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Activision boss concerned over Take-Two/EA merge

329w ago - Activision boss Bobby Kotick has expressed concerns about the possibility of a merge between EA and Take-Two.

"That's concerning, sure," he told Reuters. "When you think about one company in control of the sports category, with no competition from anybody else, that could be a challenge."

That the deal would also knock the Activision-Vivendi deal out of the Guinness Book of Records is also playing on his mind, we'd wager.

The $18 billion deal currently stands as biggest in the history of video games, but it's expected that an EA / Take-Two merge would be worth significantly more. Now that GTA IV is out, talks between the two companies are expected to start soon.

Two teenagers arrested for stealing 23 copies of GTA IV

329w ago - Two teenagers from Oakdale have been arrested on suspicion of trying to steal 23 copies of GTA IV worth almost $1,400 from a local Best Buy.

An employee seen the two teenagers waling out of the store with the games and the police apprehended them in a nearby parking lot.

To quote: Police apprehended two teenagers in a nearby parking lot. They said one, a 15-year-old boy, had eight copies of the video game and faces a misdemeanor theft charge.

The other, police said, was a 16-year-old boy who had 15 copies of the game and faces a gross misdemeanor charge.

Gears of War 2 screenshots with model and artwork!

331w ago - See the first Gears of War 2 direct-feed screenshot along with a model and artwork.

Checkout the very nice screenshots below, with more linked above:

Enjoy guys!

Sony Senior Vice President talks PSN; Network Cards shipping!

331w ago - Sony Senior Vice President Peter Dille has been talking about their plans for the Playstation Network this year on the US PlayStation Blog.

Information revealed included that: we can expect fewer arcade remakes and more original content on the PSN, they're committed to brining in-game access to XMB features, PlayStation Cards are currently shipping to retailers nationwide and will be available in denominations of $20 and $50 starting this spring.

To quote: It has been a while since I last wrote on the blog. I've been looking to take the opportunity to talk about PLAYSTATION Network and thought today's availability of the redesigned PLAYSTATION Store would be the perfect entry point to outline what we have planned for the broader PLAYSTATION Network this year.

First off, we're excited about the new look and feel of the PLAYSTATION Store. Personally, I've been looking forward to this update for a long time as, in my view, the previous PLAYSTATION Store experience wasn't one that lived up to our brand. But this new UI is much more dynamic and allows us to elegantly display and merchandise a lot more content, which is very important today, but will be critical going forward with so much great new content coming onto the Store. We look forward to hearing your input and reaction...

Gaming Scene Dominated by GTA IV

332w ago - The last week in games news was dominated by one game and one game only.

Yes, Relic announced Dawn of War II, and yes, it looks great. It looks as though another Thief's on the way, and that's fine. Even news that journalists had been to Konami Japan and finished MGS4 just bounced off the surface.

In the grand scheme of things, it was all filler. Nothing came close to GTA IV's impending release as an attention generator, nor will it for the foreseeable future.

Last week, GTA IV cemented its place as the most hyped videogame in history. Since last Monday - as we entered April and the title's launch month - the news merry-go-round and the gaggle that follow it have been talking about little else.

Monday was just ridiculous. The game was rated an 18 by the BBFC, was rumoured for DS and was shown in shots to be running in multiplayer for the first time, screens which were swiftly removed.

IGN also posted a 9,000-word interview with Dan Houser on Monday, just in case people had forgotten April was GTA IV month, which marked, by our reckoning, the longest piece written on GTA up to that point. How fragile that record proved to be.

It was just the beginning of a week in which hype surrounding the game seemed to reach more epic proportions every day. The...
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