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Gran Turismo 5 Prologue not truly 1080p- upscaled trickery in action?!

360w ago - Quaz51 has figured out that Gran Turismo 5 isn't truly 1080p (runs in 1280x1080) as it uses some clever upscale trickery by repeating pixels in an anamophic picture to 1920x1080. So in theory it is 50% upscaled which is supposedly even less than GT HD. To quote:

GT5 prologue demo is 1280x1080p (yamauchi know than in car game the vertical resolution is the most important for the visibility) but with MSAA 2x now ! it's a very good Compromise.

They also very Improved the display of grills and electric wires and aliasing problems (compare electric wires in GT-HD and in this demo, it's big big gap), the texture filtering is very clean and the HDR ligthing is awesome! all this in 60fps with 16 photorealistics cars, it's Impressive!

The show room and the pit/garage is full 1920x1080 no AA.

Comparing Xbox 360 and PS3

360w ago - Is it time to buy a PS3? With the announcement this week that Sony will introduce a $399 model of the PlayStation 3 on Nov. 2, it's finally fair to compare the PS3 with the Xbox 360. So let's compare deals:

Xbox 360 Premium ($349)
• 20-gigabyte hard drive
• Backward compatibility for most Xbox games via downloadable software updates
• Wireless controller
• Wired headset
• DVD drive
• No Wi-Fi adapter ($99 separately)

PS3 ($399)
• 40-gigabyte hard drive
• No backward compatibility with PS2 games
• Wireless controller
• No headset
• Blu-ray drive for games and high-definition movies, as well as regular DVDs
• Built-in wireless adapter
• Includes copy of Spider-Man 3 movie on high-def Blu-ray disc

From a pure hardware standpoint, I think the PS3 is now a better deal than the Xbox 360 Premium. The larger hard drive, the built-in wireless adapter and the Blu-ray movie player are simply a phenomenal deal for a mere 50 bucks extra.

While Sony made a marketing mistake by hyping backwards compatibility when the PS3 first launched, only to kill the feature with the new unit, I suspect most gamers who buy a new console aren't actually using it to play old PS2 games. So...

PS3 sales on par with 360, launches aligned

360w ago - Is the PS3 really suffering as badly as it seems? Admittedly, it's getting to a slow start, but many forget that the Xbox 360 faced similar challenges during its launch. In fact, when the launches are aligned, the Xbox 360 and PS3 appear to be selling at an equivalent rate. Of course, with the immense amount of negativity surrounding the PS3 from the gaming media, will sales be hurt during this crucial holiday season? The price drop and release of games, such as Ratchet & Clank, will help Sony hopefully keep pace with its major rival.

GT5 Demo Available on Japanese PS store

360w ago - From GT Planet email: If you haven't heard the latest GT news, listen up: the new Gran Turismo 5: Prologue demo was just released today! It is available now as a free download from the Japanese PlayStation Store, and features the Suzuka race circuit with seven brand new cars. If you don't have a Japanese PlayStation account, don't worry - we've posted a complete how-to guide so you can start downloading the game in minutes, regardless of where you are!

DOWNLOAD INSTRUCTIONS: http://www.gtplanet.net/guides/index.php/Create_a_Japanese_PS3_Account

40 NEW SCREENSHOTS: http://www.gtplanet.net/gallery/thumbnails.php?album=350&page=16

If you don't have access to a PlayStation 3, you can still get a taste of the demo with 40 new high-resolution screenshots that we have just posted in our GT5 Gallery.

So what happens to the 20GB and 60GB models?

360w ago - Remember the 20GB system? Long thought gone, the system is still available at Gamestop.com for $380. This is the cheapest system you can get. At $20 less than the 40GB model, you lose wi-fi connectivity and 20GB of hard disk space. However, you gain backwards compatibility. For those that want the cheapest PS3 that can also play PS2 games, this one may be for you.

Thanks to the price drop, the 60GB model officially costs the same as the 80GB one. However, retailers aren't going for any of that nonsense and are now packaging the system with many other goodies. Walmart.com, for example, is bundling one free game and a Blu-ray remote with the 60GB system (making it a far better deal than the 80GB, in our opinion). Retail Best Buy stores will soon run a promotion where you can get a free copy of Heavenly Sword (or Lair, if you so dare) and an extra controller with the 60GB system. Obviously, these are "while supplies last," so you may have to rush to take advantage of these deals.
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