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Square Enix Tries to Hide First Star Ocean IV Trailer

361w ago - Odd, and entirely true; Square Enix put a trailer for the new installment of their much-loved series online - and then tried to prevent fans from getting to it.

It seems you're only worthy enough to see the video if you are both a registered SE member and have a serial number from the Star Ocean 1 remake on PSP- which was only released today, in Japan. Plus, there's no scheduled European or North American release date.

All that effort, just for a trailer? If there's method to this madness, then we don't see it. Good thing some bright spark went and youtube'd it. There's nothing on show in terms of plot or game mechanics, but it's gorgeous enough to set your tongues wagging at any rate.


7 Ways Modern Games are Spoiling us

361w ago - Before this generation, gaming gave us quite a bit of pain to suffer through before enjoying the pleasure. Nowadays, it seems as though we're being served everything we wished for on a silver platter. Here's seven new advances in gaming that have made us happier, yet lazier.

7- Open Worlds

Back in the 2D era, games would be filled with interesting backgrounds you never could quite reach. Knowing our car, no matter how well we raced it, would never get to that theme park in the distance, or that those gigantic blue mountains in Super Mario World were never going to be traversed kinda took the wind out of our sails. While there are still barriers and deceptive backgrounds being used in games today, there are quite a few games that let us explore every nook and cranny of gigantic virtual worlds. Now how about letting us bust down doors instead of searching for stupid keys?!

6- Online Matchmaking

The history of multiplayer gaming goes as such--early gamers had to suffer through actual interaction with friends, most of which played at a much different profieciency level as you. Fast forward a few years to the dawn of internet gaming; back then most people had dial-up internet connections and the process of playing a game online went something like this: Call friend on the land-line...

Tomb Raider 8 for PS3!

361w ago - All the secrets of the Next Gen Lara! It's official, you're the first to see the new Tomb Raider on PS3. It's adventure, Suspense, and mystery. Are you ready for a new love story?

It's a Thunderstorm evening, one that are not forgotten. The rain give to the vegetation a strange looking. The thunder make a earthquake. The sky is low, clouds are oppressive and only incessant lightning illuminated the unreal moor. In this end of the world atmostphere, a figure stands out.

She is alone, standin there upright and immobile, she sits like a statue ready to challenge the wrath of the gods. Flashes, like sent from the sky, draw a shape perfectly drawn, a grace so natural that it seems familiar. The unbearable noise seems to have no effect on her. The time is still. The path lined with tropical foliage fades into darkness, leaving a distant horizon filled with promise and fears.

The first moves leave very little place for doubt: the silhouette is familiar. Just out of the darkness, she is finally back from purgatory. The way to salvation is long, the rebirth is even longer, but this time, she firmly decided not to let her chance go any longer. At the first sight we think she has the means. The shoes are rising to delight her, the tiny shorts fits and hugs her body, the colts cling to the hips...

Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit

361w ago - Here are some new images of Bandai Namco's celshaded fighting game Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit for PS3 and Xbox 360, the game will be released in 2008.

More pics can be seen at the link up top!

Our Ten Most Awaited Games Of 2008

361w ago - With 2007 almost over, it's time to turn to the future: 2008, the year where we'll finally get both rocket packs and flying cars! Also, new videogames. Here are the games we're most looking forward to in the coming 12 months. Feel free to add your own most-awaited titles in our comment section.

Grand Theft Auto 4 -- It would be impossible to make a list of the most anticipated games of the year without including this one. Can it live up to the hype? We'll find out in a few months.

Wii Fit -- Yeah, it's not a hardcore game for your hardcore types, but we got to try out the balance board at E3, and we think Nintendo is definitely onto something with this game/peripheral. Mark our words, you're gonna want this one.

Duke Nukem Forever -- Ha, ha. j/k. This probably isn't coming out ever, but we're still excited. We're optimists like that.

Metal Gear Solid 4 -- What even needs to be said about this? A next-gen metal gear, gotta-have-it system seller for the PlayStation 3? Yeah, buddy!

Mario Kart -- The Wii was designed for this first-party killer party game.

Spore -- Wil Wright's universe simulator could be either the most ambitious, funnest game ever made or the most ambitious, boring game ever, but we have our fingers crossed.

Super Smash...
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