP Multi Game Patcher v1 / Naruto 3 PSP Patch Plug-In

To quote from alexking, roughly translated: "The coder Torky has today released a plugin which enables it to you, the games to date, only one original firmware as of 6:20 were run, to play on a custom firmware.

The plugin is yet in its infancy and therefore must be tested. But according to various posts here prove Forum, it was confirmed that this plugin works with many new games.

According to the developer plugin also works well on the still ever-popular Firmware 5.00 M33-6, Custom Firmware Dark_Alex Creator."

Install Instructions:
€Copy the plugin into SEPLUGINS
€In game.txt add the line "ms0:/seplugins/m33_620.prx 1"
€USB into flash0/vsh/etc and edit version.txt to "release:6.20"
€In the recovery menu, make sure "use version.txt"...

PSNFcker v2.01 BETA PRX Plug-In Arrives for PSP

208w ago - PSP homebrew coder vosman of has released PSNFcker v2.01 BETA, a Plug-In for PSP that allows you to once again access the PSN store via PlayStation Portable to download games and play online.

Download: PSNFcker v2.01 BETA Plug-In for PSP

PSNFcker v2.01 changelog, roughly translated:

€A new code is inserted in the plug-in to force skip "Currently, the server may be down for maintenance or updating. Please try again later (20000001)" error screen, no need to modify the FAKE REGION of, FAKE REGION can be set to any regional or disabled.


1. Unzip the folder, copy to the PSP Memory Stick root directory.
2. Open the PSP memory stick directory "seplugins" folder (not on their new one) in the "GAME" text.
3. Copy the following "ms0: / psnfcker / psnfcker.prx 1" (be careful not to copy the quotation marks and rename the directory correctly)
4. Separate from the line (if it is new there is no GAME text or text content need not be further from the line up), good content will be copied before the paste is good, you can save out.
5. open the PSP memory stick directory "seplugins" folder (not...

Sony Pulls the Plug on Go!Messenger Service for the PSP Console

269w ago - Edge has confirmed that Sony will offcially be pulling the plug on the Go!Messenger service that was launched one year ago on February 29th in PSP Firmware 3.90.

The downloadable VOIP service will be closed on March 31st, just barely being available for more than one year. Originally listed online in a forum post (now removed), a PlayStation Network community team leader commented and then an SCEE spokesperson confirmed:

€Although Go!Messenger brought innovative communications features to the PSP community, the service has not developed the base of users that we were hoping for. We€d like to thank all fans of Go!Messenger and are sorry to have to make this announcement.€

Go!Messenger was established from a partnership between Sony and the service€s wireless network operator, BT. It allowed PSP users to send videos, voice recordings and text messages, as well as talk directly via video-chat.

SCEE has confirmed to Edge that there were no jobs directly tied to Go!Messenger within the company, and so no jobs will be lost from the withdrawal of the service.

FlatMii Plug & Play Announced for Nintendo Wii, Videos Available

277w ago - The FlatMii Plug & Play was announced over the weekend for the Nintendo Wii console, along with several videos of it in action below.

Features include:

€ NO solder required € NO drivemod required € NO clip required € NO software modification required € Plug and Play € ALL chipsets compatible including EPOXY & D3 drives € 100% Compatible with drivemods € STANDALONE mode (No Wii dvd drive/media needed) € COMBO drive/flatmii mode € Highspeed USB 2.0 fast loadings € Wii/Gamecube/ISO9660/Multi and DL ISOS compatible € Region free € Full Compatible with Geckos, Mplayer, Emulators & Homebrew € Updates blocker € Wii iSO remote tool selector


Alternative VSHMenu v6.1 Plug-In for PSP Released!

291w ago - Red Squirrel has updated his Alternative VSHMenu plug-in for PSP today. For those who are unaware, this is designed to be used on units equipped with PSP Custom Firmware.

Download: Alternative VSHMenu v6.1 Plug-In for PSP

Changelog v6.1/v6.0:

- Fixed a bug that disabled the first plug-in in VSH.txt when you exit from the VSHMenu.
- Added FIVE new background colors
- Now Alternative VSHMenu can not be started before of 3 seconds: in this way you can avoid console crashes when you accidentally start it during coldboot or returning from games.
- Now there will be a pause of about one second when you exit from A. VSHMenu: in this way your key pressing will not have any effect on XMB (like happened in past).
- Changed HIDE MAC ADDRESS function in AUTO USB CONNECTION: if you enable it, USB connection will be enable always in XMB! In this way when you connect a USB cable your PSP will be connected to your PC/PS3 without you have to press on special icon! (like in PSP-3000).
- Changed CXMB PLUG-IN function in LANGUAGE: now you can select your language from the menu of A. VSHMenu! In this first version, there will be only two language: Italian and English.
- Changed...

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