Saling The World: Ratchet & Clank Future Rockets to Top of U.S. PS3 Chart in Debut Week

338w ago - Gamasutra's weekly column, "Saling The World", covers the top five sellers for every available platform in the United States, Japan, and Europe, providing an important update of sales patterns worldwide.

This week's charts, with data taken from October 25th, 2007, show Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction leading in PS3 software popularity in North America, while Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 dominates multiple platforms in the UK. Data for "Saling The World" comes courtesy of the public sales information on,, and, with sales split out for each platform and territory, and pre-orders disregarded.

This results in a true sense of what games are selling worldwide on the real-time updated service, as follows:

Nintendo Wii
North America: 1. Wii Play (Nintendo), 2. Carnival Games (Global Star), 3. Dance Dance Revolution: Hottest Party (Konami), 4. Zack & Wiki: Quest for Barbaros' Treasure (Capcom), 5. Mario Party 8 (Nintendo).

Japan: 1. Ghost Squad (Sega), 2. Gintama: Banji Oku Chuubu (Bandai), 3. Dance Dance Revolution Hottest Party (Konami), 4. Takarajima Z: Barbaros no Hihou (Capcom), 5. Dragon Quest Swords: Kamen no Joou to Kagami no Tou (Square Enix).

UK: 1. Carnival Funfair Games (2K Games), 2. Metroid Prime 3: Corruption...

Violence In Video Games: The Producer's View

343w ago - Video game violence is, as ever, a hot topic, and Gamasutra and asked former Thrill Kill and current Sony producer Harvard Bonin, Bizarre Creations' Peter O€Brien, Stainless Games' Ben Gunstone, and Gas Powered Games' Frank Rogan to discuss legislation, responsibility, and mature games.

Thrill Kill & Ethical Censorship

Said Bonin, "This particular topic is very timely, and also very, very complicated. As the publishing producer of a notable fighting game [Thrill Kill, pictured] that was canceled years ago I believe I have unique insight. Unlike the recent Manhunt saga it was a business and ethical decision - not a governmental censorship issue."

Winamp Sings to Gaming Consoles

344w ago - Winamp, first launched in 1997, quickly became a staple for every MP3-loving music listener back during the days when digital music files were a novelty. Since then, millions have downloaded the MP3 and media playback software. A recent Comscore report says that over 60 million people worldwide actively use the free product (every month). While the music and entertainment nature of the software has continued to focus heavily on Windows-based users, the upcoming 10th year anniversary of the product adds new options that continue to embrace its PC-centric nature but expands its reach onto to gaming consoles.

August NPD Sees Wii, DS, Madden Dominate

345w ago - The August NPD results have been released, with software sales up 22% to $488 million, Madden NFL dominating game charts with three of the top four-selling SKUs, and the Nintendo Wii and DS again running away with the hardware charts, as Xbox 360 sales surge and PS3 sales decline.

Specifically, the overall numbers are impressive, with game hardware and software sales combined up to $993 million in August 2007, from just $669 million in August 2006. Overall game hardware numbers were particularly strong, up to $384 million from $198 million the previous year, but all sectors saw growth.

July 2007 - Console Sales Shakedown

347w ago - US, August 24, 2007 - July's NPD console sales figures may show Nintendo's hardware handily beating all other comers in terms of sheer U.S. units moved, but Sony and Microsoft aren't ready to bend the knee to Mario just yet.....

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