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Final pictures of XCM E-Setter for PS3 and video!

350w ago - XCM.cc has released final pictures of their new E-Setter for PS3 today! It is designed for PS3 owners who may have two or more TV displays at home and is said to eliminate the need to set the output resolution on each display which can take quite a bit of time on the PS3 if you are a frequent mover.

The E-Setter will easily set up the output resolution via the touch of a button so you can get the desired set-up on any of your displays in seconds. Those interested can check out a video, and some additional specs/info is below:

Function and features:

  • Resolution output keys- pre-set for 480i, 480P, 720P, 1080i, 1080P, and HDMI Auto
  • Output selection including: HDMI, YUV, RGB, AV
  • USB plug and play
  • Can reset screen picture when no picture is available
  • Support hardware upgrade, support different versions of consoles

    New XCM 360 Black and White Chameleon cases with HDMI port unveiled!

    351w ago - To wrap up the weekend, we got word from the guys at XCM.cc of their new XCM Chameleon cases with HDMI port available for the X-Box 360 in Black or White.

    Just looking at these glowing cases already reminds me of X-Mas, that plus all the TV holiday ads already and it's only the first week of November. :P

    XCM XFPS 3.0 Sniper arrives... with video too!

    352w ago - The latest revision of the XCM XFPS 3.0 Sniper is here, and offers even greater sensitivity, precision, and smoothness as demonstrated in their new Video HERE!

    For those who don't already know, the XFPS 360 (Instruction Manual) is an innovative keyboard and mouse adapter for the Xbox 360 which begins an unrivalled First Person Shooter (FPS) experience to the next-generation gaming console. Not only is the XFPS 360 compatible with all standard PS/2 input devices but also modern USB keyboards and mice.

    The XFPS 360 even makes traditional PS2 DualShock2 controllers compatible on the Xbox 360, as well as a plethora of peripherals. This exquiste device even manages to bring auto fire functionality to the Xbox 360, now that tops off what promises to be the must have peripheral for years to come.

    New XCM 360 replacement case with HDMI port on the way

    353w ago - Wrapping up the weekend, the folks at www.XCM.cc let us know that a new XCM X-Box 360 replacement case with HDMI port will be released soon. The first 3 colors will be as follows:

    - A Christmas joy pack (bundle with Sexy Red wireless controller pad shell)
    - Black Knight with X logo
    - White

    Keep checking HERE for the latest updates and information as it's available. =]

    XCM AirTube and Chameleon for X-Box 360 updated!

    353w ago - The guys at www.XCM.cc have updated both their X-Box 360 XCM AirTube (White LED) and their XCM AirTube (Chameleon) making them both a bit larger to have more room for venting the hot air out of the console to keep it nice and cool!

    They also let us know that the XCM AirTube matches perfectly with their XCM X-Box 360 Replacement Cases and the Chameleon (pictured below) comes with a light system which changes between various colors (6 colors in rotation) for added effects. Nice stuff indeed!
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