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Wal-Mart offering PS3, free game and remote for $399

352w ago - Wal-Mart online is currently doing a one day special. If you purchase the new $399 PS3 then you can also get a free game of your choice (includes all the latest high profile ones) as well as a free official Blu-ray remote control!

The games you can pick from are Lair, NBA 08, Warhawk, MotorStorm, Heavenly Sword, Resistance, Uncharted, Formula One Championship Edition, and Ratchet & Clank.

You can also pick the 80GB PS3 that includes MotorStorm.

Thermal imaging reveals horizontal placement keeps PS3 cooler for longer

352w ago - A polish Web site who conducted some thermal imaging on the PS3 have found that keeping the system horizontally placed actually keeps the system coolest.

Check out the pics below!

PS3 is Linked to Quality Home Entertainment

352w ago - In a recent interview with Brent Butterworth, editor-in-chief of luxury publication Robb Report Home Entertainment, he indicated that video game systems are rapidly becoming the center of home theater setups due to their ability to play CDs, DVDs, and in the case of PS3, Blu-ray discs. He commented, "Even the most extravagant custom home theater systems now often, if not usually, feature video games."

Once considered just for kids, video games are now a celebrated part of even the highest end home theater setups. The PS3, with its ability to play a multitude of media formats, including Blu-ray, makes it one of the hottest trends for this 2007 holiday season.

Why Final Fantasy XIII will be the best yet

352w ago - The latest epic adventure from Square-Enix

Taking place in the dual locations of Pulse (a scummy underworld) and Cocoon (a heavily regulated Utopia), Final Fantasy XIII features a trademark bewildering plot of political intrigue and warring factions, characters of steely determination and sudden mood swings, and a vast scope which will suck dozens of hours from your life. Here are the reasons why it will be an instant classic:

1) Battle Mode
FFXIII will retain the fast-paced, real-time battle system seen in FFXII, relying on command inputs to decide a scrap.

2) Moves List
Battle commands are selected from this rolling menu, and they're then stacked up in a queue.

3) ATB Points
Commands will cost ATB points, as in FFXII, but now you'll be able to execute orders as the bar refills.

4) Mystery Girl
Lightning is the codename of this mysterious girl on a mission to destroy the hovering city of Cocoon.

5) New Engine
The game is powered by the White Engine, Square-Enix's all-singing new game engine which will power new cutscene-like real-time visuals and awesome effects.

6) Watch the Meter
This appears to be the Overclock meter, which is filled as you fight. Once full, the selected character enters a trance-like...

First Golden Axe: Beast Rider screenshots

352w ago - Games Radar has unveiled the first screenshots of Golden Axe: Beast Rider, the new installment of the Golden Axe series for the PlayStation 3 and X-Box 360 developed by Sega's acquired game developer Secret Level.

More pics at the link above!
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