PlayStation Network Delivers HD Movies From All Major Studios

215w ago - PlayStation Store Senior Manager Grace Chen has revealed today that PlayStation Network is the first to deliver HD Movies from all six major movie studios.

To quote: Break out the bubbly, because today marks a milestone on the Video Store!

Starting today, PlayStation Network€s video delivery service is the first to offer high-definition movies for purchase from all of the major movie studios, including 20th Century Fox, Walt Disney Pictures, Paramount Pictures, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Universal Pictures and Warner Bros. Digital Distribution.

So head to the Video Store today, and on your PS3 from the comfort of your own home, download popular movies to own in dazzling HD, such as This Is It, 2012, The Hangover, Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince and Zombieland, plus recent Oscar winners and nominees like Inglourious Basterds, Up and District 9. Enjoy!

Infinity Ward: First Major Modern Warfare 2 Title Update Incoming

229w ago - Last week we reviewed Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 for PS3, and today Infinity Ward's Robert Bowling (aka fourzerotwo) sent word that the first major Modern Warfare 2 title update is in the works.

This came in the form of a Twitter Tweet in response to a question from IRISnGEN, to quote:

"IRISnGEN: How are the fixes coming for the glitches, matchmaking, hit detection coming? Any update would be appreciated.

fourzerotwo: At the moment were on Holiday (Thanksgiving) but playing and tracking feedback for the first major title update."

So there you have it, more details to come as they are available!

PS3 Firmware 3.0 to Be the Last Major Firmware Update of 2009

243w ago - Sony will release the PS3 Firmware 3.0 update on September 1st for the PlayStation 3 console.

Firmware 3.0 completely revamps the information board, introduces premium avatars and animated themes and a variety of other tweaks.

While Firmware 3.0 is the last major update the PlayStation 3 will see during 2009, G4TV (linked above) recently asked Sony if this was the last update period for the calendar year.

To quote: €This is a big and significant update, so you would be correct to assume that [it's the last major update for 2009],€ said PlayStation Network operations director Eric Lempel to G4TV.

He did, however, note that the release of a few smaller updates throughout the remainder of 2009 is still a possibility.

Rumor: Three Major Game Announcements for PS3 at E3 2009

260w ago - With E3 just a few months away, gamers around the world are clammoring for news on some hot tips as to what's to come.

While we can almost guarantee a slew of information is coming for God of War III and Uncharted 2, here are a couple of games that, according to multiple sources, may be in the works.

Heavy Rain: While this title has debuted at numerous E3's past, word has it that this sure to be gem may have a 2009 release after all. While we certainly won't get our hopes up, it's nice to see it is in the cards.

Shadow of the Colossus: Here is one we weren't expecting. The sleeper hit of 2005 for the PlayStation 2 is rumored to make its triumphant debut on the PlayStation 3 next year. This news couldn't make us any happier since this is by far one of the most innovative story telling experiences of our time. It is still unclear if this will be a next gen title for PlayStation 3, or a new game for the PSP, our hope is for both.

TimeSplitters 4: This title was rumored to be in development back in late 2008, however, with the fall of Free Radical, the games release lay in limbo. Has another developer taken the reigns of this franchise for one more go? I think so!

LittleBigPSP: This little gem is one that we expect to hear more about this...

Empire: Total War Gets a Major Update Next Week

260w ago - Creative Assembly has just announced that next week will see the release of their first major upgrade for the PC title Empire: Total War.

To quote: A number of crash glitches have been €solved€, along with audio, save game and assassination fixes.

The AI has been improved in naval combat, and best of all, the AI can now attempt naval invasions of your territory. It is also reported that the upgrade will fix €over 70 bugs€.

I have been enjoying Empire: Total War from the very first day it was released, but I am shocked to know that it had over €70 bugs€ as I hardly noticed any... however, since they all are about to be fixed there€s nothing to worry about.

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