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Landit Bandit for PS3 Hits PlayStation Network on June 23, 2010

223w ago - Today Bearded Ladies CEO Haraldur Thormundsson has revealed that Landit Bandit for PS3 will be hitting PlayStation Network on June 23, 2010.

To quote: Let us introduce ourselves and our little project [Register or Login to view links] which will be available via PlayStation Store from 23 June 2010 for €12.99/£9.99.

We are five gamers that are commonly known as [Register or Login to view links]. We started this tiny studio (in Trollhättan, Sweden) at the start of 2009.

At that point not a single person in the team had worked on producing a commercial game, but the past year we have been lucky enough to live every hardcore gamers wildest dream; To make our own game for PS3.

The game itself, Landit Bandit, is a homage to several old classics such as Ugh!, Moonlander, CrazyTaxi and the ever entertaining Liero. It actually started out as a tool for rehabilitation of stroke patients, but that is a longer story for another time. Here is a collage of really old stuff and programmers art for now...

So we took something that looked marginally better then the above and made an entertaining splitscreen duel that we brought to the Nordic Games Conference last year. Our tiny indie booth had quite a few players...

Monkey Island, SOCOM Weaponry and MyDeco Hit PS Home!

230w ago - SCEE's Home Community Lead Alex Weekes has announced this week's European PlayStation Home update today, which includes Monkey Island, SOCOM Weaponry and MyDeco among the additions.

To quote: This week's update is almost entirely related to personal spaces, so we'll get started by filling you in on the new UNCHARTED personal space.

The perfect place to relax after hunting the world for fortune, this Fortune Hunter's apartment makes a great setting for your UNCHARTED ornaments and furnishings.

LucasArts returns this week, with the latest batch of Monkey Island content. For those guys who enjoy standing out from the crowd, there's the colourful Stan the Salesman outfit. You'll certainly be making a fashion statement in this one!

For the women there's the Sword Master outfit, perfect for putting the men in their place. Those looking to redecorate their personal space should check out the Monkey Island tab in Furniture, where we'll have a range of new Totems available.

Also for you personal space, there's a range of new SOCOM guns (!). These are perfect for indulging your inner soldier! Individual guns can be placed on your existing furnishings, or there are display racks holding multiple guns...

PlayStation Home: Sodium, FF XIII Clothing and Monkey Island!

232w ago - SCEE Home Community Lead Alex Weekes has posted this week's European PlayStation Home update today, which includes a Sodium update, FF XIII clothing, Monkey Island and more!

To quote: Monkey Island has to be the gem of this week's update: In additional to the incredible Ghost Pirate Ship personal space, there's a huge range of furniture as well as costumes for Guybrush Threepwood and LeChuck.

For the biggest fans of Monkey Island, check out the Ghost Pirate Ship bundle, that includes an array of selected furniture items. Make sure to watch this space for more content from LucasArts coming soon!

This week sees the Sodium space receive significant updates. Many of the updates are aimed at making it easier for everyone to move about the space, including: moving the spawn point; moving VICKIE; adding a teleporter to a new Tank Trainer space; and the addition of a new interactive "You Are Here" map. Other updates include a Golden VICKIE and new items to purchase from VICKIE.

The long-awaited Final Fantasy XIII costumes arrive tomorrow! Featuring costumes for Snow, Lightning, Vanille and Sazh, these costumes are sure to stand out in a crowd. You'll also find four new furniture items, including two Lightning figures and a Flying Ship model.

The Diesel store...

Video: SOCOM, Monkey Island Space and Lounge Hits PS Home

233w ago - Sony Online Community Specialist Locust_Star has revealed this week's US PlayStation Home update today, which includes SOCOM's Golden AK-47, a Monkey Island space and items, and a Gamer's Lounge Refresh among the changes.

To quote: Early in the history of PlayStation Home, leading developers embraced the platform as a means to expand players' gaming experiences via content that unlocked in-world after certain performance milestones were reached in-game.

The PlayStation 3 community reacted very positively to this type of game integration, rushing into PlayStation Home to gather rewards from games such as Batman: Arkham Asylum, Street Fighter IV, Mega Man 10, White Knight Chronicles, Tekken 6, Resident Evil 5, PixelJunk Shooter, and many more.

Tomorrow, April 15th, we take the next step in the evolution of the platform with the release of the [Register or Login to view links] OPFOR game space, which will allow fans of the franchise to assemble an assault weapon in a PlayStation Home mini-game and then load out into [Register or Login to view links] with a fully-playable Golden AK-47 - an exclusive weapon only available to the most skilled players who can successfully complete the aforementioned mini-game in 12 seconds...

Rumor: Monkey Island 2: Special Edition Coming to PS3 via PSN

238w ago - Update: This rumor is now confirmed by lucasartsgames via [Register or Login to view links], to quote: "Announcment one: Secret of Monkey Special Edition on PSN and Mac."

According to the GDC rumor mill, Lucasarts is planning a Special Edition of The Secret Of Monkey Island 2 that will be coming soon to Sony's PS3 entertainment system via PSN.

[Register or Login to view links] reports that unlike last year's Special Edition of the first game that never saw the light of day on the PlayStation 3, this year's will make it to PlayStation Network alongside PC, XBox 360 and iPhone versions.

To quote: "We've heard from sources that the game is due to be announced very soon, perhaps even next week at the Game Developer's Conference, and that like the first game's special edition, will contain all-new graphics and audio.

Unlike the first game, however, this one will be reaching a few more consumers, with versions planned for not just the Xbox 360, PC ad iPhone (like Monkey Island), but the PlayStation Network as well."
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