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Sleeper Hits of 2008: Brutal Legend, InFamous and Borderlands

348w ago - Another month to go before some of the biggest names in the community make one of their most stellar and anticipated comebacks. Snake's family saga over a nuclear equipped Mech is deemed to finally get an ending (?), Liberty City welcomes you back with open arms and let's crime take its toll.

Final Fantasy hits XIII, Ryu's back with gore, vengeance and violence, and the Super Smash series is all set to be a smashing hit, this list goes on and on and on and on. But what happens to games that have not exactly been under the spotlight and are yet gearing up to become one of the best gaming experiences in years to come. These games have not exactly been picked up by the marketing scanner to propel them into unimaginable heights.

Brutal Legend (PS3, Xbox 360): There is no need for any introduction to Tim Schafer's game on Heavy Metal meeting a fantasy world, inspired by a Megadeth roadie. Eddie Riggs might have been an ordinary Metal road junkie but a fantasy mishap lands him up in a world where Humanity is enslaved by demons whose gods are the greatest metal titans ever!!! Dude this seems so fricking rad, the action/gameplay elements seem equally impressive, face melting solo, axe slinging hot rod action, and visuals like Tim Burton's movies all set in a completely mystifying world of ancient Norse...

PlayStation 3 DualShock 3 Review

348w ago - When Sony launched the PlayStation 3 without rumbling controllers I was one of those people who was massively disappointed. Now I understood that force-feedback doesn't change the way a game plays, but since it's introduction in the latter half of the 90s it has become an essential part of my gaming experience. Goldeneye 64 wouldn't have been the same without Rumble Paks.

When I bought my PlayStation 3 at the European launch I played the launch titles and enjoyed them, but I couldn't help but feel slightly disconnected from the whole experience. Motorstorm looked great, had great playability, it just felt like I was playing it through heavy duty gauntlets. So when Sony finally announced the return of rumble to the PlayStation 3 I was genuinely happy about it.

The new DualShock 3 controller launched in Japan earlier this month as a stand alone purchase, however it wont see release in Europe and the USA until Spring next year. Considering most new PS3 titles support rumble I didn't see the point in waiting and ordered a DualShock 3 from a Hong Kong exporter.

It arrived on Monday. I know I am a gaming-geek for saying this but opening the box felt like Christmas! Taking out the DualShock 3 the first thing I noticed is that the controller is more weighty than the SIXAXIS. Reassuringly...

Images "slipped through proper approval process"

348w ago - Electronic Arts has said that it regrets a promotion for its latest Need for Speed game which used Page 3 porn models for a topless photo shoot. The images appeared on Page 3.com, the official softcore porn site of UK tabloid The Sun, and featured topless models posing with a Ferrari. The Need for Speed branding and EA logo featured prominently.

"We regret that these images slipped through the proper EA approval process," said a spokesperson for the publisher, speaking to GamesIndustry.biz.

"They were not appropriate for our brand. The original site has been taken down this morning."
While the images have been deleted, an accompanying video of the photo shoot still remains online, although any association with the game has been removed.

Need for Speed: Pro Street was released last Friday in Europe and today entered the all formats charts

Home Beta build v0.7.7 out now!

348w ago - The newest build of online communication hub Home has been released.

According to members of our forum, several new options are now available in build 0.7.7:

-There's a new building in the world, although it's currently not able to be entered
-You are finally able to enter your Home Space's patio
-You can now use your own pictures in your Home Space
-A game launching option has been added, though it is not functioning completely at the present time
-The cinema's movie theatres have transferred from the second floor to the first floor
-America, Japan, and Europe each have their own server now

It seems Sony is working hard to implement all the features they promised for their virtual world. From the other side of the spectrum, it's unsurprising they delayed the full product until 2008 if they are just implementing these key aspects now.

Stay tuned for more on the Home Beta and Home's ever-changing release date.

Sony: PS3 Sales Up Nearly 300 Percent

349w ago - The PlayStation 3 saw a nearly 300 percent increase in sales since the 40GB and 80GB models hit on Nov. 3, Sony Computer Entertainment of America let us know today in a press release.

The short release goes on to say that PS3 sales were up 245 percent this Black Friday compared to last year's Black Friday. Of course last year Sony was still having stock issues with their shaky launch of the console.

Here's the full press release:

Today, Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA) announced that overall PlayStation brand unit sales during the week including Black Friday increased by 178%, sales dollars increased by 154%. Below are the sales figures for each PlayStation platform for the week including Black Friday for the top 10 retailers in North America:

PLAYSTATION®3 (PS3â„¢) hardware sales increased by 245% when compared to Black Friday sales last year.

Since November 2nd, and the availability of both the 40GB and 80GB PS3 models, PS3 hardware sales have increased by 298%.

PSP® (PlayStation® Portable) hardware sales increased by 136% when compared to previous week sales.

PlayStation®2 (PS2) hardware sales increased by 287% when compared to previous week sales.

It probably doesn't hurt that the Playstation 3 has two rock-solid...
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