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The Top 10 Artistically Pleasing Games!

310w ago - The dawn of gaming saw the release of one of the most simplistic yet addicting games ever, featuring the absolute basic fundamentals of design - Pong. More than 30 years later, gamers are blessed with the luxury of lifelike, high-definition, motion-captured cinematics than most movies could only wish they looked like.

The release of Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots took console gaming to an entirely new level as the first truly interactive cinematic experience graced millions of homes worldwide.

But games are not just about their realism. There is a determined crowd among us who wish to tarnish the good name of video games; those that deny games as being works of art or a means of storytelling, rivaling that of books and movies. To prove them wrong, I will count down my top 10 games which I believe to be the most artistic entries into our beloved medium.

10. American McGee's Grimm

A relatively new game, American McGee's Grimm is a three-part series (with only the first being released thus far) featuring the infamously surreal touches of the man who brought us the even more twisted version of Alice in Wonderland, combined with the familiar tales we all know and love, those of the Brothers Grimm. American's unusual visual design for Grimm makes it seem more like...

Video: Fallout 3 New Gameplay from Bravo!

310w ago - Below is a new video with 4 minutes of gameplay footage for Fallout 3 shown in this gameplay demo from Bravo TV show Playr's.

Video can be seen below, courtesy of ChiddaPotta at GameTrailers.

Enjoy all.


Pandora Installer for PSP 3.x/4.x Kernel Revision 4a released!

310w ago - Hellcat has released an update to his Pandora installer for 3.x/4.x kernel-based custom firmware, a handy application that allows users to easily create a base Pandora setup (service mode battery, magic memory stick) on their homebrew-capable PSP.

Download: Pandora Installer for PSP 3.x/4.x Kernel Revision 4a

Featuring all the enhancements present in the previous release, revision 4a adds support for installing Despertar Del Cementerio v6, the latest release of Dark_AleX's "Universal Unbricker" application, in a one-click fashion.

Call of Duty 6 is already on track!

311w ago - The fifth chapter of the series Call of Duty, called World at War, is not even out yet and the sixth is already announced!

This is via Robert "Bobby" Kotick, the boss of Activision, which released the information during a conference call, referring to an exit in 2009 and development back at Infinity Ward.

We knew already that it would be held in the near future. Finally, this announcement is not surprising when one knows that CoD 4: Modern Warfare is their best-selling 2007 game.

If the publisher maintains this pace of one title per year, Call of Duty 50 should be released in 2053, and will put us in the shoes of a soldier of the Roman Empire during ancient times.

Rumor: Left 4 Dead not coming to PS3 after all?

311w ago - A rumor published in the latest Official PlayStation Magazine stating that zombie-laden shooter Left 4 Dead is being ported to the PS3 has been brutally beheaded by Valve's Doug Lombardi today.

When cornered by IGN, Lombardi stated:

"There is no PS3 version of Left 4 Dead currently in production."

Of course, there may still be a chance that development of a PS3 port could begin sometime in the future, but for now the hordes of Infected only plan to bring apocalyptic ruin to PCs and Xbox 360s across the globe.

Be sure to keep an eye out for the game when it launches this November, and whatever you do, don't even think of running off to go on some crazy self-absorbed solo crusade against the legions of undead - you will die a horrible and grizzly death!
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