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Ubisoft: We don't know what is causing Assassin's Creed PS3 issues

368w ago - Ubisoft Spokesperson Michael Beadle has commented that Ubisoft doesn't know what exactly is causing the freezing problems on Assassin's Creed for the PS3. Ubisoft is investigating the matter but noted a drop in complaints from PS3 gamers who turned off the automated loging feature of PSN.

To quote: We spoke with Michael Beadle, Ubisoft's senior public-relations manager, about the freezing problems. He says Ubisoft is investigating the matter and is not exactly sure what's causing the glitches.

The company noted a drop in complaints once PS3 gamers noticed that turning off the automated login feature on the PlayStation Network, or PSN, reduced the number of crashes. We tried this, but the game still crashed.

Ubisoft is working on a patch for the problems using feedback from gamers and blogs, Beadle says.

Sony: PS3 In-Game XMB Being Worked On

368w ago - When the 2.0 firmware update for PS3 was finally released, many users were disappointed over the fact that the update did not include in-game XMB access as originally expected.

The good news is that we still may see in-game XMB packed in a future firmware update according to Sony marketing VP Peter Dille, to quote from the link above:

As far as in-game XMB access, we know it's a feature that's important to our consumers. Because PS3 packs so much advanced technology "under the hood," it takes some time to implement major, new functionalities, but we are working hard on addressing this feature, as well as continually expand the capabilities and functionalities of PS3.

We expect firmware updates to continue in 2008 and throughout the product's lifecycle as new technologies and enhancements become available.

PS3 Theme Builder v2.0 released!

368w ago - Sbcroix has updated PS3 Theme Builder today!

Download: PS3 Theme Builder v2.0 / PS3 Theme Builder v2.0 Installer

New Features Include:

  • Limited my Egg Nog consumption so the release notes would be better
  • Fixed the bug that was causing the application fail for some users on startup.
  • Finished refactoring code, app should be faster, less memory hogging now.
  • Added support for localized versions of the software.
    Added ability to cycle through the backgrounds during Test Drive.
  • Added ability to save the current test drive view as the preview.
  • All icons can now be deleted.
  • Local information is fully supported now.
  • A creator icon can be created for each supported language.
  • A theme icon can be created for each supported language.
  • Pointer Hotspots and icons fully functional.
  • Theme Extractor fully functional
  • Fixed a bunch of other bugs.

    New Yakuza 3 Images from IGN

    368w ago - Some new screenshots has just been posted over at IGN of New Yakuza 3.

    Many more screenshots can be seen at the link up top!

    Ad Watch: Ladies and Gentleman, Let's Reintroduce the PS3

    368w ago - The PS3 likely won't outsell the Wii or Xbox 360 this holiday, but thanks to a new price and new ad campaign things are moving in the right direction. We speak with Scott Steinberg, SCEA's VP of Product Marketing, about the latest strategy.

    Last year, Sony launched a controversial series of ads for the PS3 centering on the "white room." Very indirect and symbolic, the ads conjured up a wide variety of reactions, not all of them positive. It's debatable whether they were trying to cover up the fact that there weren't exactly a lot of games to show in the launch period, but regardless, it got a rise out of people.

    This year, Sony is going the more direct route and showing all the possibilities for the PS3 in its ads. This includes not only the games, but also Blu-ray movies, PlayStation Network, and even the anticipated PlayStation Home. Between all that, and the new price of $399, it's certainly helped get the buzz out for the system.

    We talked with Scott Steinberg, VP of Product Marketing at SCEA, to get the scoop on the PS3 ad campaign.

    Welcome to the show
    Back in late October, GameDaily BIZ previewed the new, upcoming advertising campaign for the PS3. These new web and TV spots utilized computer animation to animate the exterior of the PS3, creating a "lush onyx world."...
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