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Rock Band mod adds actual guitar string, class to axe

364w ago - For Rock Band players that have also had some experience with a bona fide six-string, getting used to that plastic strum bar can take some work.

For one gamer in particular, he decided to spend that time doing something a bit more productive than getting acclimated, like adding in an actual guitar string.

There's also a switch mechanism that gets triggered by said string, which then sends an input to the game. Pretty swank, we say -- check out the video for yourself after the jump!

Video can be seen below:


Sony Still Considering Different PlayStation 3 SKU Options

364w ago - With retailer reports indicating the impending discontinuation of the 80GB PlayStation 3, many are left wondering what will come to take the place of Sony's high-end console SKU. Supposed insiders are pointing to a new model with a 120 to 160GB hard drive and the new DualShock 3 controller, though Sony denies such plans.

The latest word, however, is that Sony itself has yet to decide on its next PlayStation 3 model. GameDaily cites a source close to Sony that SCEI is currently holding meetings to settle on what the next package will be.

According to the source, Sony is considering the distance it should put between its SKUs. Thus far, the high-end and entry-level PlayStation 3 consoles feature a main difference of 40GB of hard drive space.

The original launch 20GB machine, besides being deficient by 40GB, was also without flash card readers and Wi-Fi when compared with the 60GB model. The later release of the 40GB, aside from storage space, also was without flash card readers and PS2 backwards compatibility when compared to the 80GB model.

Despite such feature differences, Sony may feel that the two SKUs aren't diverse enough for consumers to take notice. "There are a lot of different strategies under consideration, but nothing is final yet. They are considering ways to put...

Capcom responds to 20 min DMC install

364w ago - Capcom US has responded to CVG's report yesterday that PS3 Devil May Cry 4 forces gamers to sit through a mandatory 21 minute install time - with little improvement to load times there after.

Just to be sure, we timed the 5GB install process (which you can't opt-out of) on our PS3 retail version and it clocked in at 21 minutes, 41 seconds.

After installation, we timed DMC4's load times to be only one or two seconds shy of those in the 360 counterpart. Hardly worth sitting through 21 minutes of concept art, then.

Capcom community man Chris Kramer disagrees: "It's true: the first time you drop your DMC4 Blu-ray disc into your PS3 tray, you're going to be treated to an exciting 22 - 25 minute load process as the disc spins a few gigs of data onto your hard drive," he admits.

"If you don't want to watch the 'Previously, on Devil May Cry...' portion of the install process, go make a sandwich and grab a soda, then come on back," Kramer joked. "You're going to be spending some serious time with this game, and we don't want you going hungry. Low blood sugar will make you dizzy and you'll need to be focused like an Alan Parsons Project to defeat the enemies in this game.

"Wah! Have you ever played a PC game? At least we aren't making you shuffle multiple discs into a ROM drive,...

Satin Silver PS3 Hits Japan on March 6

364w ago - Today, Sony Computer Entertainment Japan (SCEJ) has announced yet another color variation, with the same 40GB configuration as before, for the Playstation 3. You may have seen this color in an early prototype PlayStation 3 console (or the early "banana" concept Playstation 3 controller).

The Satin Silver PlayStation 3 will be available in Japan on March 6, 2008, for 39,800 JP Yen (Including tax), with a packed in Satin Silver Dualshock 3 controller. The Satin Silver Dualshock 3 controller will also be available separately for 5,500 JP Yen (Including tax).

From SCEJ: "A new fine metallic "Satin Silver" is offered as an additional color to the existing PS3® (CECHH00 Series) line-up of "Clear Black" and "Ceramic White".

Choosing from a broader selection of colors to match their lifestyle and preferences, users will be able to enjoy next generation interactive entertainment contents on Blu-ray Disc as well as via the broadband network at home."

Press release:


Tokyo, February 5, 2008- Sony Computer Entertainment Japan (SCEJ), a division of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. (SCEI) responsible for business operations in Japan, today announced...

DMC4 is 720p on PS3 & 360 Desipte Blog’s Press Release

364w ago - A Gaming Blog got a tad worked up over a supposed Capcom Press Release, which states that the console versions of Devil May Cry 4 run at a sub-HD resolution. This press release was fake.

The press release reads thus:

PC version will supports DX9 and DX10 versions.The PC version support higher resolution (In order to maintain stability in the game at 60 FPS, XBOX360, PS3 supports only 1024 * 640 resolution).

Apart form the questionable English, which could be explained by being a poor translation, the "press release" is wrong. Both console demos of DMC4 have been confirmed by Beyond3d's pixel counters to run natively at 720p. That is, 1280 by 720 pixels.

Although the blogger asks for confirmation from the retail game and not the demo, his fears should be put to rest. In my experience there has yet to be a game that has reduced its resolution from the demo to the full retail release release.

Furthermore, games are designed with a particular resolution in mind and a decision to lower the resolution would not be made at the last minute.

Need more evidence? Each console demo runs at a very strong 60 frames per second at 720p. There is no need for the resolution of the game to be lowered. Moreover, the development of both the demo and the full retail game...
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