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Japan May Orbit Around LittleBigPlanet

365w ago - Analyst Michael Pachter thinks LittleBigPlanet could ignite PlayStation 3 hardware sales in Japan.
In a note to investors Monday, Wedbush Morgan analyst Pachter said he was particularly impressed with consumer reaction to Sony's LittleBigPlanet, Konami's Metal Gear Solid 4 and Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed at the recent Tokyo Game Show.

"Each game appears to be well positioned to resonate with the Japanese audience," he said of the three titles. He added, "...We think that LittleBigPlanet will be a console seller in Japan."

The PS3 is currently lagging behind the Nintendo Wii in Japan. A new report from Famitsu publisher Enterbrain said that the less expensive Wii outsold the PS3 by more than four to one in Japan during the first fiscal half ending in September. Microsoft's Xbox 360 is performing well behind both consoles in the region.

LittleBigPlanet for PlayStation 3 is under development by UK-based Media Molecule, which was founded in 2006 by former Lionhead designer and Rag Doll Kung Fu developer Mark Healy. The game incorporates a charming yet technically impressive style, backed up with emergent gameplay and concepts taken from user-centric websites such as YouTube and MySpace.

The game is expected to release in early 2008 in the US.

PS3 Makes Top 5 Electronic Entertainment Products Of 2007 List

365w ago - PS3 recently made the cut as one of the top five electronic entertainment products of 2007. The list, compiled by Askmen.com, is described as "rare gadgets whose bang actually matches the hard-earned bucks they cost."

While PlayStation 3 made the fab five, Xbox 360 and Wii did not.

"Sure, it was released near the back end of 2006 and it's currently in third place in the console market, but when you re-envision as a complete home-entertainment center and factor in it's recent price drop, the PS3 becomes a grade-A purchase," the website raved.
"Specifically, not only does it boast one of the most impressive lists of games on the market (certainly more than can be found on the Wii), but it also supports titles from the first two PlayStation consoles, plays now-coveted Blu-ray discs as well as DVDs and CDs, has a 60GB hard drive, built-in Wi-Fi, supports wireless controllers, and pumps out pictures at 1080p. Clearly, if your looking to knock out your gaming needs, movie needs and CD needs in one short purchase, the PlayStation 3 in the name of your game."

The other four items to be honored were the Samsung LN-T4665F (LCD set), Toshiba HD-A2 HD-DVD player, Onkyo OTX-SR605 AV receiver, and the Mitsubishi WD-65831 (another HDTV).

The Eye of Judgement PS3 Box Art and more!

365w ago - Sony released the final box art for their new card-based game, The Eye of Judgment. Make note: Judgment has one "e" in this game. The bundle pack is above, and you can see a bigger image the box art after the jump.

I got a chance to play the game a bit at Digital Life and it works very well. The game utilizes the PlayStation Eye to read cards put onto the gaming board. Depending on where and which direction you place the card determines the actions taken. The graphics and video grabbed by the PlayStation Eye are both overlayed on the screen, which surprisingly works very well.

Where I see an issue with the game is online play. The bundle you purchase comes with a starter deck and one booster pack. For those of you who never played a card based table game, this isn't going to get you very far against real people. Sony and Hasbro will be selling additional decks for the game. While being optional, if you do online with just the starter deck, you're going to get your taint handed to you. We're looking to get more information from both companies on how they will address this issue and we'll get back to you.

Grand Theft Auto IV is coming Oct 2007!

365w ago - This may be the Playstation site with incorrect release dates - it has been known before. But with the rumors of a big announcement for PS3 in October...

More pics and info here.

Rumor: New PS3 SKU details...

365w ago - According to the source (linked above) they have seen an unedited copy of the initial FCC filing for Sony's much talked about new PS3 SKU. It is rumored that the new PS3 uses less power than previous models, the new PS3 will include a brand new controller (Dual Shock 3), the WiFi and Bluetooth parts have an upgrade to enable greater reach and lastly the inclusion of a 65nm chipset. To quote:

But after reading the report a few days ago, I have more details to report on the new PlayStation 3, as I've obtained an un-edited copy of the initial FCC (Federal Communication Commission) report (below with the original 60GB version of the PS3). Here are the things to note that's not in the previous reports on this topic:

1.) The new PS3 model uses less power than the other models. This one uses 3A (Power Measurement), while the older version use 3.3A and 3.2A respectively.

2.) The new PS3 will include a brand-new controller, most likely the recently announced Dual-Shock 3 (this is proven in the document)

3.) The new PS3's Wi-Fi and Bluetooth hardware has seen a significant upgrade, possibly allowing for longer distances and even faster connections.

4.) I've heard dripplings of a 65nm chipset coming soon. Could this model be the very first in the line of quieter,...
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