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GT5 vs. GTHD video comparison

379w ago - Gran Turismo has always been known as a series that pushes Sony's hardware to it's absolute maximum, but then GT HD turned up and although it looked nice, it lacked that 'wow' factor.

Now the GT5 Prologue demo is out on the Japanese PlayStation Store (free to anyone cunning enough to sign up for a Japanese PSN account), it shows what GT should really look like on Sony's high-performance hardware.

We've run the two demos side-by-side to give you some idea of what Sony's eye candy department has been up to over the past year.

The first thing to note is the fluidity of GT5P. The 60fps frame rate is solid as a rock. But the whole game just looks a lot slicker than the first GT HD demo, which now looks comparatively dull and washed out.

Sony has clearly upped the bloom lighting in the new version of the game, thrown in the fan-favourite heat haze (which blew us away in the PS2 era - remember that?) and brightened all the colours too, giving the game a sharper, shinier look.

The dust and smoke kicked up by the tires are far more convincing too, and can be so thick it's almost blinding when a car up ahead runs off the course and makes a mess.

Is this the best-looking racing game yet? Yes. Forza 2 looks smooth but bland and not as slick. Maybe we'll throw up...

Ferrari GT Experience

379w ago - The latest racing wheel to come from the Thrustmaster stable takes full advantage of its Ferrari license and comes with the intent of offering "a unique experience by allowing them (that's you) to enjoy intense racing sensations with a racing wheel proudly bearing the legendary 'prancing horse' emblem... nothing less."

But let's get the most important question out of the way first. How much does it cost? Well seeing as though you asked the wheel comes in at £34.99. Which is pretty much the price of a game. Now that's out of the way, onto other equally important things.

So, nothing less then? Well it just so happens that we were recently behind the wheels of several different Ferraris at an event in Italy. Was the Ferrari GT Experience wheel exactly the same?

No, of course not, and you tell that a mile off. But after clamping the whole shebang to the desk, putting the pedals on the floor and sticking on Colin McRae: Dirt, we were suitably impressed.

The whole rig handled pretty well as we squeezed the life out of it going flat out round Dirt's bendy bends. We would have tried it with the racer of the moment - Project Gotham Racing 4 - but Thrustmaster's offering is only compatible with PS3, PS2 and PC so that was out. We say only...

Like any racing wheel worth its...

Activating a PSP System on a PS3

379w ago - Here's a bit of info if you decide to upgrade your PSP and have downloaded some PS1 titles from the PlayStation Store. If you try to play them from the memory card, the first time you play them, you'll get this error:

To use this content, you must activate the system.

Yeah, great information there on how to do that. After looking around the intarwebs for a bit, I finally found some information on how exactly to do this. So if you get stuck in the position I was, here's how to get around it:

On your PS3, go to Account Management under the Friends portion of the XMB
Go to Account Settings in the Account Management screen (your only other option is for transactions)
Go to Activate System
Connect your PSP to the PS3 with the USB cable
On your PSP, under Settings on the XMB, go to USB Connection
On the PS3, select PSP on the activation menu (your only other option is PS3)
Select Activate (your only option is Deactivate)
The PS3 will tell you that your PSP has been activated
Once that's done, you can exit out of Account Management on the PS3 and exit out of USB Mode on the PSP. You're now all set for playing PS1 titles on your PSP system. Lots of steps that Sony definitely should publish somewhere on their website.

New screenshots of Devil May Cry 4

379w ago - Dutch website PS3Only.nl published eleven new screenshots of Devil May Cry 4 for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 today.

More pics can be seen here.

'Haze' demo a mess

379w ago - The year is 2048. The United Nations is no more and in its place stands Mantel Global Industries, a private military corporation. In order to make its soldiers stronger and more deadly, Mantel has begun administering a bio-medical substance called NECTAR.

You control proud soldier Shane Carpenter who comes to realize that Mantel is not the most ethical of all cold-hearted multination corporations focused on global domination, and NECTAR may not be the greatest thing since sliced bread.

I know - I'm as shocked as you are.

It seems NECTAR is being used to control soldiers and shield them from the world's horrifying reality. As a result you switch sides and must battle wave after wave of jacked up super warriors.

Asininely left-wing, derivative dystopian storyline aside, trailer footage showed Haze as the PS3's answer to Halo - offering similar style combat and multiplayer, but with a trippy twist. Unfortunately, the demo I played was a complete mess.

For starters, the game waited until I was already knee-deep in combat to stop gameplay and show a tutorial on the many uses of NECTAR. This is akin to teaching an aspiring boxer how to punch only after the opening bell.

Truth be told though, the NECTAR didn't seem to do much but create colour...
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