Gran Turismo HD to be Removed in Japan

342w ago - Gran Turismo HD was initially intended as a limited time Christmas present of sorts for early PlayStation 3 adopters, but some nine months later, the free download is still available via the PlayStation Store. However, with Gran Turismo 5: Prologue on the horizon, Gran Turismo HD's days appear to be numbered -- at least in Japan.

GameLife reports that Sony will remove the title from the PlayStation Store in Japan this Sunday, September 30th. No word yet on whether the North American version of Gran Turismo HD will suffer the same fate, but we recommend downloading it immediately (wherever you are) if you haven't already. Along with the removal, the Japanese Gran Turismo website will no longer track rankings for the title, though the in-game leaderboards will continue to function.

NBA 08 Review for PS3

342w ago - There's no question that this year's game is better than last year's, but its gameplay is so laden with problems that it's still not worth your time. For starters, there's not a whole lot to do. There's no franchise mode, only a bare-bones single-season mode. You can't manage a salary cap, draft players, sign contracts, manage team finances, or pretty much anything else basketball games have been doing for the last several years.

You can trade players, but the CPU doesn't bother to veto trades, so you can trade the worst player in the league for the best player whenever you want. There are a few minigames to choose from, though they're nothing new. Own the court is a timed head-to-head shooting challenge that's pretty fun; the three-point contest is entertaining against friends for a few rounds; and skills challenge, where you dribble, pass, and shoot on an obstacle course, is rather lame...again.

If you fancy an online game you can go online, but if your experience is anything like ours, you won't be able to find anyone to play unless you get a second copy of the game and trick a friend into playing. Once we did get someone to play against, the game ran fairly smoothly and the lag didn't affect the timing of the shot meter much at all.

NBA 08's only unique gameplay mode is NBA replay. The...

PSN MotorStorm-ed by Sigma add-ons

342w ago - September began with a deluge of content being loaded onto Sony's PlayStation Network. In addition to five demos, the first week of the month saw add-on packs for MotorStorm and Ninja Gaiden Sigma. Though understandably not as robust, Sony is ending September in much the same way, with add-ons for Ninja Gaiden redux part deux and Phil Harrison's most favorite racer, as well as a pair of demos landing on the PlayStation Network this week.

Tecmo has released its second of three planned add-ons for Ninja Gaiden Sigma. Whereas the Weapon Master add-on tasked players with surviving using a limited set of weapons, the new Speed Master download puts players under a time and power-gauge limit in five survival modes. As with the first, the mode includes leaderboards and is available for $2.99. Fans of Sony Europe's off-road racer now have the Castro Capitano racing truck to cake with mud. As with the four rides released earlier this month, the Castro Capitano costs $0.99 to download.

As reported earlier this week, a trial of Clive Barker's supernatural spooker has been added to the PSN. In the demo, players will attempt to survive in the city of Al-Khali during the Crusades. As the spirit of deceased squad leader Cpt. Devin Ross, players are able to possess the bodies of heavy-weapons expert Sgt. Frank Delgado,...

Sony To Consider Bigger PS3 HDD For Japanese Market

342w ago - While Americans and Koreans sun themselves from the collective glare bouncing off their shiny, whopping 80GB PS3s, other parts of the world make do with 60GB models. Japan, surprisingly, is one of them, but Japan's COrporate News are reporting that might not be for much longer, Kaz Hirai saying that Sony are considering "boosting" the Japanese model's HDD capacity, and also that they'll take user requests into account when making the decision. Japanese readers, if you're going to fire off a request to Sony, try and keep it sensible, OK? The thing's expensive enough as it is, it doens't need a gagillion-billion GB HDD. That would be silly.

Kojima Productions Says DualShock 3 Better DS2

342w ago - Kojima Production's Assistant Producer Ryan Payton chimed in on the KP Report podcast this week with evidence that Shane and Ryan haven't lost their minds. Participating on the podcast are 1UP's own Mark MacDonald and frequent 1UP contributor John Ricciardi, and when asked by Ricciardi if "it's safe to definitively say that the rumble in the Dual Shock 3 is better than the rumble in the Dual Shock 2," Payton responded, "Absolutely, yeah. It feels better, and I think Shane experienced that too."

Unfortunately, that's about all that's said on the subject, as they immediately change topics to Devil May Cry 4. So if the rumbling is clearly better than the DualShock 2's, why has Sony stated the technology is the same? We'll remind you of Occam's razor: the simplest solution tends to be the right one.

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