Guardian Prefers PS3 40GB To Xbox 360 Arcade

337w ago - Now that there's a multitude of versions and bundles for both PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, it's trickier for the general consumer to figure out which to purchase.

The Guardian recently did an analysis of both PS3 and Xbox 360 and has decidedly more positive things to say about Sony's new iteration as compared to Microsoft's.

"So which should you go for? I'll leave the basic Xbox vs. PS3 quandary to you, but as for packages, at £299 the 40GB PlayStation 3 is good value - it'll be rare for you ever to need more than two USB ports. Keep an eye out for retailer bundle deals - most will offer a game or at least a Blu-ray movie or two and for a few extra quid you could get an extra controller as well," recommends The Guardian's Keith Stuart.

"With Xbox 360, the Arcade machine's lack of a hard drive is a big minus for those hoping to use Xbox Live Arcade by downloading more games, plus GTA fans will find themselves having to fork out more than £100 for a hard drive when GTA IV comes along," he concluded.

We can't argue with any of those points. The Elite's 120GB HDD certainly isn't a requirement these days, but not having a hard drive at all in 2007 seems a tad archaic.

Call of Duty 4 - a lesson in level design

337w ago - Activision made my weekend by sending me an Xbox 360 copy of Call of Duty 4, which I played for most of Saturday night and a lot more of Sunday morning than was sensible for the father of a two-year-old who's started getting up at 5.45am every day.

No doubt you've seen some of the rave reviews (full marks in the US Official Xbox and UK Official PS3 magazines) and may even have sampled the beta test. Even if you haven't, I advise you to buy this game when it hits the shelves on Friday and then cancel whatever you have planned for next weekend. As a lesson in multiplayer level design, CoD 4 is quite possibly peerless.

Something I enjoyed about the three environments in the beta test was that almost every obvious sniping position could be reached from two different entrances, meaning it was more-or-less impossible to park yourself in a safe place and view the game through a gun scope without fear of being snuck up on. This has carried through to the full game. Here, even the most elevated of juicy snipe points are visible from other similarly covered areas so you get these little snipe the sniper sub-plots developing through each round. However, I did notice that the denser urban locales definitely do offer more blind alleys and cubby holes at ground level, so determined campers can usually find somewhere...

Beautiful GT5 replay for a beautiful Ferrari F430

337w ago - Here there is from the official Gran Turismo website a replay with some little gameplay footage in an awesome red F430 Ferrari. It seems that the dynamic shadows in the cockpit are less pixelated. Nope ?

There is also a 720p video available. Enjoy!

Video can be seen here.

Six minutes of Gameplay from Call of Duty 4 PS3 retail!

337w ago - Here is a video courtesy of wahoooob showing six minutes of gameplay from the retail version of Call of Duty 4 for the PS3 console. Enjoy!


Sony's new 40GB PS3 still using old 90nm processors

337w ago - It was reported a while ago that the new 40GB PS3 featured a 65nm processor, but Sony has told Heise Online that the 40GB SKU still uses the old 90nm processors.

However, the new model does however feature a new design with lower power consumption (120 to 140 watts compared to 200 on older models). Sony is looking to go the 65nm way in the future but for now they are sticking at 90nm across all models.

To quote: We'd been hearing that Sony's new 40GB PS3 featured a revised design with a 65nm Cell processor and improved cooling, but sadly it looks like those reports were in error -- a Sony spokesperson has told Heise Online that the 40GB model continues to use 90mn processors, but does feature an updated design with a lower power consumption of just 120 to 140 watts, compared to 180 to 200 watts for the older models.

Sony says its still planning on moving to 65nm processors in the near future, but for now, it looks like the PS3 is 90nm across the board.

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