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McRae tears into Sega Rally

358w ago - It's only just over two weeks to go now before Sega Rally wheelspins into your local games emporium, and Sega has decided to let the lid off four new cars that feature in the game - the Mitsubishi Concept-X, HUMMER H3 SUV (Customized), the McRae Enduro and the RUF Rt 12.

You can view the vehicles in the screenshots we've uploaded, and Sega has also provided the following information on each motor...

Mitsubishi Concept-X
With a nose end inspired by a jet fighter this is the concept vehicle for the next-generation of the Lancer Evolution Series, this fantastic car makes its video game debut in SEGA Rally. The production version of the Concept-X will have a 2.0 liter turbo-charged engine, a twin-clutch transmission, a further-developed all-wheel-drive system and a lightweight all-aluminum bodywork.

The words Lancer Evolution have become synonymous with the sport of rallying since the car first launched in 1992 and the Concept-X has paved the way for the release of the forthcoming Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X in early 2008.

McRae Enduro
The brainchild of rally champion Alister McRae, the McRae Enduro is a new rally car concept that combines outstanding driving dynamics...

Ratchet and Clank for PS3

358w ago - The popular and funny Ratchet and Clank franchise is heading for a PS3 release - called Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction. It will be released here on November 9. I spoke to the famous Insomniac developers about what is in store.

Firstly : this title marks the start of a brand-new series of next-generation games for our heroes. What will be the first thing we will notice when we slide the title in the PS3?

The first thing anyone playing the game will immediately notice is the beautiful, highly detailed worlds that we have brought to life in Ratchet & Clank Future. Our tools and technology teams have done an amazing job continuing to develop our proprietary engine technology, and combined with the creative imagination of our artists, we are able to create an all-new galaxy begging to be explored.

Tell us about the overhaul of the engine technology to take advantage of the new console?

We are continuing to build our Insomniac Engine and have made many improvements to it since Resistance: Fall of Man. The one huge focus for us has been moving more of our processes over to the SPUs on the CELL processor. This has allowed us to get our physics and effects systems running roughly four times faster than it did in Resistance at nearly double the framerate, which is something...

Pachter: PS3 Price Drop Thanksgiving & Early 2008?

358w ago - Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter has revealed his predictions for August NPD North American hardware and game sales, due after market close on Thursday, September 13 - forecasting sales of $445 million, up 12% compared to last year's $399 million.

Pachter noted of the software sales predictions: "Our estimate reflects $310 million in sales contribution from new platforms (PS3, Wii, 360, PSP and DS)and current generation software sales of $135 million. Our forecast assumes PS2 software sales of $107 million, down 31% compared to last year and much weaker than the last three month's average of -20%, but consistent with our full year projection."

PES signs 'em up

358w ago - Pro Evolution Soccer might be the critics' favourite but it's FIFA that routinely shifts the larger inventory. That could all be about to change, though.

Once upon a time choosing between the two was a relatively simple matter of preference for recognisable faces and a globally-recognised licence versus what's widely regarded as a provenly superior football videogaming experience. However the differential gap between the two has narrowed significantly in recent years and it's going to be slimmer still, now that Konami has announced a raft of extra licensed teams for the 2008 edition.

We doubt that PES will ever really be able to hold a candle to FIFA for licensed teams, but Konami are certainly giving it a go. Newly-licensed national teams for '08 now include Portugal, Ireland, Greece, Scotland and the important one - Brazil. Meanwhile Newcastle, Tottenham, RSC Anderlecht, HJK Helsinki, IFK Goteborg, Panathinaicos, Spartak Moscow, Fenerbache, NK Dinamo Zagreb and FC Basel join Turin, AC Milan, Celtic, Porto and co in the roster of world famous club sides.

All told PES 2008 boasts more than 250 teams and 3000 licensed players. Not bad. Konami is also keen to highlight PES 2008's enhanced AI system known as 'Teamvision' which, among other things, prevents lowly types from using...

NBA 2K8 Updated Hands-On: Association Mode Details

358w ago - Here's how it works: All the players in the game can be divided into one of five role types. The roles are starter (for guys who get the majority of the minutes); 6th man (for those who come off the bench on a regular basis); role player (players that are on a team for a specific reason, such as a great perimeter shooter); prospect (a player who isn't quite starting material, but has lots of potential); and bench warmer (the guys who are more or less only hit the floor to give your starters a breather). In addition, each role has a handful of "sub-roles", which are essentially variations on the main role type. For example, the starter role has three sub-roles which more or less determines a starter's more specific role on the team--from the team starter to a guy who is replaceable if a better upgrade comes along.

As general manager, you can set roles and sub-roles, changing up the responsibilities and expectations for any player on your team. How that player reacts to those changes is the final piece of what makes the new franchise system in NBA 2K8 so compelling. That's because every player in the game has his own personality, divided along four types: unpredictable (the guys who can lash out at management; think Ron Artest), laid back (the Tim Duncan's and Grant Hill's of the NBA); neutral (the most common personality...
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