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PS3: Patches Ahoy!

368w ago - Another brief update based on the yesterday's findings: the PS3 Flash is quite accessible as the majority of it is mounted inside the PS3 as a filesystem (think PSP), and is able to be read/written.

A picture is below for a peek at a partial filelist. As you can see there are quite a few sprx's. These are encrypted of course, however they function quite the same as their PSP counterparts. For the majority of the PS3 OS's functions, there is a sprx that is tasked to do the job.

For the big chunk of interesting news: Every single scene release ever released for PS3 will not work without being patched.

Why? It is because backup PS3 images lack some data that we will call a key. On an original, when the disc is inserted, the PS3 reads the key, and it is used to decrypt any encrypted files on disc (the DISC layer of encryption). On a backup, the PS3 can not read this key so it will not be able to decrypt the file. Of course if a hardware mod surfaces this could change.

Making a patch is simple though, use an original disc, copy the file back off through the PS3 OS, and rebuild (we are currently using a modified BRDGen for our tinkering). This is being done via debug machine as we can both make and run our own code on it, but should retail consoles ever be able to run backups it may...

Video: How to install a mod into the PS3 version of UT3

368w ago - The host of Epileptic Gaming, djWHEAT, takes you through the very EASY process of downloading a mod, and loading it onto your PS3 using a computer and a USB Memory Stick.



LittleBigPlanet on Sony PlayStation 3: breaking point

368w ago - LittleBigPlanet is one of the biggest and most talked about games of 2008 among all consoles, the Sony Playstation 3 game may be the breaking point for the PS3 vs Xbox 360 debate.

For anyone that does not know much about LittleBigPlanet we have three videos below which give you a massive insight into the game, we have a community trailer, CES 2008: Demonstration and a Character Creation video below.

Many game sites are liking what they see when they review LittleBigPlanet, AMN Games said "Sony has accomplished the inconceivable: they have made their console appear attractive to me" and IGN said "While Sony has published some great games for their system like Uncharted and Ratchet and Clank, neither of those games really seem to have the staying power that LBP is poised to offer."

LittleBigPlanet will not only be a game, but also a massive community and a way gamers can share their creations with friends, family and the world.

Although the Xbox 360 had a big start, it now looks like the Playstation 3 is turning heads its way.

More pics can be seen at the link at the top of this story!

Free Radical comments on Haze delay for PS3

368w ago - Soooo, Haze is delayed. But you already know that, don't you. Well, the simple fact of the matter is, any delay on a game is a good thing - it's more time to optimize and polish and tweak and generally improve the whole damn thing to the Nth degree.

Now, I know that some of you patient folks out there will be bitterly disappointed. Some of you may even want to come to my house and smash a colostomy bag over my head, and I think most people would understand that sentiment, but believe when I say that the delay is the best possible thing for the game.

Hell, the reason why you guys are so pumped about it is because you have high expectations, and we need just a little more time to make sure that we meet them. So in conclusion, rest easy - we're still slugging away on this badboy.

In other news, this week has seen several drafts and redrafts of the TimeSplitters 4 story outline being pulled around to see what sticks. As of today we might - MIGHT - have settled on something. Time will tell.

For the record, this blog is dedicated to the guys on the forums that noticed that I hadn't written one for a while. I didn't think anyone was reading this little thing.

Street Figher Alpha and Rayman Next PS1 Games to PS3?

368w ago - What would you say if I said that Street Fighter was coming to your PSP? Or even that Rayman, that little guy with detached limbs, was jumping onto your portable machine? I think you'd be a tad surprised. Sony hasn't announced any such marriage, but from my snooping, I'd hazard a guess that both will be on your PSP very soon.

Oh, and on your PS3 for that matter. We reported the listing of an ESRB rating for Warhawk on the PSP not long ago. Though we dreamt of an original PSP game, the reality was that the original PS1 Warhawk was released over the PSN network to be played on the PS3 and PSP.

Now the same ratings have been afforded by the ESRB for Street Fighter Alpha and Rayman for the PSP and PS3. From our experience this is a clear confirmation of both of these titles coming to the Playstation Store very soon.

So if you can't wait for Street Fighetr IV, have a dabble with it's big ole dad, and reminisce on the days when 2d graphics actually meant 2d.
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