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Video: Custom PS3 Controller Allows Disabled Gamer to Game On

318w ago - KitsuneNoYume of the official PS boards (linked above) has shared both pics and a video of his PlayStation 3 'Jack Adaptive' Controller today, which has allowed a disable gamer to game once again.

To quote: Here is my adaptive ps3 controller that I use to play. Please leave questions and feedback! Design by me, and built via BroadenedHorizons.com by Mark Felling, who deserves 75% credit for building. Please let other disabled gamers know about us.

Here is the video as requested:


Mirror's Edge for PlayStation 3 Street Date Broken, 486MB Install

319w ago - According to Big_T of NeoGAF Forums (linked above) he has gotten his hands on the hotly anticipated new IP from EA and has posted some pics.

To quote: "Just got the game, I don't care about the length of the game. I played the demo 4 hours

btw the installation for the game is 486MB.. when you start new game you choose between easy and normal difficulty, if you complete the story you will unlock the hard difficulty, in hard there is no Runner Vision and combat much tougher."

As mentioned yesterday, Mirror's Edge is set to officially arrive for PlayStation 3 on November 11 and XBox 360 on November 14, 2008 so it appears some retailers are selling it a day early.

One pic of the pack and PS3 disc is below, with the rest at the above link. Enjoy!

Call Of Duty: World At War PlayStation 3 Theme Available

319w ago - Here is my Call Of Duty: World At War PlayStation 3 Theme!


• 15 Backgrounds
• 2.5+ Compatible
• V 1.1: Added new Icons, made the Icons darker, added custom Pointers

Download: Call Of Duty: World At War PS3 Theme

New Call Of Duty: World At War Demo Feels Like Old Call Of Duty

319w ago - After hearing that the Call of Duty: World at War demo- I mean BETA, was available for any Xbox Gold subscriber, I decided to download it.

After playing for about two hours, I've come to one conclusion, and one of my good friends put it best: "World at War is totally a World War II mod for CoD4," and she's entirely right.

That's not to say that being exactly the same is a bad thing, far from it. Call of Duty 4 was an incredible game, with a large online community, and I fully expect World at War to follow closely in its footsteps. Of course, the only experience I have with the game is the multiplayer, which is pretty easy to duplicate.

The real question is going to be if Treyarch can manage to actually make the campaign interesting; everybody's getting tired of World War II. Regardless of how the actual campaign plays out, I know that tons of people are going to migrate over from CoD4 for no reason other than they're starting to get tired of the same maps and same weapons.

This begs the question "what happens to the people who still want to play CoD4?" Is Infinity Ward going to release new maps, or is Activision making them move onto their new game?

Call of Duty: World at War will release on November 11th for Microsoft's Xbox 360, Sony's Playstation 2 and 3, Nintendo's...

Resistance 2: Thanks for Not Using a 5GB HDD Install, 350MB Only

319w ago - Game installs on the PlayStation 3 have become a huge problem. We've seen hard drives fill to capacity already and there looks to be no end in sight.

I was pleasantly surprised when Resistance 2 nixed that huge 5GB install that most games these days require.

This isn't to say there's no install. The game drops roughly 350MB of data onto your hard drive, which takes about 90 seconds. Not bad at all considering games like NBA 09: The Inside use over 2.5GB of precious hard drive space.

I just wanted to give credit where credit is due. Kudos, Insomniac! Good job stepping in and putting a stop (or at least a pause) the problematic game installs that are plaguing the PS3. Keep up the good work!
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