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PS3 Custom Themes available along with English Custom Theme Tool!

377w ago - Earlier today we posted on the Japanese Custom Theme Tool, and now that PS3 Firmware v2.00 is available directly from Sony's Web site linked above they have also made available (3) PS3 Custom Themes along with an English Custom Theme Tool.

Download: English PS3 Custom Theme Tool

PS3 Themes: Pixels / Nature / Classy Pink

To get the themes in the post onto your PS3 via USB or Memory Stick, they need to be put into a specific folder on your storage device.

1. Create a folder called PS3 at the root level of your memory card.

2. Open the PS3 folder and create another folder entitled THEME.

3. Place your downloaded theme file, ie nature.p3t into the THEME folder. From windows it will appear as: X:PS3THEMEnature.p3t.

4. Now plug your storage device into your PS3.

5. Go to your XMB ->...

Sony's new 40GB PS3 still using old 90nm processors

378w ago - It was reported a while ago that the new 40GB PS3 featured a 65nm processor, but Sony has told Heise Online that the 40GB SKU still uses the old 90nm processors.

However, the new model does however feature a new design with lower power consumption (120 to 140 watts compared to 200 on older models). Sony is looking to go the 65nm way in the future but for now they are sticking at 90nm across all models.

To quote: We'd been hearing that Sony's new 40GB PS3 featured a revised design with a 65nm Cell processor and improved cooling, but sadly it looks like those reports were in error -- a Sony spokesperson has told Heise Online that the 40GB model continues to use 90mn processors, but does feature an updated design with a lower power consumption of just 120 to 140 watts, compared to 180 to 200 watts for the older models.

Sony says its still planning on moving to 65nm processors in the near future, but for now, it looks like the PS3 is 90nm across the board.

Toshiba, Sony unite to produce PlayStation 3 technology

379w ago - Electronics giants Sony, Sony Entertainment and Toshiba have sealed a deal to manufacture high-quality semiconductors, such as those used in PlayStation 3 consoles.

A new joint venture - yet to be named - will be established by the companies by April 1 2008.

Under the agreement, Sony will hand over its 300mm wafer line production equipment to Toshiba. The joint venture will allow both companies to exchange information in order to further develop manufacturing technologies.

PSM Becomes Playstation: The Official Magazine

380w ago - Kotaku's mention of the return of The Official PlayStation Magazine with a new name, PlayStation: The Official Magazine, a couple of weeks ago, what I didn't see is that it's going to replace PSM, the independent PlayStation magazine. Issue 130 of PSM arrived at my door today telling me so, even letting me know that at least the first new PTOM will ship with a Blu-ray disc of demos.

Ah of course, a physical disc of demos bundled with a paper-based magazine, that's exactly what the PlayStation 3 needs. If only the console had a high-speed digital distribution system for getting demos into the hands of end-users without having to buy a physical magazine and disc. If only it had a web browser built in that could show web content like a monthly web magazine and can even download audio and video files to, I don't know, a hard drive built in standard? And what about a handheld that had a web browser and cheap flash storage that could accept downloads of audio and video files, wouldn't that be a great handheld to write a magazine for? Why, a web magazine could make its stories even more timely, couldn't it?

Official: Sony sells PS3's Cell to Toshiba

380w ago - So much for their earlier denial, eh? It's now official. An anonymous Sony official has "confirmed" to Japan's Nikkei that they will sell their advanced computer chip operations to Toshiba in an effort to re-focus on core business. The official announcement is expected later today.

The sale gives Toshiba the manufacturing responsibility for the much hyped Cell processor used in Sony's PS3. Sony, of course, will continue to invest in the Cell chip. Nikkei says the deal is worth some 100 billion (about $858 million) and should be completed by March.
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