Folklore (EUR) released for PS3!

339w ago - As posted on, today release group SUSHi released Folklore (EUR) for PS3 (NFO File). According to their release notes, it appears even some release groups feel a PS3 iSO Loader (or better yet, PS3 homebrew) is long overdue to quote:

- Damn...
Isnt it time for a loader ? ;-)

Aside from stepping stones in recent months (the RSX progress, another Warhawk hole found, BRD drive FW dumped and partially decrypted- pics coming!, PS2 BiOS Dumper for PS3- dumps to internal PS2 Memory Card, then copy it to USB Flash Stick via XMB to examine how the 'PS2 Mode' is handled, etc.) not much progress has been acheived in getting unsigned code running on a retail PS3 unit unfortunately.

It's starting to look like the real GODS may be SPA versus PDX, not because they were actually the first to make a PS3 loader.. but because to date they have still managed to keep any leaks from reaching the public's hands.

Loads of new Gran Turismo pictures

339w ago - Japanese website Impress Watch (linked above) has posted up a decent amount of new screenshots of the new Gran Turismo game, which is of course heading exclusively to the PS3. Enjoy!

Say hello to the official PlayStation Network logo...

339w ago - A while ago we were all wondering what the sphere shaped logo featuring the buttons of the PS controller was all about... well know we know for sure, it is the logo for the Playstation Network as a recent advertisement indicates.

SEGA confirms Golden Axe is still on track for PS3!

339w ago - Recent reports from and, have led people to believe that Golden Axe: Beast Rider had become an Xbox 360 exclusive. However this is not the case. has contacted Sega directly and received word that Secret Level is working on both an Xbox 360 and a PS3 version.

When asked if Secret Level had dropped the PS3 version of Golden Axe, Sega's Danny Chiu responded stating, "Not true, it's coming to PS3 as well."

So that should clear things up, everyone can expect both a PS3 version and Xbox 360 version next year when the game hits stores late in 2008.

PSM Becomes Playstation: The Official Magazine

339w ago - Kotaku's mention of the return of The Official PlayStation Magazine with a new name, PlayStation: The Official Magazine, a couple of weeks ago, what I didn't see is that it's going to replace PSM, the independent PlayStation magazine. Issue 130 of PSM arrived at my door today telling me so, even letting me know that at least the first new PTOM will ship with a Blu-ray disc of demos.

Ah of course, a physical disc of demos bundled with a paper-based magazine, that's exactly what the PlayStation 3 needs. If only the console had a high-speed digital distribution system for getting demos into the hands of end-users without having to buy a physical magazine and disc. If only it had a web browser built in that could show web content like a monthly web magazine and can even download audio and video files to, I don't know, a hard drive built in standard? And what about a handheld that had a web browser and cheap flash storage that could accept downloads of audio and video files, wouldn't that be a great handheld to write a magazine for? Why, a web magazine could make its stories even more timely, couldn't it?

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