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Westin Hotels get specially designed Wii that doesn't need discs

329w ago - Nintendo and Westin Hotels & Resorts announced a partnership today that will allow guests to experience the Wii at their hotels and WestinWORKOUT fitness centers.

The special Wii system will be updated automatically with hot new Wii games as they become available and includes features to simplify system management for the hotel property.

A simple new game menu makes it easy to jump in and play without inserting game discs, and each property can manage what games are offered and how game data is stored.

Press Release: Westin Hotels Want to Play...

Westin Announces Industry-First Partnership with Nintendo
Becomes the First to Adopt Nintendo's Specially Designed Wii Console for Hospitality Industry; Announces Plans for Integration of Wii Fit

REDMOND, Wash., & WHITE PLAINS, N.Y.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Tennis, anyone? Nintendo and Westin Hotels & Resorts announce a partnership today that will allow guests to experience the Wii™ sensation with a special version of the console ideally suited for use in the hotel environment. Westin Hotels is the first hotel company to partner with Nintendo for its Wii console and will feature this specially designed console as part of the brand's WestinWORKOUT program at 10 hotels across the United States.

The special...

Super Stardust HD: Most Graphically Impressive PS3 Game

329w ago - Unless you've downloaded the expansion pack to the downloadable PS3 twin-stick shooter "Super Stardust HD," you will have a hard time convincing me that it's not the most graphically-impressive game on Sony's machine.

And, yes, I've played "GTA IV." I've seen "Killzone 2." But nothing quite blows me away like a level of Endless on the $5 "SSHD" expansion called "Solo Pack."

What exactly have the game's Finnish developers at Housemarque accomplished?

They've doubled the base game's output of 10,000 objects on the screen.
They believe they've almost maxed the PS3 graphics chip.
And now they're thinking about making music-based levels and revealing to Multiplayer other expansions they have in the works.
Read on for more on all of that, from a developer that is pushing the PS3 to impressive lengths ...

Multiplayer: The new add-on for "SSHD" has produced the most dazzling display of action on my TV screen – just in the sheer volume of explosions and activity – that I have ever seen. In terms of numerical performance, what exactly are you guys getting out of the PS3 with this add-on? And can you compare the amount of stuff on the screen in, say, a mode of Endless, with the amount of stuff in the most frenzied levels...

Too Human Preview: Epic Action RPG is finally shaping up!

330w ago - We admit it: we weren't expecting this to be good. In fact, after years in development (it was originally coming out for the original Playstation) and a huge public falling-out with Epic over the use of the Unreal Engine (court case coming later this year), we were less and less sure Too Human was going to come out at all.

But having actually sat down with it, we're actually rather impressed with the way it combines a huge, slightly self-important storyline with gleeful hack-and-slash genocide. PC veterans will recognise it as being similar to Diablo, the rest of us can think of it as a sort of sci-fi Jackie Chan movie in which you spend most of your time fighting off attackers in groups of twenty.

The controls are peculiar; you use the right stick to slide up to an enemy and take a swing at them, then as they fall you swing the stick to point at the next enemy and start on them, and so on. Daisy-chaining deaths together earns you a spectacular special move that'll finish off all those immediately next to you.

It takes some getting used to, but it's slick, and you're quickly deploying flamboyant Devil May Cry-style moves with handheld weaponry (swords, maces, anything else you find lying around) and your ever-present gun.

This takes place to a backdrop of a vast high-falutin' storyline...

Call of Duty 4 Variety Map Pack Hits PS3 April 24!

330w ago - Activision today sent word that the Call of Duty 4 Variety Map Pack for PlayStation 3 will hit later this week on Thursday, to coincide with the weekly PS Store update. This applies to Europe as well, not only North America.

At $9.99, pricing is identical to the Xbox 360 version of the map pack, as are the set of four maps included.

Additionally, in celebration of the map pack's release, Activision and Infinity Ward will be hosting a Double XP weekend for both regions from Friday, April 25 to Sunday, April 27.

Also on Friday, gamers can play with Infinity Ward developers from 11AM to 2PM PDT and from 5 PM to 8 PM PDT.

GTA IV has SIXAXIS Controls; Mandatory HDD Install Confirmed

331w ago - According to 1UP editor Andrew Pfister, the PlayStation 3 version of Grand Theft Auto IV contains optional SIXAXIS controls for the bike, chopper and boat vehicles.

With games like Lair, some of us have grown to dislike the SIXAXIS motion sensing controls, but it's still nice to have as an optional feature.

Moving on, Pfister revealed that the PS3 version of the game does require a certain amount of data to be installed on the HDD. Interestingly, Pfister said the installation process takes around 5 minutes. That long to install 3340KB of data?

Seems like you may actually need more free space on that HDD, but given the install time, GTA IV most likely won't take up as much space as other games like DMC 4.
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