PSP Firmware 3.73 Update Released!

334w ago - A new PSP Firmware Update is now available via Network Update and linked below. Thus far, only one familiar change is listed in the changelog:

  • Support for PLAYSTATION Network titles has been expanded

    Download: PSP Firmware v3.73 (US) / PSP Firmware v3.73 (EU)

    Not an exciting update, although it means more PSN titles for PSP are forthcoming which will likely require Firmware 3.73. Additionally, Service Mode has been confirmed as working and PSAR Dumper decrypts everything for those wondering.

    Microsoft Shares More on Fall Dashboard Update

    334w ago - Finally delete XBLA demos on Gamercards. Yay!!

    Microsoft has shed more light on the upcoming Fall Dashboard Update. Microsoft Japan recently held a press briefing covering some of the new features that will be bundled in the update. One of the newly discovered changes will be the ability to reorganize the Game Blade, which will feature the Game Library, instead of Xbox Live Arcade, Achievements, and Played Games sections. The new update will allow for easier sorting by having everything break down with filters. Items will be added into sections like, All Games, Arcade, Demos, and Recent Downloads.

    Some other changes include:

    Marketplace will be reorganized and reduced to four categories. The new categories will be "Recommended Content," "What's New," "Game Store," "and Video Store."

    Personal Profile added into Gamer Profile. This will allow you to add a brief introduction about yourself, your name, nationality, and country of origin.

    XBLA demos will also be deleted from Played Games and Gamercard listings.

    Wii Photo Channel Drops MP3s

    335w ago - New December update will replace MP3 with AAC support; small interface tweaks, too.
    Nintendo is planning an optional update to its Wii Photo Channel this December which will, if downloaded, replace MP3-music playback compatibility with support of the AAC audio format. In addition, gamers will be able to personalize their Wii Menu by replacing the Photo Channel icon with a digital picture of their own.

    Writes Nintendo on its official website: "Consumers with MP3 compatible Photo Channels will have the option of updating their Photo Channel to version 1.1, which replaces MP3 compatibility with the ability to play AAC files. AAC files provide a greater sound quality than an MP3 of the same size. This new compatibility will work with MP4 audio files in the .m4a format. Additionally, you can now choose to have the songs play back in a random order."

    Any Wii consoles sold after December will automatically feature the latest version of Photo Channel. Gamers who already own the console will have the option to install the new update.

    "Please note that once the Photo Channel has been updated to version 1.1, the channel will no longer be able to play MP3 format music files," writes Nintendo. However, this update will not have any bearing on in-game playback of MP3 music. "Wii games that currently...

    PlayStation Store Update for November 20, 2007

    335w ago - Hey, everyone. Because of the Thanksgiving holiday, this week€s update is a couple of days early.

    In addition to the new content in today€s Store update, we€re also running a Thanksgiving special on 4 PLAYSTATION Network titles: Calling All Cars, fl0w, Pixel Junk Racers and Everyday Shooter are reduced to $4.99 each until November 29th. You€ll also notice that we€ve updated the thumbnails on the Store. Take a look!

    Downloadable Games:
    Operation Creature Feature €" PLAYSTATION Eye ($4.99)
    File size: 135 MB

    Aquatopia - PLAYSTATION Eye ($1.99)
    File size: 38.9 MB

    MX vs. ATV Demo
    Own the off-road by taking control of an ATV, MX bike or Offroad Buggy and tearing through the terrain in this robust demo.
    File size: 714 MB

    Add-on Game Content:
    flOw DL Pack ($2.99)
    The flOw Expansion Pack enhances the current flOw universe with an all-new campaign and playable creature. Added €Camera food€ feature allows you to take screenshots of your creature and share with friends.
    File size: 79.9 MB

    Need for Speed ProStreet Collector€s Edition Upgrade ($9.99)
    True automotive aficionados need look no further than this unparalleled package of dream cars and more. The Need for...

    Memor 32 Firmware Update v1.1 released!

    335w ago - Memento (Max Louarn et al) have updated to Memor 32 Firmware v1.1 today for the PS2. The new v1.1 build now adds Dev1 and Dev 3 mode which allows for the launching of up to four different applications from the memory card/USB hdd and memory stick.

    Download: Memor 32 Firmware Update v1.1

    To quote: We have added the first important feature to the Memento Firmware! Dev1 and DEV 3 full implementation.

    It is now possible to launch up to four different .ELF applications from DEV1 (Memor32 memory card) and four different .ELF applications from DEV3 (USB Flash memory stick).

    DEV2 (HDD boot of .ELF Files) will be implemented with next Firmware update, toghether with the HDD Support.

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